Cleansing and Detox From Deep Within with Meghan Swidler
EP 36

Cleansing and Detox From Deep Within with Meghan Swidler

Show Notes:

You are more than what you eat. You are actually a combination of what you eat, assimilate, digest, and eliminate. Today, Holistic Health and Detox coach Meghan Swidler shares her wealth of knowledge about healing, cleansing, and detoxing. We explore how to access the elimination pathways, different types of cleanses, and how to effectively prepare for one. Having an expert guide alongside you throughout the process is deeply important because everyone’s health is unique. I highly recommend working with Meghan on your healing journey, and her latest book, From Deep Within, is a great place to start. 

Industrialization changed our bodies and our world in permanent ways. The reality is our environment is toxic and burdening our systems. Our bodies are left trying to detox material that they were never meant to detox, like microplastics and pesticides, and this accumulation of waste is incredibly harmful. Cleansing our bodies has never been a more vital step to combat this and achieve a healthy state. While we eat is so important to our health, what we eliminate is too. This is where Meghan’s expertise comes in. 

Meghan realized she wanted to help others heal their bodies and upgrade their lives after going through her health journey to combat skin issues, fatigue, and more. Meghan shares that there are two stages to preparing the body for colonics and enemas: the awakening and the release. First, you awaken the built-up matter in your system via the food you eat and then release the obstruction that prevents flow. Often, people want to jump straight into a cleanse, but the food you eat in preparation is a key step. Eating more real, whole, unprocessed foods is always the best way to prepare for a cleanse as well as to nourish your body every day. 

Some people may find that they are eating super clean but not achieving results. Meghan shares that this may be an indicator of toxic thoughts and a harmful emotional state. Food, movement, sleep, and stress management are the four pills of a healthy life. It's easy to optimize the already good areas, such as food, but not the other weak pillars. The beauty of the cleansing process is that it brings a lot of awareness to the reality of how we are living. 

We agree that clearing our vessel is a fantastic way to increase intuition. Too often we try to find external solutions for our health when, in reality, our bodies are self-healing and regenerating under the right conditions. In this episode, Meghan teaches us how to begin creating those right conditions and step into a cleansed state of mind. 


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Topics Covered:

  • Meghan’s journey from venture capital start-up to Holistic Health and Detoxification Coach
  • Colonics are key to healing and a spiritual gateway 
  • The toxic load is everywhere
  • How to prepare the body for colonics and enemas 
  • Psyllium husk fiber and other fiber detox products
  • The role of lymph in cleansing 
  • Preparing the colon for parasite cleansing and mold detox
  • Meghan’s tools for daily cleansing

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Show Transcript:

Tonya Papanikolov  00:04

Hi, welcome to the Rainbo podcast. I'm your host, Tonya Papanikolov. Love, Rainbo and I are on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi and expand the collective conscious. This podcast builds a virtual mycelial network of bold, open minded thinkers and seekers. I chat with experts thought leaders, healers, scientists, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, activists, and dreamers. These are stories of healing, human potential and expansion. Tune in root in expand and journey with us.


Tonya Papanikolov  00:46

Hey, y'all, welcome back to another episode of the Rainbo Podcast. Today I am joined by a friend and fellow Canadian, Meghan Swidler, who is a holistic health and detox coach, who just wrote her second book from deep within, that is now available. And it is a incredible book that is basically a comprehensive, deep cellular cleansing and detoxification guide to kind of help resolve and heal gut hormone skin issues, physical symptoms, increase energy and life force and vitality, and to lose excess weight, heal inflammation, and really just allow your body to do what it knows how to do, which is regenerate and heal and giving our body the tools and practices and foods and nourishment that help it do what it knows how to do, which is heal and renew itself and cleanse. 


Tonya Papanikolov  01:57

And today's discussion is really about all of those things. It's a deep dive into detoxification and just learning about Meghan's philosophy and how she looks at cleansing and detox. And really why these are so important. And she talks about this concept of you know, we're not what we eat, we're actually a combination of what we eat, assimilate, digest and eliminate. And so the process is so much fuller, right than just thinking about what we put in our bodies. But it's also really important to consider what is leaving the bodies, what are we eliminating. 


Tonya Papanikolov  02:39

And so we go through a lot of chatting about her journey and her health journey of how she got to doing what she's doing. We talk about her first cleanse and opening up the elimination pathways, what is the kind of order of cleansing, we talk about parasite cleansing, mold, detox, and a lot of symptoms and some practical tools that we can use to start to initiate and elicit a healing response in the body right away. And just the importance of looking at cleansing as you know, a part of your lifestyle. 


Tonya Papanikolov  03:16

And we talked about how important it is to really have the guidance of an expert to go through that process with and I can't recommend Meghan enough. Her book is incredible. I highly recommend it as a guide to cleansing and detox if this is something you're interested in. And I know it is something that a lot of you are interested in, because I got a lot of questions about it. So pick up this book. It's available on Amazon. And I highly suggest getting in touch with , if this is something you're considering if cleansing is something you're considering. So let's dive into the episode today. I'm Meghan, thank you so much for joining me today. It's It's so nice to share this space in this in this virtual sense. I wish we could do this while we were on a hike. But here we are.


Meghan Swidler  04:06

I'm so honored. I'm so honored that you asked me to join the pod and I'm just so excited to be here. So thanks for having me.


Tonya Papanikolov  04:14

Thank you. So I know you have a book, your second book, congratulations that is coming out tomorrow and it will be out in the world once this podcast comes out. It is called from deep within and congratulations. First of all we've chatted a little bit about your book writing process. And I just want to commend you because not only is writing one book, incredible, but this is your second and I'm just so impressed.


Meghan Swidler  04:41

Thank you. It feels so good to finally like bring this to the world and yeah, it feels like what I was brought here to do is to kind of bring this information to the masses. So I'm really excited about this launch beautiful.


Tonya Papanikolov  04:56

actually love to start our episodes with asking our guests what is One thing you're grateful for today, so let's rewind a little bit and start there. Hmm.


Meghan Swidler  05:05

I'm grateful for my friends. Beautiful. Yeah. I feel like the best part about my life is the people in it. And I celebrated my friend Adams 40th birthday yesterday and it was Sunday and we all dressed in 16. Out and had a dance party. And every time I post all these gatherings that we have, I have like, good people that message me and say, like, how did you find these people. And I think these messages are always just a reminder of like, how incredible My community is, and how lucky I am to have these people in my life. They're really, my chosen family. So every day, I feel very grateful for them.


