Sacred Sex and Reclaiming Your Feminine Creative Power with Harmanjot
Ep 32

Sacred Sex and Reclaiming Your Feminine Creative Power with Harmanjot

Show Notes:

Today, we're exploring the beautiful reclamation of ourselves, our femininity, and the creative power that lives within all of us. To help me dive in, I'm joined by Harmanjot – a leading modern teacher of Kundalini yoga who has a passion for connecting people and expanding magic in the world. Together, we highlight the power of feminine creativity and how embodying and mastering our sexual energy relates to our magnetism, creativity, vitality and sense of personal power.

We touch on the misconceptions of Tantra and its deeper meaning beyond mere sexuality. Harmanjot, with her extensive experience in ancient yoga, explains how the idea that sex is the motivation of all life relates to these teachings. We also discuss the shutdown of chakras, why they shut down, and how to release any blockages to move forward in all areas of life. 

Harmanjot talks about the impact of past partners on present relationships and how to remove oneself from them. We cover many aspects of women's sexual energies, where they can manifest, and how to set boundaries with partners in alignment with your self-love, intimacy, and feminine identity. Plus, Harmanjot shares some incredible Kundalini practices, mantras, and tools for reclaiming our feminine creative power.

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Topics Covered:

  • Why chakras get shut down, and how to recognize and release those blockages
  • The hyper-sexualization and objectification of women
  • Connections between sexual energy, creativity, and your second chakra 
  • Breaking down Tantra and the misconceptions 
  • Sexual misery, disappointment, and dissatisfaction 
  • The importance of boundaries and consent in intimacy 
  • Understanding the imprint and remaining energy of past sex partners 
  • Kundalini practices, mantras, and tools for feminine creative power
  • “Feminine reclamation” and the unique ways women experience the world 

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Show Transcript:

Tonya Papanikolov  00:04

Hi, welcome to The Rainbo Podcast. I'm your host, Tonya Papanikolov. Rainbo and I are on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi and expand the collective conscious. This podcast builds a virtual mycelial network of bold, open minded thinkers and seekers. I chat with experts, thought leaders, healers, scientists, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, activists, and dreamers. These are stories of healing, human potential and expansion, tune in route and expand and journey with us. Thank you so much for being here. And I'm so excited to have this chat with you. Me, too, who was planning for our chat today and just thinking about all the areas I want to explore with you today. I usually start every every episode tuning into something that we're both grateful for. So why don't you start us out? What are you what's in your orbit that you're grateful for?


Harmanjot  01:07

I have this feeling as I was setting up today, how grateful I am for my home. We really lucked out. And not just luck, like it came through prayer. Our little place is perfectly like perched in Los Angeles with like, beautiful ocean views and, and it's a tiny home. So it's not like it doesn't cost us like a crazy, enormous amount to be here. It's cozy. And there's trees, which is very rare in Los Angeles. And it just is like a total. It came in most random way through Zillow. And sometimes it's frustrating because it is a bit of a small place. It's not a large, palatial rambling house, which is also lovely. So sometimes it's a little bit frustrating to be here. But other days I look around, I'm like, no, no, this is amazing.


Tonya Papanikolov  02:03

That's very expensive for me to hear right now, Simon and I are basically we've been like nomadic for two years, which is awesome. But we're now like calling in home. And we're also like, show us where we're meant to be. Because there's all of these areas that call to us. And we're, we've been like, in this crazy place of everything. Man, if I feel like it's like a new timeline of like mythic time that we're tapping into now that 2023 has closed and this new, there's just like such a potent energy. And so we're like, show us show us where and make it so easy and obvious where we need to be next. So I love that. Thank you for sharing that. Cool. I am grateful today for honestly, I'm really I'm really excited for this conversation. And I just think it's so cool. Like I was saying about the mythic time thing like I thought about this popped into my mind one night before, but I was like, I have to email you. And then I just love the way that the world starts to rearrange, in a way, because I started to kind of like set these intentions that built up to this realization I had this week about power and feminine power. And when you're like, Okay, I want to like I want to work on my lower chakras and really like I've developed so this way, and I'm needing to ground a bit and just like work on these sexual lower spheres. And then I was just like realizing the beauty of the conversation that we're about to have today. And how it's not just any power, that is what we're seeking. It's truly this like beautiful reclamation of ourselves and understanding that creative force that exists within us. And so it's just a perfect segue for our chat today.


