Being Your Own Healer and Rewriting Your Story with Lisa O'Connor
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Being Your Own Healer and Rewriting Your Story with Lisa O'Connor

Being Your Own Healer and Rewriting Your Story with Lisa O'Connor

Show Notes:

I am so happy that I get to share this conversation with Lisa O'Connor with you. Lisa is a dear friend, a Creative Entrepreneur, Holistic Nutritionist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Healing Practitioner, and Earthling. In this episode, we talk about her journey with chronic illness, and how that has informed so much of her path to create A Radiant Life.

Chronic illness journeys can be constant hurdles of just wanting to be seen and heard, and these conditions and labels can become part of our identity so easily. Lisa and I dig into what happens when you heal, that label is no longer attached to you and you begin processing the grief that leads you to write a new chapter. 

We all have the innate ability to expand from our current reality and create a new foundation for growth — healing to thrive, not just survive. Lisa believes it’s important to always come back to the fact that no one else is going to heal you, but you.

We also cover our relationship with being in connection with nature, Energy Medicine, and all the things that excite Lisa’s body, mind, and soul, which create the basis for healing, both within and without.

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Topics Covered:

  • The science of mantra and using your own sound current
  • Lisa’s journey using the 1920s Ride machine for treating Lyme
  • The new energy that we are amongst with spring and the Aries New Moon
  • Intergenerational inheritance, both in genetics and energy
  • Navigating the process of writing a new chapter and crafting a new identity
  • Fear that comes into play on our health journeys and how it roots us into our physical existence

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Show Transcript

Tonya Papanikolov  00:04

Hi, welcome to The Rainbo podcast. I'm your host, Tonya Papanikolov. Rainbo and I are on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi and expand the collective consciousness. This podcast builds a virtual mycelial network of bold, open-minded thinkers and seekers. I chat with experts, thought leaders, healers, scientists, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, activists, and dreamers. These are stories of healing, human potential and expansion, tune in route and expand and journey with us.


Tonya Papanikolov  00:41

Hello, hello friends. I have such a dear friend of mine that I get to share this conversation with you today. Her name is Lisa O'Connor. And she is such a beautiful gem of a human, someone who I'm so grateful to have as a close friend. And our paths have been really just intermingling and crossing and dancing and really coalescing for the last few years and we've navigated some beautiful highs and lows together in terms of our healing journey. Our learning journeys, our life journeys, Lisa is a creative entrepreneur, a holistic nutritionist, a kundalini yoga teacher, a healing practitioner, an earth lover, one of my favorite, if not my favorite Scorpio, I said it. And she's just such a deep person. Also similar to last week, someone that I have the honor of being able to just go so deep and being really raw and true with her. We have been side by side on a lot of our a lot of our journeys, like I mentioned, we both got mold toxicity at the exact same time, which is exactly when our Kundalini Yoga started, our teacher training started in 2021. So we kind of went through that whole journey, six month journey of our teacher training together in tandem with eradicating mold and moving and all of these crazy things. And just everything in between we have shared some of the most TMI images, videos of our healing journey.


Tonya Papanikolov  02:23

She's just somebody who I trust with that some of the crazy stuff that we've had happened to us very, very grateful for this human and her true essence is just one of so much authenticity, and beauty. And she's just so real. So in this episode, we talk about her journey with chronic illness, and really how that has informed so much of her life and path and what she has learned from it and how she's alkalized it. We also talk about what happens when you heal from that. And when that label is no longer attached to your identity, and the ways in which that takes some unsetting and readiness in order to adopt that. And really stepping into a new place and time in your life where your chronic disease, illness free. And what that looks like and how these conditions and labels can really become part of our identity and how it's so important to not choose to identify ourselves that way.


Tonya Papanikolov  03:24

And I mean, we talk about Kundalini Yoga, so many beautiful, juicy topics she shares about her experience using the Rife machine for Lyme, which is if you haven't heard about the Rife machine, it was invented in the 1920s. By royal Raymond rife What a name. And it's a machine that basically delivers low electro magnetic waves, like radio waves, through the hands or the feet. And it kind of has this suggestion that like all medical conditions have an electromagnetic frequency because everything in the world is a vibratory frequency at its most basic atomic level. And this machine basically delivers pulsations of energy that are the same frequency as the disease to disable these diseased cells. I have personally worked with the rife for some skin conditions and mold. And let me tell you when I was going through a crazy skin outburst in 2016, I went to the doctors that gave me all the different types of antihistamines and nothing worked. And I went to my neighbor who has a Rife machine. And it was the only thing that worked for me within two sessions, which you know, a session can be like 1520 minutes or longer, but I personally have had really great results with this Rife machine and Lisa shares a bit about her journey using it for Lyme and it is a powerful device. I am a very, very big believer from hers.


Tonya Papanikolov  05:00

smell experience had great success with it. Lisa is launching something very exciting her radiants much of very, very soon, we actually recorded this conversation on the spring equinox that's coming out a bit late spit later in the spring right now. But we just it's such a good conversation, I will not cause any further ado, to you listening to this conversation. I hope you love it. Always appreciate likes, loves comments, reviews on the podcast, whether you're on Apple or Spotify or anywhere else. It means the world to me, please rate us five stars if you love it, and leave us a review. And let's jump into it. Hi. Hi, Lisa.


