Rainbo is passionate about longevity, self-care and preservation for a healthy, happy and long life.

We wholeheartedly believe in the super-power of mushrooms and adaptogens to expand, transform and uplift body, mind and being.

The use of functional mushrooms is an exciting area of natural health, offering significant benefit, supported by a long history of traditional use and increasing scientific evidence.

Our fungi friends have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Herbalism and the Ancient Egyptians believed mushrooms were the herb of immortality and fed mushrooms to their royalty.

The deeper into history you travel, the more you'll find the mushroom spirit venerated by our early ancestors. Used for food, healing and in spiritual ceremony, the mushroom was seen as a goddess - a harbinger of expansion, renewal and a cosmic beacon of enlightenment.

Fungi are some of the oldest organisms on our planet, forming symbiotic relationships with the plants, environment and people that partner with them. The Fungi kingdom has been referred to as the earth’s immune system, conferring adaptive advantages to trees, plants and all existence relying on the underground network stemming from healthy forests and soils.

We are on a mission to make mushrooms part of your every day wellness regime. 

We are purveyors of mushroom nutrition.

We are purveyors of a super-mushroom lifestyle.

Our Mushrooms

Rainbo mushrooms are cultivated in Canada to ensure quality, potency and respect to our environment. Our mushrooms are harvested at the fruiting body stage aside from old growth Agarikon which would take decades to grow! We use Agarikon mycelium which has been shown to have health properties. We carefully source our Chaga from the Canadian wild.

Rainbo's committed to creating potent extracts and sustainable products.

We’re proud to stand behind the sustainable cultivation of Canadian mushrooms, an expanding agricultural field.

Our mushrooms are grown and manufactured in quality-controlled, temperature stable facility that is GMP, Health Canada and FDA compliant.

At a point so critical to our planet, we don't believe in taking mushrooms from nature for resale. We aim to leave as little trace as possible and giving back to organizations supporting healthy soils, trees and using mycoremediation to get our act together, collectively. Foraging should be done respectfully and not for the masses. We couldn’t see ourselves building a sustainable business relying on nature – instead we aim to support nature. You can read more about our Sustainability efforts here.