Harmanjot  03:45

Yeah, it's really interesting thing. I just was relisting to something as a different interview I had done and I didn't even know that had said these things. But we were talking about how the chakras can get shut down. And specifically, there's a lot of shutdown, first of all, oh my god, it breaks my heart. This is the thing that drives me the most is that if you are alive, so you've chosen birth at this time, on the planet at this moment, in this body with the family and the parents and the teachers and everybody that you decided to come in, you said yes. You said fine. I'm coming. I still feel like even though we've all said yes to our challenges. I feel like if you said yes to life, then you deserve to truly live. I mean, I have an intense amount of drive around this. So of course this is like what I believe but you know, I'm like I'm intensely driven to live and to truly live. I have that because I have that prayer for myself. It's a for I fold for all people on the planet, all beings, and there's such an immense amount of shutdown. And it just breaks my heart. I mean, the ways that get we get shut down are many and varied and I it'd be easy to point to some of the obvious ways and to get sort of riled up and angry about it. And sometimes it's very useful because it actually opens up the force of the third chakra, the navel point as we're talking about power. So sometimes anger is very useful, it can burn up a lot of unnecessary things. And it can create a lot of change. I learned this today that the fastest ways for change and transformation is through fire, I have a lot of fire. So I was like, relieved as I go. So it can be useful to get angry about it. But sometimes I also feel like we can get really stuck in interlocked and interlocked with the idea of an enemy, and get into locked with the things that are wrong with the world instead of just then just releasing and clearing. So both are valuable, it's valuable to recognize what has happened and what is happening and the structures that keep us all shut down. And it is also useful to just let that go and move forward. But I would say that we've had a lot I think one of the things that keeps us that keeps people shut down, especially in these lower centers, these are the easiest to block up actually, the heart and the throat, your intuition and your crown, your connection to divinity. Those are pretty easy to shut down to but less easy we sort of our intrinsic most human beings, whether they want to or not, whether they think it's cool or not, whether it's logical or not, whether it's like ivy league collegiately approved or not. Most individuals science backed or not totally have some can't resist love. Yeah, they can't resist speaking the truth and action poetry. They know something, they trust their intuition, even though intuition is a totally science backed, they all everyone trusts their intuition, even though there's like a huge conversation. And there has been a huge conversation for so long, especially in the academia, circles around divinity, and Is God real and such and so forth. It doesn't matter. All that logic aside, everybody has some connection to the universal that they might try to hide, but they experience it anyway. It's actually the lower chakra is that we feel more fear around, because we've seen such poor examples of use of money, use of sexuality and use of power, but those are still just as sacred. And just as pure and just as awesome if we're ready to like, unleash totally, and just be like, Yes, I am. Abundance is the law. Yes, I am like a rhotic. And yes, I am powerful, Howard pure and intrinsic to every single human being. Nobody's powerless, 0% of the population is powerless. Now, there are some messed up structures that are going on right now. But it doesn't change individual power, every single person has access to real power. What


Tonya Papanikolov  08:07

are some of the key ways that you see this? What are the indications that this is going to be shut down? And then the other thing I want to chat about too, is like the mixed messaging around sexuality. It's like this like upside down world essentially, where there's the sexualization, objectification, hyper pornography like version of the woman. And then there's also the simultaneous like, it's bizarre to me how we can hold both of these truths. And there is that that exists and also this like the simultaneous dis embodiment of women that know those two questions, but let's let's dive in.


Harmanjot  08:48

Yeah, i’m so glad, we can go so deep. So I think a key measure of shutdown would be shame, self loathing, stunted ambition or stunted dreams or stunted, not just stunted achievement, but stunted dreams, feeling like you can't have XYZ and all the different reasons that you might believe that those to me are our key indications of shutdown in anywhere because the idea that one would have to hide the idea that one would have what is considered imperfect or not acceptable is just a total non reality. All parts of every being are completely acceptable. I think this is it gets this is to get problematic in certain ways where there are site specific behavior. Of course, laughter at a funeral is actually very natural. And we now know these things like people grieve in different ways and there is a discomfort that comes from deep emotions. If you haven't been allowed to actually feel deeply then you might just like try to offset the energy with some Saying something inappropriate. And there are inappropriate behaviors, there are inappropriate actions, there are crimes against natural law, any violation of another human being is an absolutely inappropriate crime of of action, how ever, the circumstances of that own person's inner being that led them to these behaviors are also acceptable. This is part of like the collective healing and declaring the idea that someone would have hide that they're not acceptable, that there's something not good about them, that they're ashamed of the things that they want or need, or even just me that there's any sort of level of judgment on the individual. That, to me is an indication of a shutdown, because that means that there's a judgment on their person, and then they can't actually fully express the vibration and the energetics of who they are. With the sexuality. I think that this is a big one, you know, and this is why that has been a big part of my messaging, especially at least this past month when I was doing the course on it, which is that we do have an extraordinary amount of like an inverted world where there's such a hyper sexualization of children, and the hyper sexualization of women, and then how to be sexy is we portrayed in a certain way, and we learn so much about sex from the media, like I now it's porn, but before it was like movies and TV, and those are just fake. There's no way to get around the fact that these people are actors they are paid this is a story line are written by some screenwriters like this, there are lights, there are cameras, they've cut an action, it's so fake, so no one really understands this. And then there's an immense amount of just sex crimes on the planet. And so this is a crazy part of our and these are, this is where it's sort of like, like I said, In the beginning, it's actually not that hard to point to some of them big, there's subtle things and then there are big gross things, it's not so hard to point out the big gross things that have been going on that would lead to shut down. There's a horrible, horrible way that money is used and circulated on the planet that would shut anybody's any like natural like she like sensitive being, I would send anybody's first chakra down to see this, this abuse of resources. And then you're like, Well, I want to want resources because I don't like the way I'm seeing this being used. But of course, we all have to have our individual relationship to source and resource and resources. The law is abundant so we can have a relationship to resource and then sexuality stuff coming up from that. Similarly, where anybody any sensitive being is going to feel very awkward about their sexuality and their eroticism based on everything that's going on in the collective all the war crimes like beyond just what we see on in our in our phones now and on our computer screens and what we used to see in movie theaters and on television, anybody's going to feel awkward about it. And so these are some of the ways these are some of them like mediums through which through which the shutdown happens not to mention the epigenetics and the religious programming and everything. But all of that aside all of the fingerpointing aside, the erotic is such a pure such an exquisite, such an incredible level of energy. You know, the second chakra is related to the element of sweetness. And for me this was like so wonderful to just remember because everybody wants a sweet life, but you can't have a sweet life if you're shut down on your second chakra you can't even enjoy the taste of life life won't be tasty to you. I think it's so interesting right now like my current exploration is in this too between like I don't love make do psychology it's one of my most like I just seem like make do psychology No How about I get ever ever well we'll do two we'll just make do it's like no Oh, let everything I'm gonna get everything. Right. So but I also have this split between getting everything you want in manifestation culture and then also recognizing that even if you get everything you want, if you don't have a relationship to your second chakra, it's still won't taste good to you. It won't have the juiciness and then if you don't get everything you want, if you have an open second chakra, it will be tasty. It will have some like juiciness so this flow the second chakra, it makes things feel delicious. Everything is tasty. You have the juicy life and you have the power of your eroticism. which is actually a creative power, it has nothing really, that's the most interesting thing that I've learned about sex, both academically and also just energetically. And that is, there's nothing really intrinsically sexual about sex, like has nothing to do with, you can't have intercourse, but sex really has nothing to do with intercourse. erotic energy is just the power of creative, creative. It's all about creation.