Tonya Papanikolov  05:46

Well, we basically have just been chatting for 45 minutes. And I feel like we should have just recorded the whole thing I said yet. But thank you. I love chatting with you. Thank you so much for coming on the pod. And I'm really excited to share your story with our audience.


Lisa O'Connor  06:03

Likewise, I know this has also been we've been talking about it for a while and you've been on my pod a few times. And we always have our matchups. And yeah, they're so good. So good.


Tonya Papanikolov  06:18

So where should we start? Well, actually, we were just chatting a lot about astrology and Pluto's transition. And it's it's an exciting week, I feel like everybody is talking about this new energy that were amongst with spring and Aries New Moon astrological new year. So how are you feeling? What's coming up for you? And I kind of know a lot of it. But


Lisa O'Connor  06:44

wow, I think the thing is, and I know a lot of people have been feeling this for the past couple of years, that there's been a lot of either stagnant energy or sticky energy or uncertainty or unclarity. And I mean, there has been so many collective external events that have been happening, but those always mirror the internal. So people that I've been talking to whether it's clients, whether it's really close friends, whether it's even family who are, you know, at a distance and not aware kind of like a planetary occurrences like you can see the same themes going on, but they just yeah, there's not that awareness or with having that awareness. And that seeing it really now I feel like as we've moved into 2023, especially, I know that this January, February, and like the first bit of March, which we were still in Pisces season was very, very, very cloudy, it was like quite unsettling. It was a little bit muddy, it's almost like and I'm saying this myself, too, it was almost like I was trying to plant my feet, and I was trying to ground into something.


Lisa O'Connor  07:59

But when I would take a step at either being mud and I will get stuck, there was no forward momentum. Or I didn't know what the next step would be. At the same time, I feel like I have a clear vision. And in saying that, I think now as we do we step into the astrological new year Aries season, which is ruled by Mars, it's very forward momentum. And I think at the time of the first New Moon in Aries, because there's actually a second new moon at the end of April where the eclipse happens. There was six planets in Aries. And that's a lot of energy. And maybe you aren't aware of the planetary energies that are circulating. But I know for myself, and I know for many people, when there was like the clear shift from Pisces to Aries, it was like blast off kind of like a little bit more of like a okay, we've been sitting on the launching pad, but now it's time to take off.


Lisa O'Connor  08:59

So I feel that in like a very direct way I feel like things that I've been wanting to make into 3d or make a reality. It's like they've been percolating, they've been there. And I've been taking the steps and it's not like I've just been sitting back and not doing or not working or not creating. It's just been this fog Enos and now it feels like the fog has lifted and I'm able to take the steps in the direction of the vision that I have.


Tonya Papanikolov  09:26

Yeah, it's so interesting and beautiful. The way that bringing that awareness into your life just invites like continual evolution and rebirths. Time and time again. I think we're all hungry for that, in a way I was just chatting last night with my friends about you know, there's a new moon and we're just chatting through what was coming up for us. And everybody could have said they feel this rebirth and like this is the person I'm becoming this is what I'm moving towards. I see this opening up in my life and to have the reference points of the planets.


Tonya Papanikolov  10:00

So that are like wild, wild mathematical equations, literally, of these orbiting specks of dust that are like, have you read those? Like, I have to look it up. And I want to look it up to give people accurate information. But it's like, the distance the circumference of the Sun is like 100, like, yes,


Lisa O'Connor  10:18

I've seen and where they show the visual representation of like the sizes of the planet. Yeah, our brains actually can't wrap itself around.


Tonya Papanikolov  10:29

For sure, but there's this intricate design with the cosmos that we have reflected within us. And it just makes for such a alchemical experience of life, when we start to look at what's happening. Like I had my period yesterday on like, the new year, new moon, and I'm like, Yes, you know, what's happening. And I've been really trying to, like regulate my cycle through my thoughts, just kind of being like, this is when we're going to menstruate, it's going to be pain free. What's possible? Yeah, well, I do it. If I have to wake up for you know, an early flight, I can wake up before my alarm, I consciously can like train myself and my brain to work in that way. And it's a similar process for the hypothalamus, the glandular system, responding in a certain way. Doesn't always happen. But you know, it's an interesting experience to have that bring the self awareness in.


Lisa O'Connor  11:19

Yeah. And on that, a few things on the year, you know, anytime I'd go on vacation, I would say, okay, come on, like body and hormones and glandular system, let's not have it on my period, if it's like around that. And I would say nine times out of 10, it comes before Wow, and not in like an unhealthy way of like, it's super early, or it's super late. But I will definitely have this relationship to myself and to my body. And like that intention that okay, we're going on vacation. It's not ideal, obviously, you know, it can't happen and has happened before. But can we just work with the cycles and the rhythms that we not, and we get it like a little bit early? And I mean, I always say, and, you know, my friends closest to me, the laugh that like, yeah, you manifested that, like, that is something that I think it goes beyond everything that we always talk about when we talk, it goes beyond reason.


Lisa O'Connor  12:17

And I think that's often why people don't believe in something or why when we hear astrology, it's like, it's so far into the galaxies, and it's so not tangible for a lot of people just kind of like thinking something in relation to your health or your body isn't tangible, because we just think everything happens, and it just okay, we're just like this person, and everything's happening around us. But we have no control, we have no co creative abilities.


Lisa O'Connor  12:44

And to me, and I know, you share the same sentiment is that, why not? Me? It's just a lot more fun. And it's a lot more richer of experience. If we can, like, play with the cosmos. If we can play with our bodies on a cellular level, why not try?