Tonya Papanikolov  05:45

Thank you for sharing that. That's so beautiful. And today, what am I grateful for today, I'm grateful for I'm grateful for my brain and just the ability to take in new knowledge and have an open mind. And just like the ability to soak up information in an age and in a time where it's so accessible, and like to be able to use discernment also to like know what information to look for. 


Tonya Papanikolov  06:20

But just if, you know, we think about historically, a lot of information was just gate kept by various sects and people within society. So it's really interesting time. So I think just like being able to read and read new research and just like the information age that we find ourselves in is vast, so I'm just feeling like yeah, grateful for grateful for that. And I'm bummed I was supposed to come to Adams yesterday is I'm gonna we're gonna come did it. And I was like, looking at the photos, and it's so fun. So


Meghan Swidler  06:51

fun, but there's no so short.


Tonya Papanikolov  06:54

You guys are sad, let


Meghan Swidler  06:56

me let you know, I'm leaving for a month already know the amount of things I'm gonna miss. But the beautiful thing about it is knowing that I can always come back home and know that I have the people here. So I'm so happier. You're in the community too. And we can share that together.


Tonya Papanikolov  07:12

Likewise, it's been such a such a gift to be getting to know you more. So I would love to hear a little bit more about your story. I know that you came from fast paced startup. Ben venture capital. Yeah, I would just love to hear about how you made the transition into working in health and ends. And similarly, like, were you cleansing when you were in startup land, and I know you're still kind of in that space now. It's probably different. But just like, Yeah, take us back to that place would be really cool to hear. Yeah,


Meghan Swidler  07:44

yeah, definitely have like a story of my own when it comes to my health. I yeah, I grew up in Montreal. I went to Cornell when I was 17. And then I graduated from Cornell. I just was, you know, the self proclaimed type A overachiever. I was like, I'm going to work in Silicon Valley at a hypergrowth tech startup. So I left Montreal and moved to San Francisco, worked for a hypergrid tech startup for five years in San Francisco, New York and expanded into Europe. 


Meghan Swidler  08:13

So I was traveling a lot there. And everything seemed great on paper. And I was like checking all the boxes. But more often than not, I found myself very anxious, tired, low energy, and I struggled with gut issues. I had acne. I was on birth control, had an IUD that gave me obviously a ton of hormonal imbalances and issues like actually an IUD gave me cystic acne. 


Meghan Swidler  08:40

And when I was 21, when I graduated from college, I saw a naturopath who changed my life. And when I was 21 years old, he's actually still my mentor today, he's in Montreal, and definitely one of my one of my mentors, and, you know, within a two month span, and I wasn't doing any cleansing at this time, but I was just kind of transforming my way of eating and being my whole body and mind transformed in a really, really short timeframe. 


Meghan Swidler  09:11

And I discovered this lifeforce energy unlike I'd ever experienced before. And since that moment, every free second I had was spent studying and practicing holistic health and healing. So I just went on this journey and all I was doing in my free time when I was not in work was reading books, reading health books, going to health events. Like my bedside was just filled with health books.


Tonya Papanikolov  09:40

What were some of those like with that initial nd what were some of the things like was it alcohol or just starting to clean up your diet? Like, I know, it's tough, obviously, like there's so many different facets. You were probably doing a few things but what was the initial thing?


Meghan Swidler  09:55

Yeah, I mean, the initial thing was definitely food. I think graduating from college I had like was In a sorority, I was drinking a lot. I was eating like what I thought was healthy, but I was eating like tons of animal protein and like tuna and crackers that were unhealthy and Quest bars and Greek yogurt. And it's actually funny to think about the things that I was eating at that time. I did start eating more like raw living foods. 


Meghan Swidler  10:19

And I went through a journey with my health up until a couple years ago, but within you know, a couple of months and my gut issues went away, inflammation went down, acne started to clear and I really like rediscovered this lifeforce energy that was inside of me that I didn't even know existed. And I was like, I didn't know was possible to feel that good. Like, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And I just was obsessed. I was like this, all I wanted to study and do. 


Meghan Swidler  10:50

But then there was the other part of me that was still that type A overachiever. And I felt like, I didn't even realize it at the time. But I feel like I had to live for everyone else's expectations of me. And I didn't even realize that I wasn't living for myself. And as soon as that I realized that, which was beginning of 2021, I had just taken this dream, in quotes, venture capital job that I really wanted. And I had this sort of awakening and realized that I had one life to live and I wanted to live for myself. And it became so crystal clear that I wanted to help other people heal their bodies and upgrade their lives, just as I had done for myself. 


Meghan Swidler  11:33

And so I quit that venture capital job at the beginning of 2021. And moved to LA a year later, and the rest, the rest is kind of history. There's obviously so many different, you know, things that happened during that whole journey since since I was 21. Especially when it comes to the deeper work that I did with cleansing and other modalities. But yeah, it's been it's been now like, three ish, yeah, three ish years since I took the leap to wow.


Tonya Papanikolov  12:03

And yeah, it's incredible that you've written two bucks and it's timeframe. Like, that's super special. Yeah. Yeah. And really exciting. What timeframe like when did you do your first cleanse? What was it? Because also Yeah, cuz you have like, you've gone through nutrition school. I know that a lot of I don't know, you know, I went to a different nutrition school. But I think a lot of the concepts are fairly transferable. You know, where we start to learn about some of this, but what did you What was the first step for you?


Meghan Swidler  12:33

Yeah, so I did a study with nutrition school on I also did advanced gut and hormone health certifications, as well. And yeah, I was living in New York, I was probably 25 or 24. And I had been healthy for a few years and eating really clean and I had gone when I saw this naturopath who changed my life. I really transformed my eating for a few years and I did see a transformational amount of healing but I only got my first colonic probably in my mid 20s. 


Meghan Swidler  13:03

And I went to see Gail Jacobs, who's in my second book, there is an interview that I recorded with him in his East Village studio in December of last year and the appendix of this second book that I'm launching, I saw him I went to go get a colonic with him and I had gotten a couple of like pressurized colonics I didn't really do much I didn't really understand the difference between a pressurized colonic and a gravity colonic and how much more profound and transformative gravity colonic was. 


Meghan Swidler  13:29

And I went to see Gill Jacobs, who's the godfather of colonics and I got my first colonic, and I'll never forget leaving. And it was this like light bulb moment where I realized I was walking out of his studio I'll never forget, I FaceTime my sister in law, Sam, who's also like my best friend and I was like, this is the missing link. I just felt it in my being like, that was the key to healing. I just had this unlock in that moment. And then colonics became like a really important part of my healing journey. 