Tonya Papanikolov  15:30

It's just creating anything. It's a project, a retreat, literally, whatever a business it like a partnership with an individual. Seeing somebody on the street that you or whatever, like friendships and beyond, is, like, it was a really beautiful realization for me to be like, Oh, that's the stimulation is that I want to create something with you. Yeah. Yeah.


Harmanjot  15:58

Everything is like, and that's also why I love culture. Like I love study. Like of all I've, I've been playing with this to Tonya. And I think a lot of people are probably in this as well been playing with identities. And just like, what are the various identities that I hold? I'm really comfortable with the identity of a woman. And I actually think that's a big reclamation for a woman to say if she feels that way, because there's so much power in being a woman. And it's a it's a whole science that I want to get into. But I have so many projects to further camp for them all at once. But I'm very comfortable as a woman. I'm a mom, I'm a wife. And I'm obviously yoga teacher, and I'm a Dharma student. I'm a scholar in general, like I'm a folklorist, and I'm an anthropologist. And so I love like, yeah.


Tonya Papanikolov  16:56

Like, yes, same and a poet and, like, let's just like, but that's what that's the beauty of what the woman can hold.


Harmanjot  17:03

Exactly, exactly. That's the beauty of like the individual in their erotic, ecstatic flow, which is like your everything. So yes, yes, yes. In this identity as like, anthropologist, I love culture, I love like, I love culture. I love human culture, I love things that people make. I love languages that people speak on the food that people eat, I think everybody feels this way, right and love to celebrate humanity. And you don't get culture without some sort of tantra without some sort of sex. It's like, it's actually sex is the basis of all culture, because it's like, how do you? How do you merge? How do you dance? How do you flow? How do you have you recreate? How have you like, how do you do it? And do it as yourself? Yes.


Tonya Papanikolov  17:58

I love that so much. I remember Guru Jagat talking about pelvic velocity. I was like, Oh, I love that, like, let me like do my Sufi grinds, and like, the small practices that are also going to bring me into the full expression of my creative force. But I was gonna go somewhere else with that. I wanted to actually, you mentioned Tantra, and I feel like it's a good segue. Because there's a lot of like, there's a lot of misconceptions about tantra, in general. And like, let's talk about that. Because like you just said, tantra is not just sex at all it is that you can have that sacred intimacy. And we can talk about that, because I would love to but, but also, it's like, yeah, it's like that. I'm learning hypnosis right now. Nice. It's really cool. And, and it's all about how you know, you don't ever do hypnosis on somebody. It's like you don't do music on somebody. Like you can just your essence can be hypnotic. And it's this like a dynamic relationship between two individuals. And that's how I also see Tantra. It's like your essence can be that. So maybe you can tell us a bit about those misconceptions. And like, what it is what some of these teachings are.


Harmanjot  19:08

Totally so Tantra as it was, like, popularized by Sting is I think that's right. That's right. It's like she was like, set it in some interview and everybody likes. I'm pretty sure that he like talked about how he would hold his like, ejaculates she had like a, you know, it's 36 hour or like erection or something like that, you know, and it made headlines, yeah. Race, that's a great thing to drop in an interview. But Tantra, as popularized by Sting is actually like a super ceremonious, ritualistic practice that actually I don't find all that interesting, exciting or applicable to modern living. It's hours of breathing, staring into each other's eyes, like left nostril then right mouse Draw and it just like no one's really no one in the western world is really going to do all those practices and therefore what most people think that is Tantra, at least from that perspective, what they call a read tantric practice read Tantra being about sexuality. I think there's very few authentic, I'm sure there are, like a handful of authentic teachers. But I think there's just very few of them teaching the full wrath of the technology because it's very, very ceremonious. And then what most people don't even understand is that even within those teachings Tantra has never been about even within read Tantra, which is primarily like a sexuality based practice. Even within read Tantra. Tantra is not about sex at all. It is about your ability to merge and weave and especially with the divine but in anything, my big thing a couple years back was like a Tantra with the moment. Can you be in it with this moment right now? Can you be in tantra with this moment? And can that merger, give you the ecstatic? Can you have the orgasm like through your body? I've been saying this a lot. And it's kind of like a sting moment sting like bomb drop where you're like, a 208 a woman this is true. Okay, a woman is electromagnetically wired to potentially circuit 282 orgasms a day. Just like every six minutes.


