Water: Esoteric Wisdom, Science and Hydration Biohacking with Isabel Friend
Ep 18

Water: Esoteric Wisdom, Science and Hydration Biohacking with Isabel Friend

Water: Esoteric Wisdom, Science and Hydration Biohacking with Isabel Friend

Show Notes:

In this episode, I’m joined by Isabel Friend, Water Ambassador, International Speaker, and Founder of Water Is Life, an online store and directory of water-vitalizing tools and biohacking strategies for ultimate hydration. Our conversation offers a new understanding of ourselves in the universe as we dig into the science and spirituality of our drinking and biological water.

When we look at ancient vibratory, mental, and emotional practices such as yoga and breathwork, we can see that a lot of those are actually designed to help the biological water flow in very specific ways. There is an absolute correlation between our spiritual awareness, spiritual evolution, and the quality of our hydration.

Water, being the mother source, exists in many forms. As we awaken to the power of water, then humanity itself awakens. Water is the most ancient and wise living being in the universe and because of that, it's easy to get lost in the complexity of it. However, this conversation serves as a reminder that water loves you, wants a relationship with you, and loves to be approached not as scientific experimentation, but with playful curiosity. 

Listen in to hear Isabel’s six-step process of practical ways you can take the power of water and put it into practice in your consciousness, your awareness, and your lifeforce energy.

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Topics Covered:

  • The law of attraction with respect to water
  • The negative impacts of dehydration and the benefits of hydration
  • Water communicating over vast distances faster than the speed of light
  • How water is involved in creation stories and ancient cultures around the world
  • Increasing the hydrogen in your water and ensuring it is safer to drink
  • How to add light energy and light frequency in your water

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Show Transcript


Isabel Friend Episode

Tonya Papanikolov  00:04

Hi, welcome to The Rainbo Podcast. I'm your host, Tonya Papanikolov. Rainbo and I are on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi and expand the collective conscious. This podcast builds a virtual mycelial network of bold, open minded thinkers and seekers. I chat with experts thought leaders, healers, scientists, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, activists, and dreamers. These are stories of healing, human potential and expansion. Tune in root in expand and journey with us.

Tonya Papanikolov  00:43

Hi Friends, today we are doing a deep dive on water. And we're getting into the mysterious miraculous the esoteric, the healing and memory holding properties of water. And who better to do that with then Isabel friend, a water ambassador and somebody who I'm really inspired by and who I've been learning from, and is about is the founder of water is life an online store.

Tonya Papanikolov  01:15

She's an educator, a public speaker, she's a certified nutritionist, practices mystic dance and yoga and is a Reiki Master, and has really been on this path and exploring and researching water for over 10 years. And her her philosophy centers around this idea that the closer we come to nature, the healthier and more human we become. And contrast Lee when when we stray away from these foundational laws of life, we become ill feel disconnected from source, and she believes water is source. And we're gonna get into what that means and why she believes that in this episode, and she calls herself a research nerd and she's just constantly reading and researching and putting out really incredible education and online courses about water and bringing together modern scientific understanding and merging that with ancestral ancient wisdom in a way that grounds primal living strategies into our 21st century lifestyle.

Tonya Papanikolov  02:23

So today, we dive into Victor Schauberger, a huge, huge inspiration and grounding figure in force who has laid the foundation for a lot of our knowledge around water. We talk about understanding the sacred sentient and spiritual nature of water. And also we ground that with modern science, black holes and mind blowing current understandings of water in the universe. And she tells us about why she refers to water as source as mother as mirror. And how water has played this key role in religious and spiritual life since the dawn of time, from rituals and ceremonies around life and death, to creation stories across many creeds and civilizations and cultures. She tells us about why she doesn't believe in the Big Bang Theory. And that's a fun rabbit hole that we go down. We talk about dormant sleepy water versus kind of living water and the transdimensional properties of water. We talk about deuterium dark fluid theory, a lot of like really out there things. Don't worry if you don't know what any of that stuff is, we're going to learn about it. And we just really go through as well her six step process for bringing water back from a dormant state into a state of being alive through her six step process, forage filter, structure balance, energize, and free. And this is one of my favorite conversations. I have long known of the sacred properties of water and I've been fetching my own spring water from springs around Ontario for almost 10 years.

Tonya Papanikolov  04:15

And I got turned on to an incredible book, the hidden messages in water by Masaru Emoto classic, really incredible book that tells us all about how water holds a vibration and is responsive to frequency and to even words like loving words versus, you know, hateful words and destructive words and how that changes the crystallin structure of water. And so for many years I've written you know, love and just positive words on my vessels that carry my water. And I've just been so excited to do a deep dive into Isabel's world and her body of work and I know You're gonna love it. It is esoteric. It's very fascinating conversation. And she's offered us our rainbo listeners 10% off her online e courses. So you can use the code rainbo for 10% off that.

Tonya Papanikolov  05:15

And one quick thing I want to add before we dive in is with rainbo and our extracts since day one. I've always been adamant about using spring water to create our dual extract, tinctures. And this episode really solidifies and it feels good to get that sense of a reminder just personally like yes, this is why we create our products like this. This is reminding me of why I know and believe in the healing power of spring water and accessing water from the earth from the deep aquifers, and using that living water to create our products with as much integrity as we can. And yeah, it's just there's no other mushroom company to our knowledge that's doing that. And it's exciting. And yes, you ideally, you need to restore any water that has just been dormant and not moving. And so we can do that via various processes. But the spring water and our tinctures is just pretty epic. And I just want to toot our own horn a little bit before we jump into this episode because we honestly don't ever really talk about the fact that we use spring water and maybe we really should because it is a differentiator. And so just know deep down. This episode is a deep Ode to spring water to living water to the power of how this is us and how it heals us.

Tonya Papanikolov  06:41

Hi Isabel.

Isabel Friend  06:45

Hi, Tonya,

Tonya Papanikolov  06:46

Alo, thank you so much for coming on to the podcast and sharing your wisdom with us today. How are you today?

Isabel Friend  06:54

Well, thanks so much for having me on. It's really a pleasure to join you. And I'm doing well today I had a really yummy fascial yoga session this morning. So I'm feeling juicy and limber in my body. It's a good feeling. How are you?

Tonya Papanikolov  07:06

Oh, that's so nice. I'm actually battling a bit of a cold. I don't know if you can hear it in my voice. But oh, I'm sorry to hear that. That's okay. Yeah, it is.

Tonya Papanikolov  07:17

It is what it is.

Tonya Papanikolov  07:18

I sometimes like to just think of it as getting upgraded with a little bit of viral bacterial intelligence.


Yeah, your terrain absolutely knows what it's doing. Yeah,

Tonya Papanikolov  07:28

yeah, it's it's rare, because I do take a lot of mushrooms but you know, humaneness. But I love to start each episode with just kind of grounding into sharing something that we're grateful for today.


I am very, very grateful for chatting with you and meeting you today. And I'm very, very grateful for the yummy fascia yoga session that I had earlier this morning. And I'm very, very grateful for my little kitty cat who is looking at me across the room right now. It's a sweet, simple mornings. I'm just grateful for this sweetness of of the simplicity of life and all of the beauty and richness within it.