Meghan Swidler  14:01

And many years later, I was still I still had an IUD N during this whole time and many years later, I was probably in my late 20s It's hard to give you like exact ages but I started out of the blue like my skin had been super clear and I started getting like cystic acne again on my face and my back and it was like all in my jaw like really horrible deep, painful pimples and I was eating like the cleanest possible. I went on a rabbit hole on Reddit and realize that the Mirena IUD causes cystic acne. So I basically realized that this IUD was like ruining my body, got it removed and then I went deeper into cleansing so continued with colonics enemas but also went deeper into liver detoxification, which is really the unlock for hormone balance. 


Meghan Swidler  14:54

So I started doing gentle liver cleansing with supplements and juicing and other modalities and then I went into liver flushes and this is like a couple years ago I did you know, a dozen to 20 liver flushes in a very short period and basically my hormones rebalanced all my skin issues cleared, I paid off and perfectly scan and don't break out at all. And through the all of these experiences, I just realized I like knew and my Being that this was the answer to all healing. And it just became so crystal clear to me that this was like my zone of genius. 


Meghan Swidler  15:31

And this is what I had to bring to the world is really this focus again, on cleansing and detoxification. I think the majority of people and the majority of practitioners really focus on the inputs. So what foods you eat, what supplements you take, and those things are really important, but the outputs are equally if not more important than the inputs. And I think a lot of people don't realize that. And I really feel like it's my life's life's purpose to bring this message to the world so that people can heal themselves.


Tonya Papanikolov  16:01

Yeah, honestly, like, I think when we were when we were on a hike together, we were talking about how like a good colonic is like, spiritual, you leave not the same. Like there's, you can be letting go of things that are decades of yours. And I think this is a really beautiful, like, I think, ultimately, you know, when anybody goes on a healing journey, often it starts physical, or it starts wherever it starts. 


Tonya Papanikolov  16:31

But you know, we're, we're physical beings, but it's really cool to see that like, as the layers unlock, it becomes more and more, deeper, and subtler, and emotional, and all of these different layers of unlocking. And I love that about the gut because it's so smart and has a nervous system and a brain and like it's just, there's so much there. And so know like when we're really ready to let go and shed layers, they become these really amazing tools right to really shed what doesn't serve us anymore. Yeah,


Meghan Swidler  17:06

I always say that to my clients and to potential clients that I speak to, it's like, they mostly people come to me for like the physical transformation, right? They want to resolve gut issues, or hormone imbalances or skin issues, and they want to lose weight, they want to increase their energy. And all of those things will certainly happen through this process through kind of healing and regenerating your body from within through cleansing. But it's really not only about the upgrades in the physical realm, but in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms as well. 


Meghan Swidler  17:39

When your vessel is clear, like physically, when it's free of obstruction, you are able to bring and call in abundance in so many different areas of your life. So what I'm typically seeing with my clients is when they have a physical unlock that soon follows with a some sort of mental, emotional or spiritual unlocked are some sort of amazing transformation in some other area of life, whether it's calling in a partner getting really upgrading their career, or Yeah, like making some amazing transformation in their life, because that physical clearing allows for these upgrades in so many other areas of life as well. So it's really so so powerful.


Tonya Papanikolov  18:23

Can you tell us a little bit about, you know, I know you have a chapter in your book that is about the load the toxic load. So like, what is living in this toxic environment? What are all of these aspects? How do you look at that? I know there's like the barrel effect that I've become really acquainted with, but I would love to hear more about that. And what's kind of in this load of ours?


Meghan Swidler  18:46

Yeah, you know, unfortunately, if you live in America or you live in really any, you know, developed country, you have to really assume that a heavy toxic load is burdening your system sounds very negative and pessimistic. But it's true. There are things in our food, our clothes, our household products, our environment, our skincare or makeup, personal care, oral care, our water or air among many other things. There are so many different toxins that are entering our bodies at any given time. And the probably the most notable and most obvious is food and drink ways. 


Meghan Swidler  19:27

So as you know, modern Western diets are very, very high and processed and refined foods, refined sugars, refined grains, refined carbs, seed oils, and a lot of other additives and chemicals and toxins that we were really never meant to consume or digest. I think it's the status that's in my book is 60% of the calories consumed by Americans come from ultra processed foods and 86% of products from the top 25. Food manufacturers are classified as Ultra processed as well. So really scary, these numbers are wild. 


Meghan Swidler  20:03

And, you know, I feel very fortunate to be living in a place where I have, you know, like California where I have access to such a beautiful organic produce and abundance. But the reality for most people is not only not only that they're not eating these foods, but they don't even have access to these foods. And so that's really a big sort of component of this, what I call accumulated toxic waste that sort of permeating our bodies. But if I take a step back, this toxic waste is really substances that the body was never meant to detox and get rid of naturally. 


Meghan Swidler  20:40

So that can be again food and drink raised. pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, synthetic hormones, environmental toxins, pollution, microplastics are a big one, parasites, mold fungus, and then we have of course, antibiotics, drugs, prescription meds, hormonal contraception, I can probably, yeah, it's, it's great. Yeah. If people don't realize it, right, like, we don't know that we are ingesting all of these things at any given time. And in order to not do so we have to make this like extra conscious effort to avoid saying, so the average person in America that's not really paying attention to it, unfortunately, is sort of bringing in all these toxins into the body, and over time that that has an effect on the body.


Tonya Papanikolov  21:36

Yeah, it's pretty wild. Like when you look like we could go off on the healthcare system, or, you know, the business model of modern medicine. But it's just wild to be like when you really think about these leading causes of death, and that nothing is really ultimately leading back to any of these obvious factors about how industrialization has changed our world and our bodies and what we eat and what we breathe, and all of these things. And so it's like, when you think about chronic conditions and the rise of those, and just the fact that nobody's, at least, you know, there's a lot of alternative practitioners that are talking about it, but as a whole, and and for the masses. It's not like our doctors are talking about this, which is wild. Yeah,


Meghan Swidler  22:22

they're not talking about it, because they don't even know, you know, like, you know, maybe a few months ago, there was some article that came out, or There were articles about how Colorectal cancer is skyrocketing among people in their 20s 30s and 40s. And a lot of the articles were, like, doctors were baffled, or doctors were surprised, or doctors were dumbfounded. And I actually worked yeast that went viral through LinkedIn, actually, that was like baffled, like, how are we bad? 