Tonya Papanikolov  13:02

Absolutely, it gives you this little blueprint to help you navigate a mysterious, weird experience of being a human coveted, like incredible experience of being a human. But yeah, it gives you a little blueprint, and it starts to help you become kind of this creator. There's obviously no right way or wrong way. But like, yeah, there's a passive approach to it. Like it can be easier to kind of become a victim to circumstance and environment and all of these things, versus really taking a hold of things by the lapels and be like, let's work on this together. This is what I feel like my soul really wants, and dancing and moving towards that.


Tonya Papanikolov  13:42

So I know you've told us a lot about on your platforms, on the podcast, you've chatted a lot about your healing experience. And I know you've been working with rife, and I would just love for you to walk people through a bit of your experience. You know, I think something that is really fascinating about your story is grief and the processing of that. And like that journey that it's taken you on in so many different ways and how that's, you know, led you to become the person who you are. And part of my question and, you know, maybe a totally separate question, but just like, what does that process been like for you in navigating the health journey and in becoming this beautiful, vital, Radiant Life source that you are?


Lisa O'Connor  14:27

Thank you. I mean, I feel like we all have our story. We all have our journey, and mine just happened to really be tied into my physical body and into Yeah, really tangible. I know. There's a lot of people that experience mental health and while mental health was definitely a part of it, to me, it was way more it was dense. It was 3d. It was the physical body. It was a myriad of symptoms. You know, at some point I remember being can this be actually true that if I were to and I did at one point I remember one practitioner was like, What symptoms are you actually experiencing? And I was like, Oh, I'll show you like, you don't really believe me and all these things. And that's fine. And I am so lucky in any situation. I never played the victim, I just wanted to be seen. I just wanted to be heard, like so many people, all of us. We all just want to be seen for what we're experiencing. And just for where we're at, at that moment, I wasn't asking for a solution. I wasn't asking to be healed. I knew and I don't know if this was something like very innate within me that was born within me, or that's just been passed down. I have no idea. But I always always came back to the fact that no one else was going to heal me. But me. And so that's always been my companion. That's also always been my mantra that's always been my Northstar on this journey.


Tonya Papanikolov  16:05

Age of Aquarius.


Lisa O'Connor  16:07

Yeah, right. That's, that's where we're at. And right now we can all see and I'm sure we can all look around us in whether it's the wellness community, or the health community or the spiritual community, that that's a huge message. A lot of people right are saying, like, be your own healer, be your own guru, be your own everything. And I'm just lucky at a very young and tender age that I was able to adopt that in the process of also going through it. So not being like an outsider being like, I'm my own healer, but I also feel 100% me being like, I'm my own healer, and my body's breaking down.


Lisa O'Connor  16:46

And so even on that journey, too, so I lost my mom when I was 18. And she passed from cancer. And I remember at that point that she was also starting to, and this was like, I mean, what year was this early 2000. She passed in 2003. So like, early 2000s, that even she was seeking natural options, even though she did go conventional with chemo and radiation and surgery. I remember this one story, and it's so vivid when I think of my own journey, but then I just think of the power of our body and kind of tying everything back in. She went to iridologist I think that's what it's called, you know, yeah, I not an eye doctor, but pretty much an eye reader. Right?


Tonya Papanikolov  17:33

Yeah, exactly. It's iridology. Yeah, yeah.


Lisa O'Connor  17:36

So I remember that she went to it. And I remember having like, I can really picture the conversation that I had with my mom at this time. And I was only 1617. So very young had no idea what any of this was, but she told me about a session and she said the your doll just saw in my right eye back that he knew nothing about my health. But that writes back is what indicated the right tumor in the breast from the breast cancer.


Lisa O'Connor  18:05

So yeah, there's been many, many, many through lines. But then also in that thru line was grief was losing my mother was seeing, you know, her taking control of her health, or at least starting to, and her passing and then me in that almost feeling like and I know this sounds so crazy. And I've worked through so many of the stuff is like taking the torch, it's almost like I took the torch. And she had experienced a lot of fear. I feel like I took that torch of fear. And it was like, okay, although I have a very grounded, I felt like approach to everything that I was moving through and then getting a diagnosis of like chronic Lyme in 2012. And, you know, moving through that whole journey of though I felt very grounded in everything that was doing from I mean, I started juicing very, very early on, like 20 years ago, which now seems like that's ancient like that just seems so long ago and started to like change, my diet started to do all of these different things. There was still a lot of fear and a lot of grief running through my system, 


Tonya Papanikolov  19:21

Which is also like when you think about intergenerational inheritance. It's not that that's just genetic. It's also just energy. And so like hearing you say that, like that passing of that torch could be right like this bond that you and your mother's soul came here to achieve together that you have then continued to heal for both of you heal for the lineage.


Lisa O'Connor  19:48

Absolutely. And my grandmother actually got breast cancer and passed and that was like even further into the past when it was still even shameful to talk about like, I remember, even my mom being kind of like a little shamed and saying where the cancer even was like that it was breast cancer. That's not even that long ago, like late 90s, I think maybe or like early mid 90s, that's still wild to think about that. Although time has passed, we're still really kind of still stuck in some of these old paradigms. And I mean, there's so much, there's so much in between that I don't know if there's anything specific that you kind of want me to touch upon before I move into talking about the rife?