Tonya Papanikolov  08:10

It's beautiful. Thank you. I'm also grateful for having this conversation with you. I've been really, really looking forward to our conversation. And yeah, I think just vulnerable conversations. That's what I'm feeling grateful for. It's always like, you get kind of met with what you're putting out to some extent. And yeah, I think there's beauty in that authenticity and some bravery required sometimes.


That is very true. And it's very true, we get met with what we put out there. And one could say that that is because we are bodies of water living in a liquid universe and one of the primary roles of water is to be the reflector. She amplifies and reflects everything that she perceives. And so according to some water researchers like Dr. Carly New Day and others, the law of attraction, The Biology of Belief, the power of prayer, all of these work to reflect our energies and intentions back to us primarily because water is the ultimate reflector, and water is everywhere.

Tonya Papanikolov  09:21

Such a beautiful and profound way to understand some of those principles that I feel like many of us have probably heard about, like prayer intention, setting manifestation like, could that be, but and yet, it's not really spoken about that. Is that because of our water based nature and the ability to reflect just as you were speaking.


Yeah, I mean, our bodies are 70% water by volume. But molecularly speaking if you were to count all of the molecules in your body 999 out of 1000 of them 909 You're nine and a half out of 1000 of them. So 99.95% of the molecules in your body are water. So, you know, when you have a thought, it's electrical, when you have a feeling it's magnetic we are these electromagnetic beings that are always pulsing with these vibratory resonances. And water fundamentally is the conductor of all of those resonances. There's this dualistic aspect to really becoming more coherent as living prayers. I mean, that is kind of what we could strive to be more self actualized beings is to come into greater coherence so that our left and our right brains are both in synchrony. And we have that brainwave coherence so that our minds and our hearts are also in synchrony and in coherence, and their vibratory waves and that, in essence, structures, our bio water creates more structure and more coherence in our bio water. And then the reverse is also true when we have more structure and more coherence in our bio water, then there is also more coherence and synchrony within all of the vibrational waves and fields and frequencies of our bodies. And so that's why when you look at a lot of the ancient spiritual practices, you can see that that fundamentally there cohering the body water, even as they are creating more coherence in the brainwaves chanting a mantra, for years on end, doing the same budgets for years will create that very specific sacred geometry of the crystal and bio waters in your body.


And then that crystalline geometry becomes an actual fractal antenna that is both transmitting and receiving frequencies depending on its structure, depending on it's the sacred geometry of its of the shapes of those molecular clusters, which, when they are symmetrical, they become these beautiful clathrate hexagonal geometries of water clusters that actually function as memory cells, each of which has at minimum 440,000 panels on it to receive store and transmit energy, vibration, and frequency. And so when you immerse yourself in a lot of these practices, that's kind of what you're creating is that antenna that capacity for energy generation, energy amplification, energy storage. And in addition, you know, you look at some of the not just the, the vibratory practices, or the mental and emotional practices of some ancient spiritual lineages, but even the very physical physiological practices as well, you can see that a lot of those are actually designed to help the bio water flow in very specific ways.


Like, for example, when you practice yoga, and you pull the bundles when you're doing breath work well, your cerebral spinal fluid is piezo. electric in nature, as are many of the hydrological systems in your body. And so your cerebral spinal fluid, which is only one molecule different from seawater, can actually emit light all the time, it's this light filled fluid. And when you compress it in certain ways, because it's piezo, electric and any piezo electric crystal, when it's compressed, will generate electricity and generate light. So you're actually stimulating your cerebrospinal fluid in certain ways by doing certain practices. And you see it all throughout, you know, many different mystical traditions, many different practices, not just in yoga, but there's absolutely such a correlation between all of our spiritual awareness, our spiritual existence, our spiritual evolution, and the quality of our hydration.


In fact, Dr. Zack Bush said, You cannot have a spiritual awareness of your own nature, if you are dehydrated, you cannot have an experience of yourself as a spiritual being when you are dehydrated. And fundamentally, that's because all of our prana our mana our energy, our chi, and our consciousness, or our lifeforce energy and our fundamental awareness that are conducted by the various streams of water in our body. Wow. Yeah, it's

Tonya Papanikolov  14:01

incredible. It's interesting, because you know, in some of the ancient kind of teachings that I've been studying and practicing, some of my teachers have really, really just focused on mantra and frequency. And really, that it is like our own frequency that heals us, then you know, that we can come to a teacher for their ability to kind of like hold this stream as we sit from it or just be this lighthouse for us. It's ultimately about, you know, the human being activating and initiating themselves through frequency through voice through, you know, what do you think about that?

Tonya Papanikolov  14:39

Because that's ultimately, kind of what you were speaking to about the sacred geometry and perhaps how some of these mantras are, what they're creating in our bodies and maybe like speaking to, you know, is that shift really this cellular change that's happening through that?


I really think So and he had some really beautiful, he said that it's a matter of our own inherent frequency, our own inherent energy being that which is the most healing to ourselves. But a lot of times, we are discordant within ourselves. So every single different organ in your body has its own frequency has its own resonance, as well, the different cells in your body have their own frequencies.

Isabel Friend  15:26

So we're basically we're not just one note, we are a symphony of different components, each of which are playing their own different notes. And when all of those come together, that Symphony when it is in perfect harmony, and perfect coherence is our highest vibrational expression. What happens is we walk through the world and we have the experiences that we have and the traumas that we have and the memories and impressions that we have. And, and we're influenced by non native electromagnetic fields that throw our gap junctions into resonance at a different frequency or cause our breakdown of cell to cell signaling because of the cellular voltage across cell membranes being disabled in different ways or, you know, any of these, these stimuli that were around

Isabel Friend  16:14

And so that can cause some of the instruments to be kind of playing off key in a way. In fact, just dehydration itself will cause instruments to play off key, you know, one of the main facets of hydration is actually what is the mineral composition of your bio water. And that tells us you know, the electrolyte ratios, and fundamentally how much charge how much electrical capacity that bio water has, how much voltage it can capacitate, how strong is your vibrational resonance. So for example, you know, if you have more deuterium hydrogen in your bio water, rather than proteome, hydrogen in your bio water, then that's going to really inhibit your ability to play this beautiful symphony with all of your cells and coherence, because deuterium creates molecular crowding inside of the cells, which D structures the bio water and inhibits the production of ATP, which is what generates that charge and that energy by structuring the intracellular fluid and so those cells end up having a lower voltage, and then eventually, the lower the voltage, the cells are able to capacitate then those can eventually turn into growth tumors, cancer cells, they kind of become these like rogue, very independent self serving little organisms, when they are cut off from the symphony of the whole, when they start resonating out of harmony with the symphonic vibration of the entire body, then they just become really individualistic and self serving in nature.

Isabel Friend  17:45

And so the idea is to create what Dr. May want hos one of my favorite biophysicists, she coined the term quantum coherence, to describe the way that all of the water within our bodies is intimately connected to all of the other water in our bodies, and can communicate over vast distances faster than the speed of light. And so really, we tend to think of ourselves as being Yes, we are all of these separate parts and pieces. But when we are at our healthiest and our most coherent, we function fully all together as one being so that the cells in your pinky finger are equally in touch with and resonating in harmony playing a tune that is in synchronistic harmony with a cell that's in your ear, for example, that there's that instantaneous communication, because the water in your body is structured enough to channel that information really, really quickly.