Meghan Swidler  22:50

Like this, there's clearly, you know, has been a massive shift in our world, and we live in an environment that's absolutely toxic. And that's very far from the life that nature intended for us to live. And so to me, it's, um, it's not baffling. It's completely, you know, saying, Yeah, but unfortunately, you know, our healthcare system, or I call our sick care system is not sort of making that connection. I would love to


Tonya Papanikolov  23:21

link and read that that post. Yeah. So yeah, send us a link for that. But okay, so I guess Yeah, like, how would you how would you recommend somebody starts, I'd love to chat a bit more about like colonics enemas shortly. But in terms of kind of preparing the body and the elimination organs, how does somebody get prepared and even in a position where they can eliminate safely and ensure that stuff's not going to, you know, accumulate and just stay in the body


Meghan Swidler  23:51

100% It's really a two pronged effort. And so that's really the most important thing and I separated into two buckets, which is the awaken and the release. So in essence, you really need to awaken the belt at matter in your system first, and that happens through the food that you eat. And the second piece is that you need to release the the obstruction that prevents flow, and eliminate the toxins debris and waste in your system in order to really achieve that health and vitality that you're looking for. 


Meghan Swidler  24:26

The food that you eat will sort of awaken the deeply impacted waste in your cells and tissues. And that's where the awaken comes in. And then a cleansing modalities which you know, can be colonics enemas and that anything with the liver as well liver cleansing, liver flushes will really remove that which the food has awakened before getting into a cleanse of any kind, the awaken sort of that the food that you eat is really really, really important and a really important piece of the puzzle. I think people will jump into You okay, can I cleanse but I always say the food is like the soap. 


Meghan Swidler  25:04

So the food will sort of awaken all of that built up matter in your system. And then the colonics. And enemas will act as the shower will remove that which the food has awakened. And so the best way to do that puts very, very simply, and there's obviously more specifics we can get into is to eat more real, whole unprocessed foods. And when you eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains, you're getting a lot of alkalinity into the body, you're getting a lot of enzymes into the body, a lot of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, and so on and so forth, which are nourishing your body, but you're also getting in a lot of fiber. 


Meghan Swidler  25:47

And fiber is really the key fiber basically acts as an intestinal broom that awakens toxic accumulated waste and sweeps it out of the body. And so these foods, which I call quick exit foods, they're like nourishing your body in a very profound way. But the fiber from those foods is really carrying all of that waste out of the body, and then leaving very little waste and residue in the body. So optimizing for foods like raw fruits, raw vegetables cooked non starchy or low starch, vegetables, cold pressed juices, blended smoothies, those foods are all going to really start that cleansing process. And of course, then you can complement it with things like colonics and enemas to again, move that which the food has awakened. But you can't do one without the other. 


Meghan Swidler  26:40

So I think a lot of the time when people start their cleansing journey, they do say like, Oh, I'm gonna do a three day juice cleanse, or I'm going to eat healthy for a week, and then they sort of hit a dead end and get frustrated and go back. And the reason why they're not really seeing that transformation is because they're missing the cleansing, right? If you just eat healthy foods, but you don't change the internal terrain and the body, then you're not going to really achieve the outcomes that you're looking for. So it's really both intent and that allow for the transformation to occur.


Tonya Papanikolov  27:15

Yeah, beautiful. And okay, it's two questions. What are your thoughts on like psyllium? Husk fiber? Or are you when you talk about fiber? Are you thinking? Or that will it? Yeah. Are there any instances where you're like, Yes, I love psyllium husk fiber? Or are you trying to get most of this from Whole Foods? Yeah, let's start there.


Meghan Swidler  27:33

Really good question. I'm happy you asked that, because there's a chapter on this in my book, and it's very, very be very, very careful with these fiber detox products. So when I talk about fiber, I'm just talking about the fiber from Whole Foods. So fruits, vegetables, and especially non starchy, starchy vegetables, fruits have just like a ton of fiber, these quick exit foods, again, are nourishing your body, but then have that fiber to really act as that intestinal broom to sweep up all of that built up waste. What happens with a lot of people who have slow bowels, or like constipation, or they're bloated, they say, oh, like, what's the quick fix, I'm gonna go maybe take psyllium husk psyllium husk or psyllium husk fiber is what I like to call a fiber detox product. 


Meghan Swidler  28:21

Basically, these products have absorptive qualities. So what happens is they come into the typically, if you have a well functioning bowels or a well functioning system, they will come in, it will sort of expand and absorb all of that built up waste, and then carry it out of the body. But the thing to make note of is that these products are designed to elevate a well functioning system, not to fix a sluggish system. 


Meghan Swidler  28:48

So what happens if you have a sluggish system or like you've eaten a lot of, you know, processed foods or refined carbohydrates or refined grains that are really like stuck in your system and your system is very sluggish? What happens with something like psyllium husk is it can add tremendous volume to an already sluggish system. And then what happens instead of displacing waste, and caring out of the body is actually bond to the waste within the system and not be released, and then ultimately, the problem. 


Meghan Swidler  29:18

So a lot of people who have done this are taken psyllium husk when their systems weren't ready for it when their systems are too sluggish. And they actually got more constipated and more bloated because it just didn't exit the system. And that's when like you actually need like an emergency. Because this stuff is all going to be stuck in your system. Yeah. Basically with fiber detox products like psyllium husk, I'm always saying they're only meant to be used when you have a well functioning system. So if you have a very sluggish system, you should not be incorporating these products. 


Meghan Swidler  29:51

But then when your system is functioning well if you do start to incorporate these products and the food and cleansing protocols in my book kind of show you when to incorporate them. It is They'll absolutely imperative to have access to colonics and odd home enemas when you're using these products in the event that they have trouble moving through your system. So it is like, really, really important if you are using these products, or you're starting to use these products to have like a colonic coming up. And if you don't, and you do notice that you're getting constipated, then you should stop taking these products right away and make sure that you get a colonic. 


Meghan Swidler  30:24

So yeah, again, I think this goes back to just the reality that many people just want quick fixes all of the time, you know, so they're very quick to be like, okay, psyllium has colon cleanse, product, all these things that are selling on Instagram and Tiktok that people will go to because they think, Oh, this will solve all of my problems. And yes, they can be helpful in certain instances, but it is really, really critical to know when to incorporate them. And it's not going to be the same answer for everyone. Totally.