Tonya Papanikolov  20:38

I mean, no, I think it's like what we were just chatting about this morning, or, you know, when we got on, I think that's so poignant and exciting is that you're in this new chapter now. Like, we all are at this dance, right? Where you're in the process of like, kind of rewriting a story. And so I realized that by asking you that question, we're kind of looking backwards. And I think that that's always okay to do. But at the same time, there's actually this course that I'm going to be getting into in my studies in the near future called personal mythology and dream work. And it's about how we craft our narrative. And so I've been really like careful about how I retell my story, how I look at that, realizing that it's through a very unique lens point of trying to find meaning, and that is so natural, and that we all do it. But I think and I'd love for you to touch on where rife has taken you. And you know, maybe what's next. And I see that as a new story.


Lisa O'Connor  21:38

Absolutely. I'm with you on all of it. I feel like even when I was navigating, and getting to certain points, with my healing journey, there was a very distinct point, maybe it was 10 years ago, eight years ago, that I was like, my story doesn't even matter. And I used to kind of post these like health workshops and have green house juice, and I would kind of get on like, a platform or a stage and like, talk about my story and how I healed and that is it.


Lisa O'Connor  22:09

And then it was very simultaneous into like finding Joe Dispenza when I started to see the relationship to the mind and the quantum and all of these other things. And I remember even him talking very clearly that, okay, the past, it happened, and it's not like, okay, we're just bypassing it. And I don't think even today, he doesn't talk about, okay, we'll just like think, positive or magnetize have division. But what he's also saying is that the past isn't going to dictate your future, and it's not going to dictate your healing. It's there. It was a part of your story. But now how can we take it to completely not even like, write a new chapter, it's like writing a new book.


Lisa O'Connor  22:51

And I feel that's where I'm at. I feel like that book is closed, all the chapters have been incredible. They've been expanding. There have been highs, there's been lows, there's been so much life and you know, loss and love and richness, but it's like, okay, now time for a new book. And in that new book, you spoke about, right, we've been chatting about it. And I've shared with you my experience thus far. And so rife, is the only honest way I can put it. It's a very future, forward frequency healing device and treatment protocol. And it's based off of Tesla. So Tesla's work with frequency and kind of looks like electrical box, on the physical machine when it's running a protocol. It's very Galactical. I mean, I don't know how else to put it. It's a very kind of other worldly technology, that it even like across the screen where it shows like on the numbers, it's like, constantly, you see these giant numbers like 10,000 hertz, and then it goes back to like, five hertz. And then it's like jumping all over the place, because it's like the program is programmed to specific frequencies to then target whatever's going on in your body.


Lisa O'Connor  24:13

So say, for example, let's use lime. Lime in the body vibrates at a specific frequency. And so when you then try to heal it, or try to treat it with something like rice, which is programmed at another frequency, what happens is the Rife machine is a higher frequency or just a different frequency and it shatters the frequency that Lyme or bacteria or virus is, let's say vibrating at So it not only eradicated or gets the body to clear it, it actually bursts it and it's just like gone, completely gone. And so it seems I've been using it and even while using it and like holding the rod, there's kind of specific rods that come out of the machine and you hold on the ones that I've been using, literally just like flicker glowing light, like there's not much else you're not really hooked up to all of these things. It's like you're holding these rods, you program from a pre programmed protocol into the machine and you run the machine, it's I know this probably to the listeners is like you're like, so I'm using this device from the future percent, which it's so fascinating because we know this and even what we're talking about in the beginning with Pluto moving into Aquarius, this is the era of new technology, and whether we're gonna like it in terms of like, medical technology, or healing technology, it's going to be birth, this is a just I feel like at the beginning 100%


Tonya Papanikolov  25:50

How did you feel throughout the protocol? Was there like traditional kind of die off symptoms? Or, you know, days where you didn't feel so great?


Lisa O'Connor  25:58

Yeah. And I think that's the case with anything. If we think of even we can take like a herbal supplement, or we can take herbs and we're like, whoa, I'm feeling this way. Or maybe you know, the next day I take herbs that are a little bit more targeted to killing off something. So whether that's even I mean, we both know, any sort of parasitical herbal protocol, whether it's like Wormwood or black walnut, that it's natural, and you're taking it, but in the process, you're killing off. Yeah, yeah. And so no matter. I think what you're doing even something that seems so out of this world, and not really tangible, where you're kind of holding these rods and specific frequencies are running through the machine, you're like, Okay, well, I don't really feel like much is happening.


Lisa O'Connor  26:51

But 100%, I mean, there would be days where I would do the protocol and straight after I would have an immediate headache or even during the protocol. Hopefully this isn't TMI, but I would have to have a bowel movement, like my body would almost just need to expel whatever it was moving.


Tonya Papanikolov  27:10

Wow, that's incredible. And, you know, I think one thing that might help people kind of interpret this is that if you just really simply think about how a microwave works, invisible microwave frequency, that is heating up food device that we know works, we can't see how it does it, but it doesn't, it's exactly like that, there's no question that we are energetic beings that are based on frequency, that is the entire existence of physics and the universe. So that's how these machines come to work in terms of, it's just a different form of healing, a different activation of like less physical, although it will result in physical manifestations and changes.