Tonya Papanikolov  21:29

Wow. Yeah. Wow. And so yes. And


Harmanjot  21:33

so some people are like, where are you getting this from? That ain't my body. It's no one's doing that. I'm saying it's a potential. No one's actually that's a potential. You'd have to have such a strong nervous system and such a readiness to let the ecstasy flow through you. Most people want to be miserable. That's just true. Most people are in a misery programming. orgasm,


Tonya Papanikolov  21:58

I would imagine like just hypothetically, like, if you're going to be aiming for that goal, even for one day, it's like you'd probably have to be so you'd have to be able to like look at a tree and the tree maybe could give you an orgasm like me. Right? Exactly


Harmanjot  22:12

what that's where it's like, that's where it's a whole other level where we still are thinking about sex and sexuality and orgasm as an exascale Ettore experience, where instead of a being as an ecstasy, ecstatic experience, and then yes, then there's slows energy every six minutes, but you're not like Oh, yeah. Because it's like, it's moving your hair. It's in your eyes, in your hypnotic gaze, then Zen. It's like, no, it's in my whole hypnotic year that you come, you come in my arena, and I'm going to light you up with your own re creative abilities. I love that. I love that. It's


Tonya Papanikolov  22:57

like It's like oozing from me in this moment. I that like really resonates deeply. That's so beautiful, fascinating. Was there a moment for you, where you kind of like came into these teachings? And I know like, you know Kundalini as a whole, but like, specifically within Tantra. Was there like, something for you that really were this really hit home? was


Harmanjot  23:17

such a great question. I've been digging around in this body of work for about 15 years, not just sex, but sort of like the whole like ancient yogic teachings and sort of hot these sort of high teachings have been digging around in this high teachings for about 15 years. And so of course, I've come across so many different things. There was a couple of points, where I realized that the true essence of the teachings I didn't think had been yet unveiled. I didn't think they had been or just shared widely enough, I didn't think like they'd been revealed and that people were still tiptoeing around the whole topic. And it was like, that's silly. That's not at all. What the teaching say these high teachings say like, sex actually was one of these amazing quotes. It was like, sex is not a sin, like just point blank. Just straight up. Sex is not a sin. And then it was something wild like it's the beginning and the mission, and it wasn't the mission. I'm going to hack it up. It was something was like it's the beginning and the motivation of all of life. Sex is the motive. It's your it's everybody your this is a yogic is a high yogic teaching from high spiritual master is the motivation of your whole life. And that doesn't just mean intercourse. Again. It means this like this Tantra, this erotic merger this flow is ecstatic Forget it. Well, let's take it out of the erotic because that can still have some like sort of pornographic ideas for people, this ecstatic merger, it's everything. And I think I'd seen people still tiptoeing around it like not wanting to give the real teachings and I was like, that's silly. That's your acting like sex is wrong when it's not wrong. And then it was really guided to me. But then I was supposed to talk about, like, people would say it to me. They were like, they would say to me directly husband joke, keep it sexy


Harmanjot  25:22

because I'm actually, I'm concise. I'm a conservative like, like, you know, I'm not like, I'm not like out there in that kind of way. So it's like, they're like, and they're like, I just keep getting the message that you got to keep it sexy. And I was like, Okay. Yes. And then it was really like, guided like, I kept getting these messages. They're like, do the sex teachings do the sex teachings. And I realized that like, I think I'd read somewhere about sexual misery. I'd read something. I'd read something about sexual misery programming, and that being the most common kind of misery. And I was like, yeah, that's messed up. That's not so great. Supposed to be sex is not. That is where the Teach where the writing is.


Tonya Papanikolov  26:06

Well, you tell us what sexual misery is. Well, yeah, sure.


Harmanjot  26:11

I mean, I think it's like whatever most people experience, which is sexual disappointment, sexual frustration, sexual misery in a replay of their sex traumas. And then in the replication of what has been modeled on TV, film, the internet, social media, and pornography, that which is intrinsically fake, and never going to give you true full ecstasy, in the sort of like mirror neuron replay of all of that people are just coming out intersex incorrectly, and then coming up empty handed and unfulfilled. And it's the kind of the worst feeling like disappointing sex for both parties. Actually, in the high teachings. They say like, if a woman doesn't orgasm, like a woman can't live without orgasms. I loved that. I was like, that's so sweet. It said like she you can yell at her and Solter like she can endure any hardship, but she cannot endure no orgasms. And then second, you know what it's like?


Tonya Papanikolov  27:13

Yeah. It's like, I got Pleasure, pleasure principle and like, okay, so I feel like we need to go here. And I'm really curious about your take on this. So there's a handful of like micro communities that are forming within wellness that are like, men and women making whatever bout to vow of celibacy, and really trying to be way more, and I love it. It's like a Gen Z generation, I actually don't know how old they are, but like, a younger generation, I believe, that are becoming more conscious and aware of who they sleep with. And the culture that exists around around casual sex and like, nothing is good nor bad, but there's just a lot more intention being brought into it. And simultaneously, there's a lot of single women, perhaps, who may be looking for partnership, and have been faced with the exact same scenarios over and over again, where, after a sexual encounter radio silence, how do women get into this state where they're just magnetically drawn everything to them? Okay with the play of Tantra, because that's also like, that's really fun. But you need to have a receiver who knows boundaries, and who can accept the consent of being in a playful state without it crossing a boundary perhaps.