Tonya Papanikolov  30:53

I love that so much, man. I mean, there's so many so many directions, I think, what about drainage? So lymph? How do you see lymph? Because I feel like that's like the Forgotten substance and substrate and element in the body? What do you think about lymph? And then maybe you can speak to die off symptoms and how to? I think you kind of did, but maybe just reiterating that so that it's really clear, because I know that that's a typical question for people that are thinking about cleansing. Yeah.


Meghan Swidler  31:23

100%. So lymph is obviously there's like we talked about colon cleansing, right? We talked about, you know, colonics and potentially enemas. And then there's obviously the liver. But there's so many other like, cleansing modalities that you can incorporate into your life on a daily basis. And, you know, my book talks through a lot of these, whether it's juicing or intermittent fasting, or deep sweating with a sauna, or cold immersion, and lymphatic drainage is one of those things that you kind of want to pay attention to on a daily basis. The lymphatic system is for those of you who don't know, is a vital part of the body's immune system. And it's responsible for filtering and removing waste products, toxins and excess fluid from the body. And it really works on pressure and movement. 


Meghan Swidler  32:08

And so lymphatic drainage helps to enhance limps circulation and promote the removal of waste and toxins from the body. And there's many ways in which you can get your lymphatic system moving, whether it's the you know, obviously people will get like lymphatic drainage massages, there's lymphatic drainage tools, those like manual tools, like those paddles that you can use on your body, even just exercise like put simply just moving your body and nature, like rebounding on a trampoline, doing yoga, those things dancing, just jumping and moving your body up and down can really help to kind of flush the lymphatic system breathwork doing deep breathing exercises can really relate lymphatic. And then also things like dry brushing can also improve lymphatic circulation. 


Meghan Swidler  32:57

So I think obviously, there's like the colon cleansing and liver cleansing modalities, but I think the average person might not be ready to like dive into that right away. And I think it is really important to know that you can start to cleanse your body just by way of these very simple daily tools that maybe aren't as big of a step but can still be a good enough step for you. So whether it's moving your body rebounding, having a cold pressed juice, doing breath work, maybe intermittent fasting, like all of these things can really start that cleansing process. Those are all the tools like from a from a lymphatic drainage perspective that can be helpful.


Tonya Papanikolov  33:35

Not that so much. I was having a conversation as well, before I jumped on with you about how like, also, I feel like the beauty of this whole process is that it brings in so much awareness into our lives about also like how toxic our thoughts can be and how right and like just the spiral that that can send us down into and you know, the the effects that that has on the physical body as well you know, if you're like eating with shame, or fear or any of these things, right, like sitting with this beautiful plate of food and also just inviting us to bring another level of self awareness into like all of these habits, right, because the mind and the thoughts can add in this invisible layer of toxicity. And 100%


Meghan Swidler  34:22

You know, I've had people come to me to work with me and they're, they're eating super healthy, they're going to the gym seven days a week. They're sleeping well, but they live in New York and they live in New York City, they have worked super high stress corporate jobs. They're in a very, you know, downward negative spiral. And they have all sorts of physical symptoms and I usually I always turn these people away and I say actually, you know, I feel what you really need is to work on your kind of emotional state your mental and emotional well being and that will really transform your life. You know, I always say there's four main pillars, right? 


Meghan Swidler  35:02

There's food, there's movement, their sleep and their stress management, I think people have a tendency to want to optimize the pillar that's already good. And because they know that pillar, so like, if they eat well, they're like, oh, I want to just optimize that. And so they tend, but really what they should be doing is focusing on the weakest area and not the strongest. So there's always that one layer that people tend to avoid, because they're like, Oh, it's so bad. I just like, don't want to deal with it. But usually, that's the pillar that you need to focus on, because it's going to allow for the most amount of transformation. And I think for a lot of, for a lot of people that live in big cities and work high stress jobs, it's usually things around their emotional and mental well being for sure.


Tonya Papanikolov  35:47

100%. Yeah. Somebody that I just thought about was, what are your thoughts on the being protocol?


Meghan Swidler  35:55

Did you have a personal experience with it?


Tonya Papanikolov  35:57

I have tried it a few times. I mean, for me, it's just like these kinds of FAD things I just don't end up ultimately sticking to. And I would rather just include some lagoons in my diet. I can't tolerate like, chickpeas and certain things. But I'd rather get that from a balanced diet, then go that route. But I know there's like some people do have a lot of success with it. And you know, I think that the tenants of it around like the fiber and that aspect, getting that fiber into the system, just like you were saying, there's something that's quite profound, and what that does to the body and the ability to, and that bio, the accumulation process and cycle. But yeah, I was curious for you know, if you've tried it, if you your thoughts on it.


Meghan Swidler  36:45

Yeah, I've personally never tried it. I've had a couple of clients come to me that I've been on it. And, you know, I'm sure there's some people that have had transformations with it. But I think, personally, I don't like, you know, restrictive diets protocols, because I feel like it puts people into a state of contraction, when there are restriction when I rather keep people in a sort of an abundant frame of mind. So the way that I approach eating is eat plant based whole foods, 80% of the time, you know, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grands, and then leave room for freedom and flexibility, 20% of the time, whatever that means to you.


Meghan Swidler  37:26

 I think you can eat a variety of different ways, and still achieve success. But I think cleansing is really the most important thing on that journey. So you can be pescetarian or you can be plant forward, or you can be paleo, and achieve successful results. But I think cleansing is really the most important thing. 


Meghan Swidler  37:48

And then from a food perspective, I think the most important thing more than anything else is quality. So I think we're living in a world in which a lot of our food is toxic. And so I really preach a sort of quality Marian way of eating. So it's like, yeah, you can you can eat beans, but are they like, beans, conventional beans, and a can, like filled with pesticides and chemicals and additives? Or are they organic beans that are like sprouted and healthy? 


Meghan Swidler  38:18

Or if you're eating fish is that conventional fish, farm fish with a ton of toxins, microplastics and mercury, or is it organic, wild fish that's plastic free, you know, mercury free or toxin free. So I think we're living in the world in which that's really the most important thing. And again, I really like this 8020 lifestyle, because it allows for freedom and flexibility and doesn't feel so restrictive so that people can actually sustain it for the long term. I find with any of these things that are like, more restrictive sort of protocols, they can be like hard to adhere to. And I'm so again, I'm Bill I've had success, and I'm not discounting that. But that's just the way that I see things. I


Tonya Papanikolov  39:04

love and resonate with your philosophy. And yeah, we were kind of living in this time to have like so much just so many fad diets, carnivore diets, like just so much happening online, within the nutrition space where there's like such great camps. So I think it's like yeah, just coming back to that place of ultimate balance and there not being so many restrictions that are placed on food.