Lisa O'Connor  27:57

And if we think about it, we've all heard or seen the visual of, you know, energy in motion, or like a specific atom or something that even though it's a physical object, like it's a 3d, like the desk, or the table, or the computer in front of us, or a cup, there's still very, very, very, very small particles, atoms, all the things that are still moving, they're still vibrating.


Lisa O'Connor  28:24

So we often hear everything is energy. And I think, when it comes to even something like a healing technology like this, which is also based off of sound healing, and frequency and current and something, we're also both I mean, we've spoken about on my podcast, but we've also done Kundalini teacher training, and we're so into mantra, it's all connected, it's all the same. It's just and I think you made such a good point of the Age of Aquarius. It's like, all of these modalities and all of these tools, because we have the technology and the wherewithal to be able to create this machine. This machine now exists.


Tonya Papanikolov  29:04

Yeah, it's pretty incredible. I remember when I was just getting started in kundalini, I had a teacher, how did you even who like I'd never met my teacher before. And I had that experience for the first time and it's really unlike anything else. But I remember him telling me record this mantra, if you use saying the mantra and listen to it all night, listen to it all the time. Listen to it, like don't ever say, No, I want your voice like it's about you. You know, it's so easy. But as I then obviously learned more about the real, you know, science of mantra and how it works. It has to be your own sound current that heals you. That's how the mantra works. That's how the imprint works. And although we can have the outside individual that sparks the awareness and who is a master at a craft, who can exist and shift your consciousness through their presence like really like the craft that a master can do and achieve, they are just lighthouses for us to activate that within ourselves. But then it has to be you, it has to be your body, it has to be your sound current.


Tonya Papanikolov  30:13

And of course, like, you know, you can come into like collective healing circles and like there's so transformative. But I think just to like, put that power back in people's hands is very powerful.


Lisa O'Connor  30:23

And a part of us though, I think in using something so even myself that it's like, I know, it's so hard to wrap your head around. But in using something like a mantra or using something like a Rife machine, you also have to believe in it, there has to be this connection to it, even doing the protocols, it's not just you know, you do it for five minutes, and then it's cleared. It's like some of these protocols are for like three hours a day, it totally depends like what you're doing. Some of them are like three times a week for an hour and a half. It's so dependent on your individual body. So it's not even one frequency or protocol is like running through the machine. It's like there's so many other things that come up. And like there's different protocols that they might recommend that you do in tandem with it. And then there's also supplements and obviously things that we both naturally do and take care of our health. So it's not just this in isolation. It's this or anything, Mantra, anything that we do in healing that is which I think even what you're saying, and like drawers in the community, everything like literally everything. Yeah. And I was reading this paper about how this person was kind of making this argument for not using the word placebo anymore, because it does such a disservice to the body. Right? Because like, people kind of use that word. And it has this strange connotation for a lot of people where it's like, that's just placebo. No, that is the innate healing response of your body because you help to direct that that is like the power of the mind. So to just kind of like shoe that off to say it is merely you know, some effect that just has like these connotations. I think the more we can change that language, because language is everything language just like how we're communicating with ourselves with our creating our reality. We can start to be like, No, that's my body starting to heal. That's the intelligence, every single cell, believing in what is possible for me, and knowing what to do, like, completely. Yeah. And to share a really quick little story about my experience with rice, which has been so small but powerful years ago when I had crazy hive. I don't know if I've told you this story. You said that you use rice, but I don't know that like full story. Yeah, I haven't done a long protocol. But I remember I had broken out in like head to toe hives that were really, really bad. And it was days of it. And so I went to a few doctors and they're basically trying to determine what histamine response was happening because I wasn't responding to the anti histamines in the stomach or the ones in the gut. And so they were like, This is weird. This is not really histamine response. And we don't know what to do for you. So I was like, Cool, cool. So my, my neighbor, my parents neighbor had a Rife machine, just incredible. And then in her 90s, their son had chronic fatigue syndrome for his whole life. I don't know the full story. So I won't say any dates, but they had been using the rife with great success. So she invited me over and it started to clear up right away. I mean, there's so many of these testaments and that I feel a part of our brain also, I think, wants to deny some of these things are because we've been so programmed that healing or navigating something challenging has to happen.


Lisa O'Connor  30:23

Absolutely. And I think what we were also talking about, and this is where you kind of tie in the mind and the belief and all of these other aspects that you also still have to believe in. And I mean, with mantras, and maybe like, with something like rice, it might take time for you to kind of like wrap your head around. And I know even like in kundalini, they say we don't really have to understand the language or what the mantra is saying kind of just have to be in the vibration. But I feel like being in that there's like a belief created from that. And I think it's just like with the rife, I know, it can sound completely, like we're on another planet, and that it's a hoax, or that it's like you just plug it in, and this machine is just healing people. And I mean, rife, is being used for cancer and very, very, very kind of, quote unquote, what we would in the medical community say advanced or terminal or chronic.


Lisa O'Connor  35:00

have such an extensive or grueling, I guess protocol or treatment. And I think that's why even with Joe Dispenza is we're Bruce Lipton are a lot of these kind of quantum using energy and quantum and kind of really our own power. It's very easy to dismiss, it's very easy to dismiss. Because even I'm sure like hearing that story, if you were to tell some people like, wow, that's a coincidence, Tonya, like, that's a fluke. Like it just maybe the hives or like the rash had like run its course. Right?


Tonya Papanikolov  35:35

Yeah, yeah, for sure. But


Lisa O'Connor  35:39

no, there's so many Testaments. Yeah, yeah.