Isabel Friend  18:41

And on to the structure is really, really the key to allowing that because structured water, or bio water or exclusion zone water or crystallin, water, whatever you want to call it has to do with the relationship of the hydrogen atoms. And so when those hydrogen atoms are really close together, and they're snuggled up and they're talking to one another, then they can talk over vast distances, as I said faster than the speed of light instantaneously, right? quantum coherence, quantum tells us that, that it has the capacity to go into this other dimension, like the speed of light is the fastest speed possible here in the third dimension. So if something travels faster than the speed of light, then it has to dip into another dimension in order to do so.

Isabel Friend  19:24

So there are many, many, many ways in which we know that water is transdimensional. And we can get into that more later if you want. But just but just for this example, like your hydrogen bonds have to be strong enough that they can communicate that information very, very, very quickly amongst one another. But if there's incoherence, say in bulk water, for example, those hydrogen bonds are forming and breaking apart billions of times per second. So there's no time for them to snuggle up and actually talk to one another. We know that for any relationship, any community, any system fundamentally to be healthy, there has to be good communication. throughout the system, and it's really the structure of water that facilitates that good communication, whether we're talking about a body or an ecosystem, or whatever it is.

Tonya Papanikolov  20:11

Wow, it's pretty mind blowing water is so incredible. So I want to chat through a few things. So this might be kind of a multi layered question. But I would love for you to tell us a bit about I know you speak to other as being the mother, the source, this mirror, and that we have cultures, ancient cultures, indigenous cultures around the world, religious religion, like so many people have. And cultures have really honored revered, had ceremonies, practices, life and death, just the creation stories. I was thinking the other day about, like, trying to imagine if our universe had a mother. And if I could fathom that, you know, and then I was like, Oh, well, I'm chatting with Isabel in a few days. I wonder what she would say about that. And so can you tell us a little bit about those pieces and aspects?

Isabel Friend  21:11

Yeah, this is such a beautiful question. And there are so many directions that we could go with it. Let's take it back to the origin stories of the ancient indigenous cultures. So I've looked at pretty much every creation story that I can get my hands on. And in every single one of them, water plays the central starring role in creation. And of course, there are many, many languages and many pantheons and many allegories and many stories to describe this. But I have yet to find a single creation story that doesn't either begin with water or with a water God or water goddess, creating everything. So in the Vedas, it says in the beginning, Narayana was floating on a vast, primeval ocean. And then after a few eons, he began to create the universe. And in all of the Native American, and Amazonian and Egyptian and Sumerian and you name it, it's always I've yet to find a single one that doesn't begin that way.

Isabel Friend  22:22

Even in our modern scientific creation myth. We say that in the beginning the earth there was no land on the earth. The first landmass was Pangea, that giant supercontinent. But before that, long before that, it was just a giant super ocean called Penta Lhasa. And then eventually, in the primordial soup of the ocean, the first life began to develop. And in the Christian creation myth, as well, it says, In the beginning, there was nothing and then God moved over the face of the water. So there was light before there was sound, before any of it, there was God and water, and that water had a face. And God was looking into the face of water, which is a mirror, as we know, right? The face of water is a mirror. So God was looking at his own reflection to create all creation, which it had said that, you know, we were created in His image. And so there were these two beings present at the beginning. And even if you look at the origin story of the universe, which I don't believe in the Big Bang, we can go into that in a little bit if you want.

Isabel Friend  23:24

But even if you're looking at kind of the Big Bang story, as they tell it, the first thing that they've been able to measure as being the first thing emanating from the source was some type of fluid in nature. And even now, when we measure okay, what is the substrate of everything that everything is made of? Right? It's super fluid in nature. So physicists measure the subatomic scale in terms of a super fluid, which is basically something that behaves like water that never runs out of energy. So once it's set into motion in a spiral, or in a whirlpool, it will always be in that Whirlpool, it doesn't suffer from entropy. So it's some kind of water at the subatomic level. Just about that. You're you're speaking to like, atoms or even smaller. Yeah, so subatomic, so atoms and smaller, okay, the smallest things we can measure. They're flowing in super fluid, and also the largest things that we can measure on the macro cosmic scale. Astrophysicist also measure the universe in terms of this fluid substrate.

Isabel Friend  24:30

That's why galaxies flow in whirlpools. That's just kind of the nature of the universe. And so there's the super fluid nature to everything, both physically and non physically. And I really love the description from the Kogi tribe of Columbia, who have one of the most beautifully intact water cosmologies of any indigenous culture alive today, and that their reverence for an understanding of water is profoundly beautiful. They say that, in the beginning, there was the mother of the universe whom they called a giant. They called her a luna. They called her a loon. And she was basically a giant, oceanic sea of energy. And this giant ocean of energy, the mother Aluna, then gave rise to everything else, we see something similar echoed and a lot of different traditions when when they talk about what could alternately be termed, as the ether, or the Akashic records or the quantum field or the kingdom of heaven, were basically that there is a reality that exists on the other side of the veil as this reality and is almost always described as being an ocean of consciousness that is coherent across all time, space and dimension.

Isabel Friend  25:53

And when you study the ether, you see it is fluid in nature, that it may in fact, be the super fluid. That is the Aluna that the cobia spoke about. That is the super fluid physicists speak about. And so is water, the mother of everything? Well, I think we have to expand our definition of water, to really understand her relationship as the mother of everything. Because if we, as we typically do think of water as just being solid, liquid or gas, then no, then she is the mother of everything on this earth. Absolutely. And she is the mother of all measurable phenomena in the cosmos, but the measurable universe is only 5% of reality, what human beings have the capacity to see to witness to measure that's 5% of the universe in total.

Isabel Friend  26:46

So let's look at that 5%. And then let's zoom out a little bit. So let's just talk about the body of water, which is what we can see what we can measure what is real to us, right, but just like us, just like we have a body, mind and spirit water also has a body, mind and spirit, right? So her body, being solid, liquid and gas exists all throughout the cosmos, and exists in these layered watersheds, these layered holographic dimensions within each other. So for example, each of your cells is 70% water by volume, your body is 70% water by volume, the Earth is 70% water on the surface of the earth. 70% of the condensed matter in the outer solar system is water. 70% of the measurable universe is hydrogen, which is Hydro means water and Jen means creator. So the creative essence the creative spirit of water is 70% of our measurable universe. We tend to think of space outer space as being empty. But actually, it's kind of like a waterpark. Honestly, it is amazing to see how much water is in our universe, like you know, we tend to think of the sun and stars as being made of fire. But actually they're born inside of these cloud complexes. These nebula that are incredibly water rich, like our Sun, it is said, was born from the Orion cloud complex, which contains enough water to fill the Earth's oceans 10 million times. And water is not just a bystander in that process. Water is the mother and the midwife giving birth to stars. And then even within our son in the dark Umbra or the sunspots, there's tons and tons and tons of water in the form of a amorphous ice, super ionic or a amorphous ice.