Meghan Swidler  39:29

Totally. And I think again, you just mentioned like the carnivore diet. Yeah, there's this huge movement towards, you know, animal protein and full fat dairy and beef liver and like raw milk and all that. And really this polarization that exists in the health and wellness community like It's like these people eating like only meat and butter versus raw vegans and really, these two camps of people have the same goal in mind, which is to help make people healthier and tend to get people towards real Whole Foods and away from processed and refined foods. 


Meghan Swidler  40:04

So I think there's a more balanced approach in the middle, which is, yeah, focus on eating like high quality Whole Foods, and it doesn't need to be one or the other. I feel like we need to stop being so extreme and start being a little bit more balanced. And I feel like all these extreme ways of eating and being and living just aren't sustainable in the long run anyway, so yeah, I think sort of this middle ground is a really healthy way to go.


Tonya Papanikolov  40:32

I love that so much. Okay, so there's a lot of interest in parasite cleanses. Where do you I know you have a section on this in your book also molds like can you tell us a little bit about your perspective on parasite cleansing? Mold detox? Yes,


Meghan Swidler  40:49

I guess I'll answer this more broadly, there's like a lot trending right now from a cleansing perspective, whether it be parasite cleansing, especially as trending liver cleansing, mold, detox, whatever it is right? before even considering any of these things. The first and most important goal on your cleansing journey should be to develop a healthy functioning bowel and to eliminate at least two times a day, most people are going America especially are constipated, are eliminating maybe once a day or once every other day, have gas, bloating, indigestion, stomach pain, all these other physical symptoms in their gut. 


Meghan Swidler  41:28

And what that's showing me and what that showing us is that you have a lot of obstruction in your colon. And so the first thing you need to do before you even consider things like parasite cleanses, or liver cleansing is to again get to that place of eliminating two to three times a day. Yes, per day, we'll think that one day is normal, but it actually should be more like twice or three times a day. And really, why that's important is, you know, the liver, the kidneys, other organs will support the body and filtering out toxins. But if you have an overburdened slow moving colon, this will back everything up and prevent the other organs from doing their jobs effectively. 


Meghan Swidler  42:07

So if you're trying to do things like parasite cleansing, and you have a parasite, you're trying to do liver cleansing to dump toxins out of the liver. But your colon is blocked and has obstruction, the parasites and the toxins that are coming out of your liver will have nowhere to go and they will just get reabsorbed into the body and can create further issues. So yeah, I think there's a lot on social media about parasite cleansing, liver cleansing, but the majority of these people that are wanting to dive into this haven't even done the foundational work of kind of getting their colon into the right place. And so that should be the most important thing that you start with before you go into things like liver cleansing, Parasite cleansing and so on and so forth. 


Meghan Swidler  42:51

So yeah, I get a lot of questions about this and really just wanted to say that before I dive into parasite cleansing, and then parasite cleansing specifically. So yeah, this is trending a lot right now. And I think it can be helpful to do some sort of parasite cleanse if you've never done one before, but I think there's been a lot of fear around it. Like everyone's freaking out about how they might have parasites and feels the need to do a parasite cleanse, but in reality, you may not have a parasite if you haven't you know if you practice good hygiene if you cook your food thoroughly. If you live with a good like sanitation system. If you haven't like lived in a subtropical or tropical region or if you haven't traveled to one of you haven't gotten like aggressively sick out of the blue, the likelihood is that you probably don't have a parasite. 


Meghan Swidler  43:46

But if you suspect that you might have one, I think the best way to go is to actually do proper testing with a licensed health care practitioner to see if you have one and then to explore doing some sort of cleanse at an at home parasite cleanse like a solid core para kit can be really really helpful to do if you've never done one before of course but if you actually got really really really sick and you have a bunch of physical symptoms that might show you have like a more serious parasite going on in your system then you do want to actually get the right testing to see okay, what parasite do I have and then to get the right kind of diagnosis and treatment


Tonya Papanikolov  44:25

totally Yeah, and it's also like they can just remain hidden for so long that I just totally agree I didn't do my first parasite cleanse until and I was like, I don't eat sushi or raw fish anymore but I did like every seat like we had like a family ritual. So it was many many years every time I would go down so we would go down south multiple times per year I would get my sister and I would get like, ravaged really sick. And I and then I went through so many years of just like cleaning up my diet doing some we had a lot of colon liver cleansing and just pour Before before then, like being like, Oh, totally, I have a parasite, like, this is the unexplained link. Totally.


Meghan Swidler  45:08

And the problem is right now is that with social media is that people want this quick fix, right. So like, oh my god, a parasite cleanse is gonna resolve all my issues or a liver cleanse is gonna resolve all my issues. The reality is, again, going back to what I said, if you don't do the foundational work of cleansing the colon, these things will have nowhere to go actually know of a friend friend of a friend who kind of consulted with me and she had done like a parasite cleanse, thought she had a parasite. And she like didn't do the colonic at the end of it. And I was basically like, if you do a parent cleanse, and you don't get a colonic, at the end, you're essentially just wasting your money and time. And so she did it again, and got a colonic at the end like nothing passed when she did the first one, like she didn't have any sort of results or anything. 


Meghan Swidler  45:50

And then I told her, you know, get a colonic before to clear your system and then do the parasite cleanse and get another one at the end. And then of course, in that second colonic, she passed like a massive parasite. And that's obviously because she needed the colonic to clear her vessel first, and then it allowed for the parasite to then die off and then pass through. And so these viruses for the colon are so so important. And everyone has a different starting point, right? So it's like, remember that your journey, you don't need to compare yourself to someone else, like you're on your own journey for your health. And you should kind of do it at a pace that feels like realistic and attainable to you totally not really important.


Tonya Papanikolov  46:34

And like the importance of also just like going slow, right? Like, there's no, I would say you probably don't want to rush into anything. Like if you really think about, I think about my journey, maybe you can relate. But like it was it's honestly been like layers being unlocked, you know, where like, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. If I just like it's just such a process. It's such a step by step process. And like, every time is a little bit deeper, and a little bit deeper. I wouldn't want it any other way.