Tonya Papanikolov  35:42

So I know that you're in the process of this. So this rewriting process? How would you advise somebody to start navigating that process where there's a new chapter that needs to be written and a new identity that's being crafted? And where does one start?


Lisa O'Connor  36:01

I think, number one, you have to want to let it go, I think we get so used to an identity or a story or a narrative of, like you said, of language, language is so incredibly powerful. If we continue to say, I am this way, or I've been diagnosed with this, or I have this and there's no harm, like the thing is, we never want to and this is something again, we both share, and I'm sure so many listeners do. We never want to bypass something. So it's not about dissociating or not acknowledging or not honoring what is going on, or what has gone on. It's just shifting it and saying, that is what is going on. But that is not me. I am not it, it is not me. And I think because when something has been prolonged for a long time you do you become identified with it, you become almost friendly with it, even if what is happening to you isn't advantageous, or it's not pleasurable, or it's a disease or an illness or any sort of imbalance or dysregulation in the body, it doesn't matter, we'd rather be seen and identified or be a victim in something, then not have an attachment or identity or a story or a narrative. So a big part of it. And I know this was a big part of it, for me was saying, and maybe this is like something that you do consciously, maybe this is something that you do journaling, maybe this is something that you do with the therapist, or hypnosis, I've done many, many sessions with many different hypnotherapist, and depending on like what was coming up when there's just so much to work through with this because I think the stories and the narrative and the identity is so complicated, like we really wired into our bodies.


Lisa O'Connor  38:04

And I know even for me, there'd be so many instances that I would say to myself, Oh, I can't do that, or oh, I don't know, if I'm gonna have the energy or Oh, that's going to like push my body or my nervous system into overdrive, which was in reality, a story, I was telling myself that the experience or the situation hadn't even happened yet. But as already predicting or creating the outcome, right. And I think we do that in so many different ways. It doesn't have to be related to how like we could be launching a business. And we hadn't even maybe put the thing up on a website, or we haven't even launched the business yet.


Lisa O'Connor  38:42

But we're telling ourselves the story, it's not going to do well, it's not going to sell I'm not going to be a success. Because our story or the narrative that we have been so attached to is one of lack or is one of scarcity are one of that can happen to someone else, but not happened to me. It's probably one of the hardest things I think to move forward with. And I think with any sort of healing journey, because it's so deeply rooted also into the nervous system.


Lisa O'Connor  39:10

So then when it's rooted into the nervous system, and the body has like a physiological response. So even before the thing, you can start to have symptoms, but the symptoms aren't necessarily coming from the physical body, like the physical bodies, okay, it's coming from the mind and the mental body, which then in turn create the physical symptoms. So it's all of this. It's like a very fine network. We're so insanely connected and smart, and our bodies are miracle machines.


Lisa O'Connor  39:41

And if we can just see that we can work with it, and create a new narrative use different language. I think that's one of my tips and one of my tools that I even use to this day of changing the language changing a narrative of saying, I can't Do this or, I don't know to I can, I can do that. And my body might take a little bit to catch up to the I can or I am. But in the statement and in the language and in the shifting the narrative through the energy that it's like being created on the other side from, I'm not able to, to, I am able to, that's going to set you in a different direction, and it's going to kind of get the wheels turning in the direction you want to go, instead of falling back into the vortex or just like plateauing and staying stack.


Tonya Papanikolov  40:37

Yeah, and I think there's also so much nuance to it to where chronic conditions are. So it's like, ultimately, so much nuance, and it depends on where you are, right? Because like, you could be like right in the middle of it, where you do have to honor that nervous system boundary. But at the same time, you can, no matter where anybody is in their journey, they can decide not to have that identity that is given to them by the world's by the practitioners by the medical community. They can still choose to rest or Yeah, yeah, exactly. Like be conscious about how they're referring to themselves. 


Tonya Papanikolov  41:15

And this is like, such a springy conversation to where we're like, you know, we've just come out of a deep, dark, cozy winter, have a lot of rest and a lot of time to like for some of us, like maybe do some healing or inner work. And yeah, it's kind of that time now where I feel like we might be excited to launch things, per se, maybe perhaps, Lisa, I believe we have a launch. Segue, a launch coming in. But no, I mean, I think that's so helpful. And a poignant kind of reminder for all of the ways that we choose to identify ourselves. And also just the fact that I believe as women we are like, indefinable in so many ways. We have so many facets to us. And it adds a lot of experience to how we go through the world, based on all of the emotional centers and the way that we're constantly like shifting with the moon and our cycle and our cyclical nature.


Lisa O'Connor  42:23

To me, the word and I always bring it back to is its beauty. There's so much beauty in all of it. And even in the nuance of saying, okay, I can be changing my language I am. But yeah, maybe this day or this week, my physical body is still saying Hold up, or you need more rest. But that doesn't mean that you jumped ship. And just because, you know, you shifting your language isn't yet showing up in the physical 3d. It's about working with it shifts all the time. And I mean, there's been so many days, that you've been doing so much healing. And I think so many people can relate to this in any aspect of your life or in healing, that you have a setback or you feel like you've been doing all this work, and then you take 10 steps back and you think, okay, well what I'm doing must not be working, or why even bother now, changing my language or meditating or doing my practice.