Harmanjot  28:35

So I think it's really beautiful that when people try and create some consciousness around who they sleep with, this is a really sacred and powerful energy center. I mean, men have external organs, women, internal organs, it's not like they're private. Like they're truly private parts. It's not meant to be just like, sure, that's the difference. I think, the nuanced maybe we might say, around around eroticism in this in this more empowered, reclaimed space that we actually don't want to just who want to be in our erotic energy, but in terms of the actual sex act, that's not meant for everybody. I think, especially younger people. They're very sensitive. They don't want to mess with themselves in messing with yourself sexually for both men and women, biological men and women. It takes a toll men, hormonal II glandular Lee ageing wise, it's very unhealthy for them to be ejaculating at the very, very high rate that we are currently getting reports on, you know, the reports on how often men ejaculating and masturbate that's very, very unhealthy and depleting. And so a younger generational man, biological man might without even knowing any of like sort of the energetics and the Yoga and Ayurveda and any of Even the science might just intuitively feel what we call self sensory system feel their self sensory system. Like I don't want to do this in a super random way. It's actually really destructive to my health, but physical health, that would make a lot of sense and similar for women. A woman doesn't lose what is called OGS sex fluids. The only way she can burn up urges is through being stressed out and overworked, but she doesn't lose sex fluids during the sex sack. So while incorrect sex and dissatisfying sex can disturb her by hormonally, actually, more. So it's it's mental, it's mental and it's psychological. And I think actually, I mean, it's my opinion, I haven't done the like, haven't done my anthropological research, but I heard this thing that a lot of mental will I'll just say this I it's my opinion that a lot of historically mental illness with women was just sex trauma was just covered up sex trauma in the family, you know, because I believe they would say like, oh, like she got bit by a tarantula and she's crazy. Now. I was like, No, that doesn't sound right to me. I write to me. Yeah. understandable to take some sort of like, be a little bit more conservative around how that energy is used. That said, celibacy is not totally recommended in the I mean, bouts of celibacy makes sense. But total celibacy especially for a woman where there's like no masturbation, that's not recommended in the yogic teachings. And because it's just, there's no statement said, There's no such thing as masturbation because you're just you're just flowing the erotic energy, you just, you gotta flow. Well, we can't live without orgasms. It's not possible. And similarly, a man has to ejaculate once a month is really all is required. First, most men do more than that. But a man has to ejaculate to adjust his pituitary gland. So it's, we're in a real dance around it. And I think every sort of like we're in a collective healing and self discovery, and I don't think there's any right way to do that. For woman, this actually segues perfectly and actually really helped me figure out this next course I'm doing. I'm doing it on relationships. And I was kinda like, not sure why. I mean, it should be obviously self evident. Why, but for me, personally, I was like, why? What's the real reason why? Because it's Valentine's Day, because people need to learn about relationships. Like, they're not good enough reasons for me. And so I couldn't quite figure it out. But I What will you talk about a woman who wants to be in partnership, that's a good reason for me to to, to give these teachings like I want to help. Having sexual energy. Having erotic energy flow, is really different than the complex dance of relationships is actually they're really two different topics. You know, I mean, the erotic plays into relationships, but is not the same thing at all. My perception and my, my perception on what I see a lot of women doing is there's a lot of fear around the other. There's a lot of fear around men. And, again, there's million good reasons why, like, there's a million things I get it. Totally, yeah. But because of that fear, because of that fear, there's this big wall of invisible called a glass wall, or glass, airless, big barrier up. And instead of dealing with a real person, really in front of you, there's a lot of fantasy. And there's a lot of Prince Charming fantasy. And that Prince Charming fantasy, this is just my one my perception. That's just what I see in the world. I see a lot of Prince Charming fantasies, that prevents women from engaging with a real human being a real man in front of them, and then also simultaneously leads them to end up in bed with somebody as equally immature, scared, and afraid of women, and just kind of like needs to ejaculate. Because men do and does not really want to engage in anything further because they do not have the capacity to do so. And so then that's sort of like ghosting situation where you're like, we had this great connection, and you did, like everything was vibing. But it was also vibing between two people who were actually deeply, deeply afraid of real engagement, and most women are a little bit better at it. But if you're attracting somebody who's super afraid that's also coming from your own fear of it's just intimacy, fear. It's pretty basic.


Tonya Papanikolov  34:55

Yeah, we've all been there too. Yeah, for sure. The other interesting thing thing that I learned in kundalini yoga was the like nipple to nipple, Halo halos ear lobe to ear lobe. And also, I think it was given maybe, that the teaching around a woman energetically takes on all of a man's past partners. So maybe we can like is I don't know if this is true, but like that was what was said, maybe it was like, I don't know some


Harmanjot  35:24

I have to check that you sort of shared something similar to me with that. And I was like, really? I don't know that I read that. I don't know if that's a helpful thought for him to hold. Let me check into that. But a good one to check in on. Way to bring it up. So I'll just say briefly about because I feel like I don't want it to be feel judged. I mean, intimacy and fear, right. That's the segue. I was like, Oh, this is why I'm going to teach about relationships now. Because most people, like we want to be in happy relationships. But there's so much fear, there's so much fear, and the only thing that's blocking the ability to have like a truly satisfying and connected relationship, and not wake up after like a night and feeling like oh, what is going on here is to D thaw that fear. And so we're, um, we're gonna do that in this next course that I'm doing called True Love. Beautiful. So somebody's like, okay, great. So like, I know, now I know, I have intimacy issues. I'm totally freaked out by men. What do I do? 100%.