Meghan Swidler  47:03

Totally. I think we live in a world in which everyone wants everything fast. And like everyone thinks like, Oh, I do this one thing and everything changes. And I do a five day juice cleanse, or I do a parasite cleanse, or I do a liver flush, and all my issues go away. And I always say my book actually says this is cleansing is not a one time event. It's actually a state. It's a it's a lifestyle that's maintained in the long term in a balanced and approachable way. 


Meghan Swidler  47:29

And in that process, you need ample time for rest, hydration and integration. And this goes back I think you had a question earlier that I didn't we didn't get to but around detox, like your body will experience detoxification symptoms as you're going through this process. So I always say to my clients, the symptoms are often the cure. So when you start to sort of experience detox symptoms, what it means is that you're on the right track, and that this waste is sort of being lifted up and making its way out of the body. And so in that process, you're gonna like go through a lot. And so it's really important to not force yourself into too much too quickly, because the body will not be able to handle that, especially if your system is very toxic. 


Meghan Swidler  48:19

So again, it's meant to be a lifestyle, it's meant to be something that happens over a longer period of time in a very balanced way. And it's some process that needs again, rest, hydration, and various different cleansing modalities. And it's not going to happen all at once. Yeah, and I think that's really, really important for people to keep in mind as they start this journey. Because I think we got tendency to think that it's just going to like happen,


Tonya Papanikolov  48:47

your book is such a good place to start with that too. Like I urge people to get their hands on it and just educate and start to like, every other week being like, okay, like I've done like really gentle liver cleanses and community and put out a thing about doing a parasite cleanse, and then I just kind of like put it to the wind. But then I was like, oh my god, I can't do this, like I like I have no idea where people are gonna be at in that journey. 


Tonya Papanikolov  49:11

And I will not be able to support like, I want to stress that like if you are doing this until you're maybe at a stage where you're years in and like you know how to support yourself. But until that, like definitely those first many years work with an experienced and expert like yourself a practitioner or somebody to help guide you because it's really intimate. You know, like I think about some of my first experiences and breaking out into hives and like, you need to have your network and your practitioner and somebody that's in your corner that really gets you and knows your history to guide you in that process and not to say that everything's gonna break out into hives. You know, you can start really gentle, but it is it's a journey. It's really it's really important to have individual support. Yeah,


Meghan Swidler  49:59

and it's all Again, like, if I do, you know, I've been been living a cleansing lifestyle for a decade, like if I do a parasite cleanse or a liver flush, like I'm not going to have any symptoms like whatsoever, I'm just going to kind of go breeze right through it and be totally fine. But then I have clients and they're doing, you know, maybe they've been eating like super unhealthy foods are getting them to eat a bit healthier, and they're doing their first liver flush, but the reality is there, that's going to be like an arduous experience with a lot of like tiredness, maybe nausea, maybe breakouts, maybe a lot of elimination feelings of even, you can even get sick because there's so much mucus coming out of the body, which could lead to like sinus congestion and white coating on the tongue and so many other symptoms. 


Meghan Swidler  50:42

And so it's like comparing apples to oranges, like every single person is on their own journey. And I think that's really, really important to remember. And again, that it's going to be it's a journey. It's not some sort of quick fix or one time event. Yeah,


Tonya Papanikolov  50:58

I love that. What are some practical tools you would want somebody listening to this to be able to kind of implement right away?


Meghan Swidler  51:06

Cool, like just daily like cleansing? Totally. Yes.


Tonya Papanikolov  51:10

And like one thing you you mentioned, I'd love to know some of your favorite non starchy veggies for example, like just some quick things that somebody could implement into their daily lifestyle. Yeah, food water, your tops. Yeah, so


Meghan Swidler  51:24

just like if you're getting started on this journey, again, from like what I said earlier in the call is to eat more, you know, high fiber, alkaline rich, enzyme rich, fiber rich whole foods like fruits and vegetables. So things like apples and berries and oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, and then vegetables, leafy greens, beets, carrots, fennel, cucumbers, radishes, like all of these foods are so cleansing to the body. And not only cleansing because of the fiber. So much lifeforce and give you so much they nourish your body. So they have vitamins, minerals, nutrients, amino acids, all the amazing enzymes, all the amazing things that your body needs to thrive. 


Meghan Swidler  52:14

And so I really think just optimized for more of those foods. And so my book gives like very detailed protocols, and grocery lists and recipes to allow for you to optimize for more of those foods, so you have like a roadmap to follow to implement this. And then a couple of other like daily tools that I think are really powerful juicing. Juicing is one of the most powerful tools for cleansing and detoxifying the body and for flooding the body with alkalinity because of cold pressed juice, doesn't have fiber, because the fiber has already been stripped away in the juicing process. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients can go straight to your cells to do very important cleansing work and to eliminate accumulated waste in the body. 


Meghan Swidler  53:01

So if you're able to incorporate juice, and some capacity, make your own at home, get one at a store that's organic and cold press. This is like a really powerful tool, even if you can't do it every day, even if it's just a few times a week, really, really powerful tool. 


Meghan Swidler  53:16

And then another one is intermittent fasting. And again, it doesn't need to be it can be in whatever way makes sense to you. But our bodies were never meant to be eating all the time. Like back in the day hunters and gatherers, like had to hunt, gather, cook and prepare their food from scratch. They couldn't go on or get served Postmates and or no Erawan want to know access to all foods at all times. And really, it's not about restricting food, it's a practice of giving your digestive system a break. It's really about shortening the time window during which you eat so that your body doesn't need to be digesting food all the time. 


Meghan Swidler  53:55

So your body can focus its energy on other restorative functions like detoxification and elimination. So it could be that you eat dinner at 6pm. And then don't eat breakfast until like nine or 10am The next day, then maybe you work your way to a longer window. And it could just be that you just don't snack in between meals, it could be that you eat three meals a day. And instead of like grazing throughout the day, you're just giving yourself you know, four to six hour Windows between meals in which you're not eating. And again, when you're giving your body time to process and digest what's already in the system. Instead of on having to digest new food your body is able to instead focus its energy on eliminating waste in the body. 


Meghan Swidler  54:35

So you know there's so many other tools like there's movement or sweating and deep sweating and an infrared sauna. There's cold immersion, even if it's like going into a cold body of water. There's so many other tools that I talk about in my book, but when I think about the daily tools that people just can have access to as they listen to this podcast. It would be eating more quick accent high fiber Whole Foods, juicing and Then intermittent fasting and whatever way feels like realistic and attainable to you.