Lisa O'Connor  43:18

Because if I look at where I am now, but it's like there's so much beauty to experience and witness in the nuance in the dance in this essentially rebirth. It's like there's beauty in all of it and every single point and to me when that beauty is seen and experienced and acknowledge that what continues to move the needle forward in any sort of journey and any sort of healing aspect.


Tonya Papanikolov  43:45

Yeah, I was chatting with one of my friends last week, and she was kind of like, what she had said that really kind of rang true for me was that I think sometimes like the fear that comes into play in our health and in our journeys, is there to root us into our physical existence. And I think I've always been oriented towards, like, started putting some pieces together, which is why I'm speaking slowly. But you and I both share in our tantric numerology I know that we both share the physical body like the number five, and that physical body being really like an inherent part of what we're here to experience. Yeah.


Tonya Papanikolov  44:30

And I also know that we're both and you know, maybe this doesn't resonate with everybody but for you and I specifically I will speak to and maybe you can tell me how you feel about this, but I you know, since I've been a little kid I've kind of known that there is something here more than just this like vessel that I'm in and that's something that like, I've been very interested in and it's not to escape my 3d body because I gosh, yeah, like this is just incredible to be here, experiencing life but I been, you know, with the practice of Kundalini Yoga, I know we're both oriented towards some of those higher consciousness mind based expansion experience of more of the energetic body.


Tonya Papanikolov  45:11

And so my friend was kind of being like, Yeah, but if you didn't have these fears, what would tether you here? Like, those fears are so human. And for somebody who is wanting to experience more, you need to tether to this otherwise, like, you can go so far, like, you can just keep trying to expand. And that kind of removes you from this reality, or it can in whatever sense. And so it was a cool way for me to kind of think about my experience of fear, say, or some things that have happened and my reactions to them and just being like, Yeah, this is the cool way to look at it. This is how I'm supposed to feel this way. And this is so human, and it's so normal and natural and all of these things, but it's also tethering my experience.


Lisa O'Connor  45:57

I love that. Yeah. And I think most likely are listeners, like us, we do. And this is kind of even tying it back to astrology, we do believe that. Okay, maybe I'm speaking for myself for Kanye and Ira now, but like that there is other existences on planets, and you know, other kind of things going on. And it can be so easy to get lost in that realm or in those states. And yeah, I think anything, even when it comes to the 3d or bringing, I love how you use the word like tethering, we sometimes have to have these experiences have these really more difficult or 3d things that happen to remind us and to ground us and to like, get back in touch with our body?


Lisa O'Connor  46:49

Because I think sometimes because there's such an interest in the other worldly either like tools or dimensions or worlds and in a very playful way, I'll say like, it's not like, I mean, that yeah, channeling other other entities and gain. But I think it's just when there is that interest, it's good to have. And I think that's why we're also both so connected to like nature, and like the tauren Venusian energy of like, beauty and self care and rituals. And here's this product. And this is what I use, I mean, look at Rainbo. It's a creation and manifestation of all of that, of really kind of tying in all bodies, but then really coming back to you take this on the physical body, you do have a shift on an energetic body, but it's like you do need the product in a physical way.


Tonya Papanikolov  47:46

Yeah, I mean, I literally have so many things to talk to you about. So I'm gonna segue this loop back to a few things that we touched on shortly. But speaking of mushrooms, please tell us about your relationship with them what they've taught you. I know you're a longtime lover of 1111. And yeah, what is your experience with them? What have they taught you? Do you work with them daily?


Lisa O'Connor  48:10

Yeah, I still remember Tonya, when we met in the village juicery on ROTC. And you handed me I don't even know if it was launched yet. But I remember you handed me like, one of the first kind of iterations of 1111. Remember, I


Tonya Papanikolov  48:26

remember that.


Lisa O'Connor  48:27

Yeah, it's just so vivid to me, cuz I remember you sharing your journey and your experience, but then also creating rainbo and creating 11:11. And going back, like I would say, prior to that, I had a very, I would say more 3d relationship to fungi in the sense of I was really delving into Yeah, just more like adaptogens and using mushrooms and the company. Well, I don't think it's in the States, but the one that kind of like introduced me was a harmonic arts I think it's yeah, it's only in Canada.


Lisa O'Connor  49:05

And so I remember when I was going on, like the health journey and just seeking and seeking okay, what are tools? What are things what are supplements What are powders and I mean, I've done so much in the sense of trial and error and being such a guinea pig and I always just remember being drawn to the mushrooms I think they had this like, mushroom hot chocolate that I would make every day and it was just so grounding and so healing and it just had this overall effect on my body, which in relation then to like an actual mushroom in the earthen in the grounded kind of like whey in properties that I mean, there's so many properties to them, but when I think of fungi, when I think of mushrooms, even when I see them, you know my dad grew up on a farm and But 12 siblings and so we often go to that farm on the weekends and go out to the bush and like pick blueberries and the blueberry patch and like you'd see mushrooms I just remember being like, so fascinated, and I have a Taurus Moon.


Lisa O'Connor  50:14

And so I'm just very like, earth ground like I just so curious with what was coming up from the earth, whether it was like, you know, from a blueberry patch, or whether it was a mushroom and, and I feel, yeah, they've almost always kind of been this little, whether consciously or subconsciously, they've been a teacher, or they've been a guide, or they've been this place where they're saying, like, come let me show you let me guide you let me heal you let me speak to you let me have this effect on your body. Because this is what we're meant to do.