Isabel Friend  28:40

And then, if you look at the lifecycle of stars, one of my favorite things I've ever read in astronomy was when the astronomers described a certain phase in the lifecycle of stars as being a rite of passage. So when stars are young, they go through this particular rite of passage, where they're basically ejaculating millions and millions and millions of tons of water from their North Pole and their South Pole, or inseminating the space around them with the water that will then go on to seed other stars inside of those nebula. So water is everywhere. Even our solar system is inside of the Oort cloud, which is basically a gaseous cloud of water vapor. Water exists in so many forms, it's absolutely mind boggling. Water exists for example, as to a super ionic a amorphous ice in deep space, which burns at 1000s of degrees even though it is ice. You know, we talk about hexagonal water here on Earth, because that's the form that it likes to take here. Hexagonal and pentagonal actually, depending on where it is and how you're measuring it and that sort of thing. But in space, there are more than 18 different configurations of water like around quasars for example, you find cubic structured water

Isabel Friend  29:59

So, water is the most versatile thing and defies all of the laws of physics in order to create and sustain life in order to be the one thing through which life force and consciousness itself can incarnate. It defies our understanding of reality, and it is everywhere and it gives birth to everything we already said it gave birth to stars in the universe, we It also gives birth to again, it gave birth to the ocean, or sorry to land. So when the first land masses arose on the earth, they arose from Pantha Lhasa, the giant super ocean. At that point in time, there was no atmosphere, there was no oxygen. So even what we consider to be air was actually born of the ocean born of the water, it was Pantha Lhasa that gave rise to oxygen. And even now 70% of the oxygen on Earth is created by the ocean by the algae in the ocean. So yes, it physically speaking, everything comes from water. But I have a feeling that your question wasn't just physically speaking, but also kind of more on that spiritual level. So let's go back to our understanding of the ether and of Aluna, and of the quantum field and of the super fluid nature of all things. And to do that, we want to zoom out to not just the visible universe, which again, is only 5% of reality, but also the invisible universe, what physicists called dark matter and dark energy. So 95% of our entire universe is dark matter and dark energy. Well, there is a new theory in physics and cosmology called the Dark fluid theory, which states that because dark matter and dark energy behave more like wavy fluids than like solid particles or anything else, that fundamentally dark matter and dark energy are both together the same two forms of the same thing, which is dark fluid. No, it's only called dark because we can't measure it. But this fluid pervades the entire universe.

Isabel Friend  31:56

And so I think of dark matter and dark energy as being like, Okay, well, they're both a fluid, they're both like water. It's just like the difference between saltwater and freshwater. They're the same, same but different, right? So what is this fluid then? Well, there are some astronomers who say, or some astrophysicist, rather, who say that this super fluid, this dark fluid, rather, is made out of sanctioned teeny, teeny, tiny, subatomic black holes, each of which open up into tiny baby universes inside of them. There are other biophysics or astrophysicists who say that actually, dark matter is a certain type of hydrogen and non measurable form of hydrogen. So most hydrogen in the visible universe, we can measure at the 21 centimeter line. So it's measurable. That's how we know that 75% of our universe or visible Universe is hydrogen, because we can measure that. But there are other forms of hydrogen, like a state hydrogen and ionic hydrogen that can't be measured.

Isabel Friend  33:07

And so it's possible that dark matter and dark energy are made of this unique type of hydrogen. Again, Hydro means water and Jen means creation. So it is the creative essence, the creative spirit of water that potentially pervades 95% of the universe in its non measurable form. And another 4% of the universe and its measurable form, therefore is 99% of the universe, this watery liquid hydrogen kind of substance. And the reason why I mentioned that thing about black holes being one of the theories is that these theories are actually not competitive in nature, even though they came from very different avenues of research. Because when you start to understand the spirit of water as hydrogen, then, you know, you have to ask yourself, Okay, well, what is hydrogen, okay? It's the spirit of water. It's what makes water more hydrating. It's what our body is used to generate hydroelectric energy, which we could call prana, we could call chi it's our voltage is generated through these hydrogen processes like ATP synthase, etc. We know that the springs around the world that have the highest levels of hydrogen are not only the most healing miracle springs like Lourdes, France, etc, but also where saints and sages are often cited where Mother Mary or Christ or different gods from different pantheons depending on where the spring is located.

Isabel Friend  34:35

They're always sited around springs that have higher levels of hydrogen. So what is this substance that potentially makes up 99% of the universe as the spirit of water? Well, the best understanding that we currently have for what hydrogen is, well, if it's proteome hydrogen and deuterium, hydrogen is something else that I think has vast implications for consciousness. If you want to talk about that in a little bit. I think it's really interest Then we'll just talk about the main form of hydrogen for now, which is the most common form. It's the most beneficial form. It's called protium. Hydrogen, it is just one proton and one electron. So that electron is often dancing around, flitting around doing its own thing. And so for pico seconds at a time, you're left with just one raw, bare naked proton.

Isabel Friend  35:21

Our only understanding for what a proton is, is a black hole. It's a 64, tetrahedron black hole, that is constantly opening up into the heart of God into into the nature of source of consciousness, that point of unity and oneness itself. And so your bio water being mostly hydrogen is always opening up these incredible black holes. And out in deep space, well, what is ionic hydrogen? If not a proteome that is missing an electron, which is which would be basically tons of black holes in the super fluid space all throughout the universe? And so could it be that hydrogen is the spirit of water, that the ether or the source point energy, or the quantum field into which all of these black holes are opening portals into could be the mind of water? And that the body of water itself is the various forms of measurable water that we have here in this visible reality? And that fundamentally, is water, the source of everything? Is it the mother of everything?

Isabel Friend  36:34

I think, if we have this expanded definition of what water is, yes, I think it's very fair to say that, but we have to, we really need a new definition of water. Because if I say, hey, Tonya, I'm not talking about your body, I'm talking about your mind and your spirit and all of you and I want to have a conversation with your, with your personality and with your spirit. Right. And yet, so often, when we talk about water, we're just talking about her body. Now, the healthier water is, the more she has access to her spirit and her mind as well to Dark Matter dark energy to the quantum field to this capacity to communicate trans dimensionally. And I feel that that's one of our primary roles as bodies of water, as children of this great mother is to ennoble water back into her capacity to do these these incredible things that we need and that Nature needs.

Tonya Papanikolov  37:27

Mind blowing, I had my like, head in my hands, and I started to tear up,

Tonya Papanikolov  37:33

I was like, Oh, you're activating my body of water?

Tonya Papanikolov  37:38

Yeah, it's almost like I just I have no words. When I hear that, it's just remarkable. I wanted to touch on two things that you mentioned. I guess, just really quickly, I don't want to go down to to, like, deep of attention on it. But I just do want to touch on, I'm not super well versed in physics, per se. But just so that maybe we can like have a bit of a visual representation, or try to wrap our heads around what you mean, when you say, this unknowable 95% of the universe that is dark and fluid and all of these things. You know, where is that on Earth? And if we're out in, in outer space, is that, you know, are these black holes? Are they what, like, how and why? What makes them immeasurable? And like, how can we wrap our heads around really thinking about that?

Isabel Friend  38:33

Yeah, I would invite people to not try to wrap your left brain around. But really dig into it with your right brain and just kind of sit with this, this perception of this vast cosmic ocean in which all things are floating. And yes, there's absolutely dark matter and dark energy and antimatter here on Earth. And it's kind of like these black holes that we're talking about. They're not like the giant quasar, black holes that are absolutely measurable that we can see in our in our galaxy, right. I mean, I think a lot of astronomy in general is I mean, if I'm being honest, I think NASA is just a money laundering organization.