Tonya Papanikolov  55:05

Beautiful. I love that. Thank you. And yeah, that is attainable and kind of easy to start. And also, knowing that, like, I love what you said about the body, knowing what to do, you know, like, there's a lot of things that create this sluggishness, but also, the body is so smart. And it's like, letting it do what it naturally knows how to do. Yeah,


Meghan Swidler  55:24

and that's such an important point, through my work, like, what I'm trying to teach people is that we tend to try to go externally to like, find all these things to fix us, when in reality, the body is self healing and self regenerating under the right conditions, we just need to give it those conditions, I always give the example of like, when you get a cut on your hand, and it's bleeding, what happens is it scabs over. And then over time, the scab falls away and you have new skin, the same thing happens with the internal organs and systems under the right conditions. 


Meghan Swidler  56:01

And those conditions involve cleansing. And once you cleanse the body, and when you focus on just consistency and repetition and your daily routine. Over time, you're giving your body the conditions to heal and regenerate from within, which is where my book names come from within and from deep within, it's really that I am not the healer, your body is its own healer, I'm just helping to give your body that conditions to heal itself, that's really important to remember is that the body is built to be imbalanced, it's never trying to hurt you, it's always trying to help you, and your body is on your side. And so you just need to like give it the conditions to heal itself. And that's really what my work and my book is trying to do is to help you give your body those conditions. 


Meghan Swidler  56:48

So, so yeah, that's like so, so important in a world when we're like, inundated with like, this cleanse, and this powder, and this capsule, and whatever else, it's like, totally body actually just heals itself at the end of the day. 100%.


Tonya Papanikolov  57:05

And it's such an important like, unlock for the mind to really remember that, you know, because it's just so easy to, and don't get me wrong, like we need guides and teachers and our practitioners to be those light posts for us to help guide because they've gone through it. But it's such an unlock when you like really come into the the knowing and deep feeling in the body that like, well, this is like an intelligent super organism and I trust you like I trust this thing, this beautiful vessel to to know what it needs and to help facilitate getting into that state. Again,


Meghan Swidler  57:44

it's I think, when you have so many physical symptoms, and you're not super in touch with your body, like you don't necessarily know what it needs. And that's why I think it's helpful to have these protocols and that I offer in my book so that you know, like what to do and how to get to that place. But when you get to a place of having a clear vessel, you will start to become so intuitive, and know exactly what your body needs. 


Meghan Swidler  58:09

Because your body will tell you so you won't need to listen to this person taking this supplement and this podcast, that you need to take this, you're just going to be able to tune into your own body and ask yourself what it needs in any given moment. And to get to that place is so where you can just trust yourself is so transformational.


Tonya Papanikolov  58:29

Yes, I love that point. And I feel like so many people will often ask like how do you increase intuition? How do I write and you're so right, like, a, it is such a process and it's such a journey. And it's like the was really like not about this destination, but like the process of getting there and enjoying that. But it's absolutely true that as the vessel starts to become, as you start to like become like a subtler like listening of that of this thing, and it becomes purified and there's like the colon is functioning in the way that it should and you're eliminating all of that. All of the other aspects of clarity of mind and intuitive capacities and instinctual capacities as well become effortless, you know,


Meghan Swidler  59:20

completely effortless and it's really beautiful. Like as a coach as a healer to watch someone get to that place where they're like, Okay, I, I can do this now like I can, I think the typical coach like wants to keep a client on for months and months. I'm the opposite. I'm like if I can get to a place where you actually don't need me anymore, where you feel equipped with the tools and resources to actually go about the world and make decisions and listen to your intuition. That means that I helped you get to that. So, yeah, you're on your way by you know, totally


Tonya Papanikolov  59:54

I love that. It's very important for people to hear that I feel Thank you so much for sharing this incredible wealth of wisdom and knowledge and experience with us and for doing the work you do. And I'm so passionate about it. I have the book right here, which I'm going to show right now. It's so beautiful. I'm making my way through it. And congratulations again. Yeah, it's such an incredible wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Thank you so much. What is one intention prayer, you would like to leave with the audience,


Meghan Swidler  1:00:30

just to I think, like, just again, echoing what we just said, just to have trust and certainty that your body is its own healer. That's something I want to impart on to everyone. Because when you really can embody that, then you can allow for your body to heal itself. And I think that's a really important thing that I live by that I want to share with others.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:00:54

Thank you for that message cannot also agree more that that's like such a message that needs to be out in the world. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love I love our chats. I love chatting with you. And where can people find you wherever we find your book? And how to access you and your services? Yeah,


Meghan Swidler  1:01:13

yeah. And again, I mean, I can talk for hours. I'm like, I sometimes I'm like, has it been an hour. We are so grateful and honored that you had been on the pod and you can find me on social. So Instagram and LinkedIn, I'm very active. I know LinkedIn, people are like, well, you're active on LinkedIn, very active on LinkedIn. So I post a lot on both channels, just my name, Meghan Swidler. And both of those y'all even link through to my link tree, which has everything that you need from me. So again, both of my books are on Amazon will the second one isn't? 


Meghan Swidler  1:01:51

Yeah, but it is about to be. And so when you listen to this podcast, it will be on Amazon from deep within. And then from within is my first book that's more about gut health. And if you want to work with me, you can just reach out to me if you want to learn more, you can book a consultation with me through the link in my link tree. And you can find my website there and a bunch of other helpful links.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:02:11

Amazing. We'll link everything in the show notes as well. So people have quick access. And yeah, yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank


Meghan Swidler  1:02:20

you so so much. And yeah, I think the last thing is like I'm doing a lot more in person events and master classes. So there's going to be a masterclass coming up in LA in August at the one hotel. And I'll probably do another one in South Beach probably in New York in the fall. So stay tuned for some of those in person events because I think it's a really good way to like other P like minded people and just like learn a lot in a very short period of time. So stay tuned for those events as well. And yeah, thank you so much. It was such such a joy to be on the pod and I can again chat about happier


Tonya Papanikolov  1:02:55

and we will and we will continue to it's so important to me to have my my cleansing friends truthfully, like there's not It's not everybody that goes like that's like done a liver cleanse, you know. So I really appreciate you and our friendship and I love chatting with you too.


Meghan Swidler  1:03:14

Thanks so much. It was so fun.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:03:18

With deep gratitude. Thanks for tuning into this episode. If you liked it, hit subscribe and leave us a review that is always very appreciated. Mushrooms transformed my mind and body. And if you're interested in bringing medicinal mushrooms into your life and health journey, check out for our meticulously sourced Canadian fruiting body mushroom tinctures. Until next time, peace in and peace out friends



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