Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with Kate Taylor Martin of Nutbar
Ep 26
Fungal Ecology with Jasper Degenaars
Ep 25
Cooking Up Creativity, Community and Rest with Tara Thomas
Ep 24
Body Literacy, Menstrual Health, and Natural Medicine with Chelsea Leyland
Ep 23
The Karma of Success with Liz Tran
Ep 22
Supporting the Human Condition through Psychedelics with Lauren Taus
Ep 21
Being Your Own Healer and Rewriting Your Story with Lisa O'Connor
Ep 20
Weaving Sensuality, Spirituality and Storytelling with Amanda Norgaard
Ep 19
Water: Esoteric Wisdom, Science and Hydration Biohacking with Isabel Friend
Ep 18
Quantum Healing and Transforming the Constructs of Good and Evil from Duality into Unity with Sheetal Rajan
Ep 17
Bootstrapping your Business and avoiding the "shoulds" with Trinity Mouzon Wofford
ep 16
Ep 15 From Sun Shunning to Sun Loving with Nadine Artemis
Ep 15
Ep 14 Rewriting the Aging Narrative through Epigenetics with Hannah Went
EP 14
Ep 13 Start with Passion and Why with Brand Strategist Sarah Dobson
Ep 13
Ep 12 Honoring International Women’s Day & Honing your Self Sovereignty in Season Two with Tonya Papanikolov
Ep 12
Ep 11 Auricular and Bioenergetic Medicine and Mushrooms Aid in Autoimmune Conditions with Dr. Kate Hunter
Ep 11
Ep 10 Permaculture, soil wealth and decentralized citizen science with William Padilla-Brown of MycoSymbiotics
Ep 10
Ep 09 Options beyond hormonal birth control with Fertility Awareness Method
Ep 9
Ep 08 The Science of Breathwork and Opening your Heart to Love with MJ Renshaw
Ep 8
Dr. Dennis McKenna headshot with white scarf
Ep 7
Ep 06 Natasja Pelgrom: Finding Your Spiritual Calling, Understanding Ascension and Awakening the Medicine Within
Ep 6
Episode 05 Sarah Britton: The journey from plant-based back to animal proteins and the end of diet culture
Ep 5
Episode 04 Zoey Xinyi Gong: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mushrooms and the Art of Language
Ep 4
Natalie Ginsberg serves as the Global Impact Officer at MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Ep 3