Isabel Friend  39:14

I think that most astronomers have the unfortunate tendency to fit every new finding into past models, and therefore be very blinded to new perception. So I tend to not really look at the past models, but rather look at the findings themselves and then say, How did these findings actually fit in with ancient wisdom with indigenous teachings with mystic school traditions with religious scripture with with what we know to be spiritual truth, and then they start actually really speaking the same language? Because science and spirit are not opposed at all. They're just different ways of describing experience different ways of describing reality, but they do speak the same language.

Isabel Friend  39:59

So So these black holes that we're talking about are not gigantic, but they're inside you all the time. They're inside every bit of water they're inside. Anywhere that there is hydrogen as long as it's not deuterium hydrogen, it has the potential to be opening just for a picosecond at a time just just instantaneously, these little black holes that are wormholes into other dimensions or are portals into the source of oneness. And, you know, as we were talking about in the beginning of the episode, that water has the capacity to be that portal of manifestation or that portal of prayer. It's because it's possibly, at least partially because of this capacity of the hydrogen within it to open these black holes that it is communicating trans dimensionally that it is opening up this ability for the water right here right now in your glass, to communicate through a hydrogen wormhole, all the way to the other side of the universe all the way to the water that is pouring out of a giant black hole right now, you know, it's been said, it's been discovered that water is actually the only thing that can escape from black holes, or the water that is inside of the sun right now that there's this quantum entanglement of all water everywhere.

Isabel Friend  41:18

And that's kind of what is the thing that weaves us into the fabric of reality as part of this living unity of consciousness in this living unity of existence. Is this pervasive ever present? Super fluid energy that sometimes oxidizes and manifests as the liquid form of water, which gives birth to all life forms in the 3d world? But even when it's not incarnated in its 3d form by oxidizing it still exists as the superfluid oceanic energy of consciousness and latent lifeforce potential.

Tonya Papanikolov  41:58

Thank you that that really landed. Thank you. Can you tell us you were like let's, you know, maybe we could get into deuterium, and its relationship to consciousness. I would love to hear what you mean by that.

Isabel Friend  42:12

Yeah. So deuterium is? I think one of the most interesting and promising fields of science right now due to nomics. It's called the study of deuterium is called Duda nomics. And not only for its implications in what we're talking about in terms of consciousness and the nature of reality, and evolution and all of that, but also, you know, much more pragmatically in terms of medicine and science and health. So we talked about protium. Hydrogen is the main form of hydrogen, but there are different isotopes of hydrogen. And you can think of them like siblings. So there's tritium, which is very rare, very radioactive proteome, which is the main one the healthy one, and then deuterium. So whereas protium is just one proton, and one electron deuterium is a proton, a neutron and an electron.

Isabel Friend  43:08

So it has a proton and a neutron connected together in the nucleus. And just as a side note, I don't really believe in like particles as such, I think they're more like densification of vortexing energy, but just for the purpose of our discussion, to keep it simple, we're going to talk about things in terms of particles. But if there's anybody listening right now who's like, I'm not part of the cult of bumping particles, I feel you, I'm with you on that. And we're just going to use the semantics because it's easier to kind of share what's happening fundamentally even though they are all waves, right? It's all energy and not intensified particulate matter, but Okay, so the deuterium is twice as big. It's heavier, we call it heavy hydrogen, water that has more deuterium in it, we'd call that heavy water, whereas water that has more proteome in it, we call that light water, because it is fundamentally just lighter. 

Isabel Friend  44:02

So because that black hole is one naked proton, that can only happen with proteome hydrogen with deuterium, hydrogen, because there's a neutron that's glommed onto that proton. Even if the electron dances away, that proton is stuck to that neutron, it cannot open that 64 tetrahedron black hole. So it is heavier, it is denser. It has been increasing on our planet for the past few 1000 years, since around the time that Kali Yuga began. And we know that Kali Yuga in the Vedic tradition is basically a densification of consciousness. And so there's this densification of the spirit of water which we as bodies of water, you know, our spirits are intimately connected if not reflected, if not existence entirely within that, right?

Isabel Friend  45:03

So our access to the infinite source of information. This Akashic field that protium hydrogen is always in contact with is significantly diminished if we have a lot more deuterium in our bodies not only spiritually in in the terms in terms of, of consciousness and our level of intuition and our capacity for prayer and instantaneous manifestation and all of this CD's that all of the ancient Yogi's were capable of which I believe to be our birthright as human beings. I think we're all capable of that. But we become significantly less capable nor follow deuterium hydrogen and the more deuterium hydrogen is in our bodies, it's been associated with all forms of disease. So whether you're talking about diabetes or AIDS or cancer, you're gonna find more due to even depression, even anxiety, you know, even mental health issues, there is significantly more deuterium, in people's bio water, when they are out of balance when they have less you know, symphonic harmony with the with the vibrations that their bio waters is trying to play. And so deuterium depleted water, or what we call light water, which has high protein, low deuterium, is so enormously healing and beneficial, that we find the places in the world where people are drinking the lowest deuterium water, they have the longest lifespans. And in fact, now that we've kind of discovered how to create deuterium depleted water in laboratories, it has been approved as a cancer medication. In some places, just water alone, the cancer medication

Isabel Friend  46:39

Now currently, it's only in I think, somewhere in Eastern Europe, I think Hungary, and currently only has a veterinary medication, although it is often used off label by human doctors, of course, and you can go to the Center for deuterium depletion online, you can get your natural deuterium levels measured, and they can basically prescribe you a protocol, you know, if you know anybody who is seriously suffering with some kind of imbalance in their health or in their life, I would strongly recommend it, it is very expensive, you got to think of it more like okay, I'm buying a therapy rather than I'm buying water. But this, you know, ostensibly, is the water that that we should be drinking or that we would have had access to before Kali Yuga began, as deuterium levels started increasing. And of course, they've just been increasing exponentially since the Industrial Revolution, you know, now it's really it's really out of control. Tap water, I think has about like 145 parts per million on average.

Isabel Friend  47:36

So it's yeah, there are a lot of ways to deplete your own deuterium endogenously, as well as certain lifestyle and dietary protocols that can Well, it's called duplication when you deplete your deuterium. So there are duplication protocols that you can do as well. But I think it's really interesting, just in terms of waters capacity to communicate trance dimensionally because when you look at the, all of the mystical teachings about water, and again, every religion has different ways of interacting with holy water, they all have slightly different but often very, very similar rituals and ceremonies with holy water, whether it's different kinds of ablutions or baptisms, or tarping, are these different religious practices, or you're looking at the indigenous water rituals across the board?

Isabel Friend  48:27

The main theme uniting all of them is that they see water as the mediary between the human and the heavenly they see water as this point of communication between the manifest and the non manifest. It's basically like a telephone, or you can call that which has not yet come into being you can call the Akashic field you can call the etheric field you can call the kingdom of heaven, you can call God you can get in touch with angels. Actually, if you want to talk a bit about why aren't angels? I think that's an interesting topic, too. We can go down with love. But yeah, just to just to kind of finish this rabbit trail, you know, water is capacity to do that is in direct proportion to the isotopic state of the hydrogen. In other words, what kind of hydrogen it is, and then also the connection between those hydrogens and other words, what are their relationships, you know, how well can they communicate? What kinds of communications can they have? And that is fundamentally coherence, in essence, and then also, you know, so we have coherence. And then we have spectrum. So there's a difference between water that is just structured versus water that is structured and energized. So then how much light does that water actually contain?