Tonya Papanikolov  36:25

Also, yeah, I think that that's such an important piece to drive home as well. Because I just think that like, the beauty of meeting ourselves where we are and looking at the imperfections and also not even like fuck it, like it's not even about the imperfections. It's just the humaneness, the absolute humaneness, that like every moment, you're gonna learn something new, and you're gonna be like, Oh, that feels like I regressed and like, no, like, we don't even need to judge that. But it's just who we are. And there's no better or worse, we're on this journey and a spectrum. And the other one thing I want to add to that, too, is that I feel like it's really helpful in cultivating and manifesting partnership to like, the I believe, anyways, like this deep sense of play, and curiosity. And like, I don't know if I necessarily want to call it innocence. But like, the ability to really see where any walls any jadedness has been formed any preconceived notions or expectations about what you may or may not receive, instead of just like this boundless energy, where it doesn't matter. And the knowing of like, this is coming, and it doesn't matter, right? Like, if this didn't align,


Harmanjot  37:36

yeah, for sure. I mean, there's some people who want to be in partnership now. And for them, it really does matter. And so I hear that we're like, releasing the expectations, but I also want to honor just like that longing, there is a longing to merge and connect to that can be very, very painful to not be in relationship. I mean, I remember being in that space where I was like, What is my partner? Of I gotta have a boyfriend. About me, like, it is very beautiful. There is that honoring of the space where like, Okay, well, like, I guess this is where I am right now. And taking off the sort of self recognizing spaces of growth without having a lot of self judgment on it. I mean, that's another thing about like, being in a sexual partnership, they say that a man doesn't have any say they sort of talked about like camera in the film, A man doesn't have any camera in his films yet. Like, it's no film in his camera. Like, there's no film there. But a woman has film in the camera, and she takes an imprint of the partners that she has sex with. Now, I don't know if you have to pick if you pick up all of his sex partners to I mean, I guess I have said seeing that, but I don't necessarily feel that I don't feel like everybody's had sex with other people before. So


Tonya Papanikolov  39:02

it's like you're like, oh, like, I don't even know what in math that would be like the amount of combat?


Harmanjot  39:10

Well, yeah, no, it's not as though like it's, like a range of marriages. Never had sex before marriage. Right. So like, we've all had sex with a lot. I don't totally feel like I have, like, the karma of my husband's like, ex girlfriends and ex wife. Like, it just feels like it's definitely don't I don't feel like I'm carrying all of their karma lists, but I definitely have his karma. And that's okay. That's totally fine. That's like part of relationship. It's like I gotta deal with like him and his, I want to deal with him and his being. And there's this thing about and I think always wanting good teachings are helpful, liberating. So part of this is this, which is not a story. It's electromagnetic reality. For women. They have this electromagnetic body that goes From nipple to nipple men do not have this biological men do not have this only in biological women nipple, the nipple they call an arc line. And that's one of the reasons why there's so much like obsession with nipples. Ah, her nipple nips. Like, like really like when they're when the energy is pure, it's like things like it's it's hot, like if there's so this nipple, the nipple Arc Line takes the imprint of your sex partners or penetrative sex partners, not oral sex, not manual sex, but your penetrative sex partners, you get the imprint of the other person, whether you spend a lifetime with them or not. And the only reason why I think this is helpful and liberating is that this is how some of your old partners seem to like crop up in your mind and then they don't seem to go away. It's like, oh, what does my high school boyfriend doing here? Like it's been so like, I loved my high school boyfriend. Great. Like, it's this show log. Get out. Don't Oh, wait. It's just an imprint on the Arc Line, which again, is actually clearable. There are meditations to clear the Arc Line. But the good news is, and if there's some other guy that it was like a really short stint that didn't work out with and still thinking about him, and you're like, What am I still thinking about him? It's just your arc line, you can clear it. The good news is, is that some sex is so shallow, it doesn't leave an imprint. And I think there's like a couple of people that I can remember by like, face and name, but like they don't like I don't think about them. And I'm like, Yeah, God, that was so shallow. It was such a weird, you know, girls, girls moment that like it didn't even imprint on me. Yeah.


Tonya Papanikolov  41:50

Yeah. So


Harmanjot  41:54

if you're feeling like you're haunted by your past exes, it's just your art Klein, you can clear it with a meditation is fine.


Tonya Papanikolov  42:05

Thank you for sharing that. Yeah, let's talk about some of the Kundalini practices that can help us reclaim some of this feminine creative power.


Harmanjot  42:14

Sure, I think I mean, you've mentioned Sufi grinds that are willing, nice. I love Kim pose. I mean, it's hard to sing about Kundalini Yoga that makes it a little bit different than other yoga is, is that as you know, all of the yoga practices are sort of like, complete practices, and you can't like sort of piecemeal them out, which is kind of annoying, but it's good. That's how the thing works. So you want to maybe take some classes, but there's some mantras that I think that can be very helpful too. And the Aika my e k, a new word, M, ay ay. It's been a very, very powerful and popular mantra, the past couple of years. And there's a couple of great recordings. There's also ekkamai, recitations by white sun Grammy Award winning group like sun, they, the ekkamai has been very powerful for a lot of women, and reclaiming their totality, their total beings, all of their creativity, their intelligence, their poetry, their song, their heart, their power, their eroticism, their finances, all of it. ekkamai has been very helpful for total reclamation, and it's not that hard to learn. And then there's some funny little, you know, twists of the language in there, like four lines, and it's doable. It's very doable. I never thought that I'd be that into mantras, but I am a total monitoring girl and yeah, I think they're great. So it's best just for anybody out there who's like, mantras it's like, just just try it. You might like it. There's another launcher that is a little bit longer. And I think it depends can be harder or easier. You know, just depends on you know, how your mouth already works. But it's called bunda Jami A. And actually white sun has a recording of been to Jami Hu so that's really great. bunda e h a n d, a Jamia a jne dash a I jump under Jami A. And I love London Johnny a. It's about a woman. It's about woman power woman reclamation, but it's also very vaginal. And it's like kind of vaginally toning, and kind of like literally toning to Yeah, it's super. But it's a wonder Gianni fondant Fontanini and you feel it both in the clitoris and the third eye at the same time. Beautiful. And the whole thing is about the woman as a vessel for it. The Infinite, it's actually it's like a, it's a women's march like mantra. It's like it was by a man. But it was at a time when it's by a man named Guru Nanak. It was written and sung and spoken at a time when women were not even considered second class citizens. They were just the dirt that you step on. And that's still the case in many places in the world. And that was being supported by the local clergy, you know, by the Vedic clergy, that women are kind of shit and he was like, no, like, why would you call her bad this person who gives birth to Kings, she's the infinite she's next to God. Actually, God bows to her bunded Jamia been meaning the painter and the container that gives birth to that to other containers. And to me it's super erotic in that way. And it's great for mothers, if you've given birth or you want to give birth, it's right from understanding the real essence of the motherhood and it makes you feel sort of like I think motherhood can be because you use so much energy and giving birth you can sort of feel like you've lost a lot of Shakti a lot of like juice, like the bun to Jamia gives you back your juice and even if you're not a mom, again, it's about being a vessel and it's very like womb and vaginally toning.