Tonya Papanikolov  49:39

Is there anything you specifically do? I know, you know, we have the six step process that I would love to touch on in a moment, but is there anything you really specifically do to ensure that your water, you know, doesn't have high levels of deuterium? Or do you think that through the six steps, actually going to the source Getting spring water getting water that's alive and, you know, sentient. Does that ensure that it wouldn't have some of that in there? Or is there anything that you do specifically beyond the six steps?

Isabel Friend  50:12

Yeah, so the six steps are not a deuterium depletion protocol, unfortunately, because that does take really advanced lab equipment to do if you're getting spring water if you're harvesting raw wild natural water, chances are it's already very, very low in deuterium. So you know, it's it tends to be a bit higher in deuterium closer towards the equator closer towards the tropics and lower in deuterium, the closer you are to the polls, it tends to be higher in deuterium at lower elevations and less deuterium at higher elevation. So if you're harvesting from a mountain spring, you're gonna have less deuterium than if you're harvesting from a valley spring.

Isabel Friend  50:49

So generally, spring water has vastly less than something like tap water, for example, would have more now you can do my six step process to bring water back to its spring quality state on any water, bottled water, reverse osmosis Well, water, tap water, etc. But that isn't a deuterium depletion protocol. The best approximation of that, that I have within the six steps is when the balance step. So in the balance step, and as you said, well, we'll get more into the steps later if you want to talk about that. But suffice it to say one of the things in the balance step is to make sure that water is breathing properly that she has enough you know, dissolved gases within her. And part of that is increasing the amount of protium hydrogen, so it doesn't fundamentally decrease the amount of deuterium hydrogen. But it does, if you do it properly increased the amount of proteome hydrogen. So there's that, although I'm very, very excited, because a brilliant scientist and newly a friend of mine named iron Mitchell has been it is not released to the public yet, but it will be soon. Deuterium depleted water, which I think is I forget if it's I think his is around 50 Something parts per million, which is extremely low.

Isabel Friend  52:04

And he's found a way to do this. So in a much more streamlined and kind of accessible way so that you will be able to actually sell that water for as much as normal bottled water. So currently, if you get light water of any kind, it's it's pretty expensive. It's definitely an investment. I think it's one of the most worthy investments you can make in your health, but it's definitely an investment and pretty soon we'll have something on the market that is very attainable. So cheers to iron Mitchell. Wow.

Tonya Papanikolov  52:35

Yeah, I'm so excited to hear about that. Okay, let's back up to angels, the water I would love to hear.

Isabel Friend  52:45

Okay, beautiful. So, there was a book that was co authored by Rupert Sheldrake called the physics of angels. And in that he talked about all of the ancient scriptural teachings about what angels are what it says about angels throughout all of the scriptures that they are not localized, that they are where they need to be when they need to be, but otherwise are not measurable in time and space, that they are messengers that their primary role is to be a messenger of God, and that they are these brilliantly flaming, bright, radiatively light beings, and that they they're often described as having wings and eyes. And so they are conscious, they are witnessing by having eyes, and that they are very mobile by having all of these wings, right. So those are the most common kind of themes and the description of angels throughout all scriptures.

Isabel Friend  53:50

And there are others, but those are the main ones. And then he goes into the description that physicists have for what is a photon? What is a photon? What is a light particle? Well, it's a brilliantly bright particle of light. It is non localized in time space, in dimension, meaning it is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Light is information. And so it is a messenger of energy and information. Right? So he goes throughout the whole book, he's basically comparing all the scriptural teachings of angels in that physics understanding of photons and saying they're the same thing. This is what this is what the ancients were describing the angels are photons. And photons are a type of bows on and I bows on is like the interface of the physical world, and the quantum field, right?

Isabel Friend  54:47

And so they're also considered light particles, which again, we can get into the definition on particle, but basically, for now, we can call them light particles. And so what's their relationship with water? Well, for Every one part matter inside of a water molecule, that would be the hydrogen and the oxygen. So the hydrogen and the oxygen one part matter, 1 trillion parts, photons, a trillion parts light energy to one part matter inside every molecule of water. Now, that is a mathematical estimation, there's no way to actually measure the amount of photons in water, but that's what physicists currently think. So basically, yeah, water contains all of this light energy and information contains angels basically. And if you look at the Essien stories about water, the Essenes called water and Angel, you know, suffer the angel of water to unfold my body within and without and one of the Essien prayers. And so waters relationship to light is really beautiful, because water has the capacity to contain the full spectrum of light.

Isabel Friend  55:56

And what we see is that, you know, most of the water that people drink or come into contact with is almost no light frequencies over the night, right, like maybe it was artificially pumped up from an aquifer, you know, by a drilled borehole, where it was not exposed to light. And then maybe it sat in plastic on the back of a delivery truck in the middle of the broad daylight, sun and heat where it was just baking, and then maybe went on to a store shelf in a bottle where it's only exposed to the fluorescent lighting of the grocery store. Like that's not a full spectrum of light right there. In nature, water would be exposed to the sun throughout its entire spectrum, UVA, UVB all of the timing. So the water would learn the circadian rhythms of the timing of that local ecosystem, which is very important for our bodies of water to have balanced circadian rhythms based on timing. And it's our body or our body water that actually translates that light into the circadian rhythm of our timing. And then also the water would be exposed to moonlight. Throughout all of its phases of its cycle, the water would be exposed to starlight, which is very important to having those frequencies of starlight.

Isabel Friend  57:10

And so when water doesn't have that it's trying to paint a masterpiece with only just a couple of colors on its palette. Right? If you're trying to paint the Sistine Chapel, but all you had was bright red and neon green, it would be really hard to do. Well, water is trying to paint the Sistine Chapel in your perfect bio water vessel and a nature in ecosystems and it needs a full palette of colors with which to do that. And there's some really pioneering work being done in the laboratory of Dr. Fritz Albert Popp who was a Nobel Prize winner who was studying bio photonic radiation or the the radiation of photons from living organisms, including water, you can look at a water drop and see its bio photonic radiation using gas discharge visualization cameras and other things like that. And basically, Pop's laboratory was inherited by Dom Santika, who's an amazing scientist his team is doing incredibly pioneering work in they're finding that when water does contain the entire spectrum of light frequencies, that it has incredible, incredibly therapeutic capacities, or rather, it wakes up your body's own capacities to heal itself, and really incredible ways because it just gives your body the palette of colors that it needs to paint with, right.