Tonya Papanikolov  46:22

I love that so much. That is beauty teaching thank you and and South Korea of course we cannot we cannot forget. Yes,


Harmanjot  46:32

yes. Yes. Yes. That's a great one. Thank you. I feel like I never know what I've said where and so I'm like I don't want to keep saying over and over again. But yes, set crease so easy.


Tonya Papanikolov  46:42

And yeah. You know what I used to? I used to be so averse to that Korea. Good joke was I was like precious by psychopaths. Okay, I was like, maybe I'll just wait. Now I'm like, I every day and it's so transformative and so powerful.


Harmanjot  46:58

South Korea is the platinum bullet for everything. So yes, if you're listening or watching you can google South Korea. I should really put out my own little YouTube. But it is vaginally toning, literally toning. It awakens all of the chakras. So the root, the sacral, the navel, the heart, the throat, the third eye, the Crown weakens all the chakras, it opens the aura age heals, all sexual frozenness or sexual trauma or sexual hang up. So even if nothing ever happened to you in your life that you have like some weird hangups like it takes it balances everything. You don't even have to go into your past we're not digging into the past or not reliving the trauma in order to clear it, it just, it just clears it. It's just gone. Like you're just just better again, you're back to yourself. It clears all food hang ups, all issues with food, all digestive issues, if you have like IBS or chronic constipation or chronic bloating, if you are chronically under eat because you're scared of your body or you chronically overeat because you're that's how you deal with your fear like South Korea will balance all of that without you feeling like you have to analyze anything, you just do it and it's balanced and then you eat in a way that's normal for you. Yes optimal for you individuals unique to you. It flows so much energy into the brain that increases your neurons velocity, so you become more intelligent, more creative, more playful, and it anchors all of your prosperity gives you a rainbo or other rainbo body set crea it clears any any sort of like fear around your voice if you're scared of public so you know you have to do public speaking but you're scared of it or you're you don't ever tell the truth. It's like you're always swallowing your truth. Suck. Korea will move the block on your fifth chakra. So Korea is the platinum bullet. Practice so good. So I love that I


Tonya Papanikolov  49:05

I feel like it like actually also rooted my voice into my belly. Yeah, like, instead of yeah, like I started speaking from my navel. Which so cool. Yeah. If you could, like just this idea of a feminine reclamation. Can you paint that picture? I know, it's gonna be different for every every woman. So it's like, but like, what, what is that? What is it? What does it mean?


Harmanjot  49:31

So such a beautiful living process right now. And it's one that I'm very invested in. And this again, it's sort of like, I'm not sure about your listeners, but I do feel like we're in a real space of identities right now. There's a lot of identity play of identities, and yeah, just self discovery in that space. And so that's allowed, like anybody's allowed to like figure it play with that and figure that out. But The identity of a woman, once you've decided to claim that once you decide to be like, Okay, I'm a woman, and I am a woman. Unfortunately, though, we're allowed to all play with identities, there are some biological components. So I think that's part of the thing that gets tricky. Because people want to claim a certain identity that they don't have necessarily a biological backing for. And they're allowed to claim that identity, but it doesn't make it really so. So once you decided to claim this identity, as a woman, it's actually almost as simple as that. Because you're going to discover a lot of different ways that women work, dip that they process that they exist, that they feel that they hunger, that they hold power, all these different ways women are so so so unique. But the basic teaching is that you just claim it, there's this the, the, it's one of the teachings is like, how many of you remember today, I am a woman, when you are brushing your hair only remember when you were walking to your car, I'm a woman, if you just remember, I am a woman, actually, all of your problems will be solved. Women are miracle workers. It's just part of the energetic wiring, that we have a very different kind of access to the elements of space and time when we can put things together if we would just let ourselves be. But we'll really like again, it's so hard to always strive and try to be like shamanistic about at all like, hey, it's all like, everything's good. All things are divine. It's true. True, like all things are divine, all beings are divine as they are right now all possibilities are divine. Like there's no, we don't have to get all like up in arms about things. Simultaneous to that there's so many ways in which our current scholastic system, the religious structures of all the way that women have been treated and hunted and are still hunted and are still treated. There's so many ways in which we've been afraid to just let ourselves be let ourselves have the kind of neurology that we have. We're really, the school system really tries to train it out of you. And I'm someone who likes school. So I'm not like, I don't really want to, like blame the school system point a finger at the school so resilient, there's something wrong with our school system. And yet, I think we're all pretty much get that there's something wrong with our school system. That without it, yeah, yeah. While honoring the goodness of everything as it is, we can still say, this needs to change, this needs to change and that women have been programmed and hypnotized out of just letting themselves be. I believe that there's a way that women have a ton of fun, and yet are very, very profound. I believe there's sensitivity and care for all people that women have, while also caring very deeply about her self, that there's an individualism in all of that. I believe that there's a delicate way that power wants to be wielded. And I believe that there's a way that resources are going to be very shared very, very differently, when the authority of the woman is not seen as equal not takes primacy, but is woven threaded through this kind of masculine power that we've seen, well, that actually the masculine is so important. I also see that being eroded and attacked very deeply right now that there's something wrong with men. No men are so special. And that's part of to be in real relationship that's part of the fall and where we need to stop that fear and aggression toward the masculine and accept it as it is. And yet, there needs to be also the threading of the feminine. It's a Tantra,