Isabel Friend  58:23

So, for example, if you have a highly depleted microbiome, it can restore your microbiome diversity, it can massively up regulate your ATP production. And again, like we discussed earlier, ATP is fundamentally what structures your intracellular fluid and thereby gives your cell more voltage or more energy. What else it also can create brainwave coherence and the left and right hemispheres of your brain shortly after drinking it. So there's just this cascade of health benefits that happen oh, it can, it can actually slow your rate of aging. So they did a test called the glycan age test that determined that 99% of participants in the study their average biological age, as opposed to chronological age, we all age chronologically at the same rate, but biologically age at different rates. So it basically reversed didn't just slow but actually reverse their biological aging by one to 12 years, using this glycan age analysis. So bringing light back to our bodies is absolutely paramount. But it is water that does that water is the translator of light energy, it's been said that light is just information that needs to be brought in by the right water. Right. And so one of the capacities of any kind of crystal and especially crystal and water, is transduction. So transduction is where you take one type of energy and you turn it into another type of energy.

Isabel Friend  59:54

So crystals can do this. Like for example, you know, right now you might be looking at a liquid crystal display. On your screen, and that is a type of crystal liquid just like crystal and water is and it is able to trends do so it was actually developed by you just kind of a side note, your LCD screen was developed by Dr. Marcel Vogel, who was this incredible IBM scientist. And then when he started learning about liquid crystals and water, he basically quit IBM, after he had invented all the most incredible things like your LCD screen, all these amazing things he invented that we take everyday for granted. I feel like his name should be household name. And then he switched his whole career to studying water and structured water. So

Tonya Papanikolov  1:00:37

yeah, anyway, sounds doctor. That name sounds so familiar. I'm not sure why. But

Isabel Friend  1:00:42

yeah, yeah, he developed the vocal crystal as well, that might be where you've heard of it. Okay, so your LCD screen transduces energy by taking the electrical signals coming into your laptop or your phone and translating them into light and color. So transduction is taking one type of energy and turning it into something else. So water is able to do this with light by taking light of the electromagnetic signals of the spectrum of light frequencies and turning them into biological information for growth for evolution. And so this is one of waters primary roles. Her Dharma part of her purpose, part of her responsibility in this world, is to weave us into the cosmic dance to weave us into the choreography of all of the stars and the planets and the light frequencies and the sound frequencies that they are always emitting, and making us a part of that cosmic damps. Right. But when we cut water off, when we cut our drinking water off from nature and the frequencies it would receive in nature, and we cut our bio water off from nature and the frequencies that would receive in nature, we basically create this massive separation between ourselves and the dance of the cosmos. And that's how we start to fall out of harmony out of sync, we start to, and we start resonating in vibrational synchrony with this greater symphonic musical orchestration that is being played by all of the light in the sound in the universe.

Isabel Friend  1:02:16

Well, if you look at another definition of angels or some other scriptures rather about what angels do and what they are, it said that they are always playing music, and said that they are always singing the praises of God and that that's basically what this the universe that we live in is it's this like giant symphonic glory, this this giant singing of praise to God. And when we are made of water that is vibrating in harmony with that, because it has access to that full spectrum, we to become these devotional creatures that are like a hollow read right that from which the pith of self has been blown so that like a straw water can or God can suck out the Holy Spirit through us like water right or like hollow bone as they say in indigenous traditions hollow bone What do you do with hollow bone you stuck water through it water has the spirit. Water has that energy water is that angelic presence. So there are some very practical ways that people can take this very esoteric information and put it into practice in their lives. If you want to increase the hydrogen content in your water for example, I would absolutely recommend not doing something like kangen water or alkaline ionized water I know that's a fat I know that's a trend I know everybody's into it right now. It is just savvy marketing. That's it. I have a lot of content about this to kind of describe more of it.

Isabel Friend  1:03:46

So I'm not gonna go into detail of it right now. Basically it electrocutes or electrolyzers. The water separates the structure in order to free the spirit which is the hydrogen so yes, it is higher in hydrogen, but it ultimately traumatizes the water. So there are better ways to get hydrogen like for example, I really love the Lord's hydro fix you can find that at waters Life dot shop or the spring Aqua wet seven you can also find that at waters Life dot shop. So there those are my two best ways of getting hydrogen into the water and then to get more light energy and light frequency into the water. You can do it the beautifully old school way of setting your water out in the moonlight throughout all of the cycles of the moon. Or you can set your water out in sunlight during sunrise or sunset I don't recommend during midday or you can create So lay solution and put that out during midday and then put a little bit of the solar solution into your water and you still get those solar frequencies on the water. Or if you just want the super domesticated really convenient version I would recommend getting something like an analemma one. So again that's also it Water is life dot shot. The dilemma one has been matured over the course of an entire year. They mature and more masculine water and a more feminine water separately. We can talk about what that means if you want and And they merge them together alchemically inside of this quartz crystal wand, and through the properties of epitaxy, or transference that information inside of the one, the full spectrum of light frequencies is given to your drinking water as well. So that that water inside of the one has been exposed to, again, all of the cycles all of the seasons. And all of this shifts in moonlight the shifts and Starlight the shifts in sunlight. So it contains all of those frequencies that you need in your water.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:05:28

Hmm, yeah, I just got one of those from your shop and I've been I've been using it and loving it. And yeah, kind of kind of just diving, diving in really trying to understand like, it's it's incredible. I mean, I've been giving it to my partner and he's like, it tastes of silky. You know, I'm like spring words to my water before I drink it now. But I, you know, I guess you had you just mentioned a few different systems or, you know, I looked up the Lord's hydro fix on your site, just as you were speaking, what is I guess just practically for people who want to get started? Where is it? Good entry point. And if somebody's getting spring water, do they still need the Lord's hydro fix? Or, you know, what, what's kind of in in your, in your worlds? What what's what's the best case scenario for you? Is that just is it pure spring water? Do you prefer to use one of these kind of water machines?

Isabel Friend  1:06:26

Yeah, that's a really good question. So everyone has a different starting point and a different point of entry depending on their lifestyle, depending on their budget, depending on their proximity to a spring and depending on what kind of water they're starting with. If they're starting with tap or bottled or well water have different recommendations for each of those. But fundamentally, they all follow this kind of six step process that I teach in my navigating the waters ecourse. But more specifically, to your question if someone is already starting with spring water, okay, so I think of there as being broadly three different categories of water. There is the water that most people drink, which is dehydrating. I know it sounds counterintuitive, that water can be dehydrating, but if you actually look at it, reverse osmosis and distilled water are aggressive solvents. They leach minerals from your body over time, which over time is dehydrating. They lead to things like diuresis and heart disease, they take far more energy for your body to convert them into structured bio water than your body actually receives from the water in hydration or hydro electricity, or things like tap water. So tap water is also dehydrating. Also partially because it's unstructured, and takes more energy for your body to convert, but also because it has things like you know, chemicals that just drain your body you know, as it chlorine, which is a biocide, it creates a mini genocide inside your microbiome every time you drink it on your microbiome is a big part of your hydration strategy. Right. So there's the dehydrating waters, which is what most people drink. Then the second category is water that will hydrate you.