Tonya Papanikolov  54:12

tantra, it's beautiful. seeing so much of the so much shame that men are holding to that is like, I think we have to just remember that, that has repercussions eventually, too. Because we we receive that same shame ourselves. And so it's like, being so aware of what we are perpetuating through the cycles that we know so well. I feel like I was having like a million orgasms today. Just like looking around where I am in Costa Rica. So like I love that you said 106 orgasms. But then I was like going to the bathroom. I was like, Oh, what am I grateful for today? And I was like, Oh, I'm just I feel so grateful to be a woman. Yeah, and I just and I like just met a girl. I you know, my cycle came today. I was like I'm getting on with him and Joe like you It's just like, I just feel so lucky to have this experience in this lifetime in this moment.


Harmanjot  55:07

Yeah. Being a woman is awesome. Awesome. Yeah, super awesome. Yeah. Yeah.


Tonya Papanikolov  55:13

That was so beautiful. And where can we find you? What are the things that you're creating? I know there's infinity mod, which I haven't done yet, but intend to. But tell us more about the intimacy course. And the relationship course coming. Yes.


Harmanjot  55:30

So right now I just wrapped, I'm wrapping this weekend, my month long course on transcendental sex and so that it'll be it's actually really great. Because it's 30. No, it's 20 days of classes. So it's a lot, you know, and everybody had to, you didn't have to show up live, there's a lot of replay action, but it was like I delivered a lot. So I think it'll be great now that it's just on replay that people can go through it at their own timeline. And like, really spend a little bit of time with each topic. And, you know, redo some of the classes if they want to, like stick there for a little bit, I realized, like, we did a lot of work in the beginning of the program, just opening up feet erotic template. And I realized, as we were moving through the questions, like we really, we really could have just stayed there, we didn't have to move on, we could have just worked with the erotic template, but I like to give people as much as I can. So that they're just have everything at their disposal, as opposed to like, oh, well sign up for like program to it's like, no, just let me give you everything now. And then you unpack it later. So I think it's great. Now that it's fully on replay, people can can rent the program, and then like, just move through it at their own pace. And there's a lot of like PDF downloads and supporting class materials and visuals and things like that visual aids. And then I'm starting as we're doing this interview, and who knows what will actually be released. But at this point, I'm starting the live portion of my course on relationships. And again, I'm now I'm looking forward to it. I honestly, I had a lot of resistance of my own, I couldn't quite figure out why. But I think it's that a lot of this has to do with falling the fear of the other, and really, really being ready to let somebody else into life. And of course, it doesn't have to last forever if you're not really ready for that quite yet. But still like we want to be truly open beings. And so that's all in my website, infinity Ma, if you are a mother, I did a program just for the mothers and just sort of understanding motherhood that's on my website. There's a program on Rama TV, the online dashboard for the Rama Institute. That is my more full spectrum. Conscious fertility conscious conception first trimester, second trimester third trimester birth in the post 40 days that is available there. I'm just launching my private my elite private coaching practice, where I'll be taking a very small group of people and retreats throughout the year, and then meeting with them one on one I feel feel really good about. Yeah. Excited about. So I know I feel like it feels like it's a really it's gonna be a beautiful container for a lot of information. There's this part of me that said I was going to beat the summer to do like Adi Shakti work and that might still happen to there's some retreats coming up I guess I'll say that. Stay tuned for a treat. So that's on my website and then also on my Instagram where I'm very active QA,


Tonya Papanikolov  58:42

but a blessing to have you and share your knowledge and teachings and just like full channel. The unis beautiful Shakti that you are. So thank you so much. I would love for you to share a prayer a message something with the audience. I feel like you've just said it, which is like, beautiful, like I believe I believe I believe that was just like really landed in my heart. So thank you. If there's any parting words prayer you would like to leave us with?


Harmanjot  59:11

I believe you. And I believe in your destiny. I believe in the exquisite nature of who you are. Just being who you are. Everything you have to give. I'm so excited for life. And I'm so excited for this dance that you get to do here on planet Earth. I hope you see your own dance, how marvelous students, I see it and I hope that you are surrounded by others. See it, plot it. Love you, even if they're too in pain to witness you. That you witnessed yourself and it doesn't.


Tonya Papanikolov  59:56

Harmanjot Thank you.


Harmanjot  59:59

Thank you It was so awesome to be with you. Likewise


Tonya Papanikolov  1:00:05

with deep gratitude thanks for tuning into this episode. If you liked it, hit subscribe and leave us a review that is always very appreciated. Mushrooms transformed my mind and body. And if you're interested in bringing medicinal mushrooms into your life and health journey, check out for our meticulously sourced Canadian fruiting body mushroom tinctures. Until next time, peace in and peace out friends



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