Isabel Friend  1:07:59

And that would be something like local spring water, your average local spring. Springs are magical springs are amazing. That is the bare minimum we should be doing for ourselves, right? That is what our biology is designed for. And so I strongly recommend people go forage at their local springs. But in cases where that's absolutely inaccessible, that's what I teach the six steps for the six steps is to bring any kind of water back to a spring quality state, that is water that will hydrate you. It has enough structure to hydrate you. It has enough electrolytes to hydrate you, it has enough aeration to hydrate you. All of these different factors of the six steps, right? So mostly in my work, I'm just kind of trying to get people to that, to just do that bare minimum of like, because even that alone makes the biggest difference in people's lives. Like I can even tell you the best part of my whole job as a nerd as a professional nerd is just hearing people's success stories and hearing the incredible just to how they feel how not only physically and the things that heal physically when they get truly hydrated but also emotionally and relationally and spiritually I mean it's beautiful. But then you know after I've been I do one on one work with with clients as well if somebody wants to book a one on one consultation for their hydration strategy like just you know, based on who I am my budget my family like show me how to get started if I've been working with someone for a while then we'll take them up to that third level of water which is how can we take our water and make it more like the spring water at Lourdes France at Bernadette's grotto or the water into Lakota, Mexico or the water in a Donna India these different miracle healing springs where pilgrims will travel for 1000s of miles to drink this water because it is so incredibly therapeutic.

Isabel Friend  1:09:55

And so I think of that as being a completely different echelon of water. And there are some Um, specific qualities to that water. And I would say that's mostly what we've been talking about on this episode. So far, sorry, it's not entirely practical for people. But we've been talking about deuterium depletion, we've been talking about enriching the water with high therapeutic doses of dissolved molecular hydrogen. That's a huge part of it. You know, there are some other things as well, like, you know, different aspects of energizing the water in different ways and stuff like that. So that's really kind of like the upper echelon of you know, the first category is water that dehydrates you. The second category is water that hydrates you.

Isabel Friend  1:10:34

And then the third category is water that imparts life, water that revives and re vivifies and enlivens you and makes you more intelligent and more present and more empathetic. Because you're in direct communication with your Source, energy and just a fuller way in every cell of your being right. It's like this. There's constant. Yeah, I mean, it's subtle, but it's absolutely profound. Because it just, it's just easier to be yourself. And if that makes sense, like, like, the things you hear most often are like, oh, you know, I just feel like my intuition is so much stronger now. Like, I just kind of know what to do, or, or, you know, my prayer life has gotten so much deeper. Like, I just feel like I have this much more beautiful communion with God, or, you know, and express is different in different people's lives in different ways. But, you know, for me, it went, it's like going from like, oh, yeah, I should meditate today. Oh, yeah, I should do yoga today. Oh, yeah. I should, you know, whatever, to like, oh, man, you know, I feel so good. Right now. I'm totally gonna meditate right now, though, feel amazing. I really just want it stretch me put on some juicy music, and just get into a good flow session.

Isabel Friend  1:11:44

And it like, it just lubricates everything about being in that vibration of your fullest self. And it just makes it so much easier to Yeah, just just lubricate everything. And then yeah, and then you do start getting like downloads as well, like, the whole last course that I created started when I started drinking water that was a lot more enriched with molecular hydrogen than than the water I was drinking before. And the whole course just, like, downloaded straight from spirit. And, you know, I'm not saying it was directly or only because of that, but you know, you start to see these patterns, you start to see these correlation.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:12:21

Yeah, that's, that is so incredible. Okay, and so I guess, yeah, I want to direct you know, if people want to get started with the six step process, you have your ebook, which takes people through those steps forage filter, structure, balance, energize and free, is that a body and body okay, is embody the sixth seventh, I guess it's

Isabel Friend  1:12:44

the seventh establish seventh. Well, the embody is more about your bio water, whereas the others are more about your drinking water. So I guess it's fair to say that it's a separate, separate step, but kind of part of the steps.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:12:56

Beautiful, okay. And so that's, that's going to be the best place for for

Isabel Friend  1:13:01

you. So people can find that it's an ecourse, called navigating the waters and it's at Water is life dot Academy. Or people can just book a one on one session with me. And that's also at Water is life dot Academy. So if people are interested in drinking water, that's a navigating the waters ecourse if people are interested in the biology of your bio water, and all of the anatomy and the physiology and the hydro biophysics of all of it, that course is called internal oceans. That's really a professional level training for healthcare providers. But if you're more just kind of like interested in it, and generally and you don't need to go super heavy, then I have a simpler version of that. That's a mini course it's called aquatic body. And then if you are interested in more the esoteric and spiritual and mystical and scriptural and indigenous and manifestation all and prayerful and all of those sides of it, then I have a course called the spirit of water. So all of those are at waters lifetime Academy.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:14:07

I'll be sure to link to those. And I'm gonna I think I'm going to take them all i Yeah, I want to dive into this so much, so much more.

Isabel Friend  1:14:16

Well, I would be happy to offer a 10% discount to any of your listeners and to you as well. Of course, if you want to take the the courses. I can set up a code it could be rainbo with no W.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:14:29

Yep, that'd be perfect. Actually, yeah, that'd be so awesome. I'd love to offer that to our community. Thank you so much is about this is so powerful. I feel like it just shatters perspectives and offers such an incredible new understanding of reality and ourselves in the universe. So thank you so much for for all that you do.

Isabel Friend  1:14:57

Thank you so much for providing The space to share and thank you for inviting me on, it's been an honor to come and geek out with you a little bit. And I'm always every day, I just feel so delighted to get to do what I love and to be able to have conversations with people like you who really get it. And it's like, yeah, we have such kindred spirits all over the world. And as we awaken to the power of water, and as we awaken water itself, from its comatose state, then humanity itself awakened. So I feel like this is, you know, this is what we came here for. So thank you again for bringing me on.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:15:32

I love ending every episode with just asking our guests to share a prayer with the audience and intention a wish. So if you will, what would you leave us with?

Isabel Friend  1:15:45

My prayer is that every person who is listening to this right now takes the time to conscientiously connect, in reciprocal communion with their water, recognizing this as the most anxious and wise living being in the universe, and to allow that to instigate this incredibly enveloping sense of awe and wonder. Because when we connect to that all and that wonder, we open up that childlike innocence within ourselves, and then our whole experience of life becomes more playful and more curious. And that's really how water likes to be approached. You know, there's a lot of science that we talked about, and it's easy to get lost in the complexity of all of it. But the most important thing to take away is that water loves you and wants a relationship with you. And water loves to be approached not as experimentation scientifically, but just with that wonderous, playful curiosity and creativity. So, play with your water, ask your water questions, there are all kinds of forms of water divination, where water can speak to you. There are just states of meditation that you can get into with your water where, where water will share with you. And I really invite people to establish that communion because if there's anything that we can do, to shift the paradigm, to kind of change the meter on health, biology, met this college be economics, climate, so is to establish that reciprocal communication, that communication with water herself, and to allow the source of life to provide answers to life's toughest questions. And it starts with each one of us individually connecting in that way with water and allowing water to connect us to all living beings that she flows through.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:17:59

Thank you, thank you. Thank you, and so it

Isabel Friend  1:18:01

  1. Amen. Thank you so much, Tonya.

Tonya Papanikolov  1:18:07

Thank you, Isabelle. Thank you so much. That was so beautiful. With deep gratitude. Thanks for tuning into this episode. If you liked it, hit subscribe and leave us a review that is always very appreciated. Mushrooms transformed my mind and body. And if you're interested in bringing medicinal mushrooms into your life and health journey, check out rainbo.com for our meticulously sourced mushrooms. 



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