Lisa O'Connor  50:50

And obviously, not all mushrooms, but the mushrooms that were meant to have an adjust and have an hour or a bit. They're just to me, they are miracles. It's like God gave us mushrooms to help us heal on so many different levels in plane so and that's still to the day I live right across from Hyde Park. And I'll just go and like revel and I send you photos too. I'm like is this what's it like chicken of the chicken of the woods, chicken of the woods, I find the chicken, my Tonya, look at this incredible chicken of the woods. And I have to take photos. It's like I have to, like spend time with it. I have to look at it. I have to see the color and like the light and the beauty and the texture. And to me it's just other worldly and it's almost like my brain can't comprehend. But it's like, here they are for us. And obviously for the whole grade or like ecosystem and just the planet.


Tonya Papanikolov  51:47

It's incredible. Yeah.


Lisa O'Connor  51:48

I mean, you're the queen. And so I'm speaking to


Tonya Papanikolov  51:55

my queen. Yeah, they do just evoke such curiosity in people, which is so so cool to hear. Do you take them regularly?


Lisa O'Connor  52:04

I do. 1111. And I think I have Turkey Tail. Turkey Tail? Yeah, I remember getting you that one. Yeah, I do choose the always alcohol free. I know that. Well. I mean, I don't know what the tell me that's coming


Tonya Papanikolov  52:19

out all alcohol free. Little secret is yeah, they're all going to be alcohol free. Well, we'll have options for people.


Lisa O'Connor  52:26

And I know there's like different with the processing and the extraction. And there's benefits of both. But to me, because I've also taken just so many things in my life that either like tastes awful, or they have just like the very, very astringent tastes are like property. And I actually don't like I don't drink any alcohol in like personal or like in health. And so to me, the alcohol free version and anything, it's so smooth, it's so easy to take, you can drop it into anything. I know you can with the alcohol, but I feel like I'm just a little bit more sensitive, but drop them into smoothies, drop them into water, drop them into much even like with my husband, and I'm like, wait, add your mushroom, it's like you just created something that's so accessible. And that is an everyday thing. It is an everyday thing with rainbo,


Tonya Papanikolov  53:18

I'd love to hear that. I'd love to chat a bit about a radiant life and your philosophy, what it is right now. And then also what you have coming out and what you're sharing and launching soon. Yeah, I feel


Lisa O'Connor  53:32

like Well, for me, the word radiance has always been kind of like a part of, I'm gonna say part of my life. But I've always been connected to have this energy that like exists within all of us. But then how is that then projected? And how do we allow what's inside of us. And that could be you know, in different lineages, like in TCM, it's like the Shen like the spirit that just, it actually radiates from your being, it doesn't even matter what is on the outside, whether that's makeup or what your hair is looking like or like what your clothes are.


Lisa O'Connor  54:13

And yeah, and also, to get a little bit more tangible. It's like I did part of my journey. It's like I experienced really, really, really bad acne. And that was part of, I feel like this journey to creating a radiant life before I mean, I had a podcast called glow deep. And so that kind of like started to plant the seeds of building and creating a radiant life. And I feel like a radiant life came into existence when I actually allowed myself to like connect with nature in just a more real way in a more relationship way before I mean, even going up or I also lived in New York for four years and it's like it was there and I loved it and I would be in it, but it didn't have a relationship to it.


Lisa O'Connor  55:03

And I know that sounds kind of a little hippie but to me and creating a radiant life, it's like when I started to lean into having the relationship with nature, whether that was with a tree or spending more time in it or with like the mushrooms in the park or going and taking, you know, dips in the lake or the ocean, or whatever it was, I started to just have this feeling like in my body that this is when I feel my most radiant self like this is when I feel so beautiful. Like, it doesn't matter who's around me, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, it doesn't matter what I'm wearing, it doesn't matter how I'm feeling. But just like being in connection with nature, and then having this kind of just like, it's just a feeling that I feel like exudes out of me.


Lisa O'Connor  55:52

And it's something that I've always just wanted to share Express. Just kind of like be this conversation of like connecting to your true self and beauty through having whether it is a relationship to nature, or it's just finding like, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel vital, what makes you feel radiant, like what are those things? And maybe it is something externally or it is something internally, but yeah, I've just always had this the curiosity of like, what makes someone feel beautiful, what makes someone feel radiant, and that then has kind of yet I mean, I'm a manifesting generator in human design. So it's kind of created all of these spokes from the nucleus of a radiant life. And so whether that's been, you know, I had like a course called the radiant scores, which is like Kundalini meditation, and just everything that I love.


Lisa O'Connor  56:48

With journaling, and aesthetics. I've had, you know, one to one practice for a really long time and working with people on a more intimate landscape. I have a podcast where we have these Yeah, incredible conversations. I have like a creative consulting agency. And our premise two is always coming back to like nature as our muse. And so creating people's visions and ideas and creating that beauty in the digital landscape or in their business. And then the new and what you're referring to as like a launch, the new kind of like spoke on that is a much align. And that is something that more to me is kind of like that inner beauty. Like, I see also rainbo like with the 11:11. It's like this inner substance, this inner potion, this integration that you take, and it shifts something, right shifts something in your life, whether it's from the ritual, or it's from the properties, It just shifts something in you.


Lisa O'Connor  57:49

And that is just something like I want to share whether it's through a conversation, whether it's through sharing a Kundalini practice, like the radiance medi or, I mean, there's so many, or it's in a cup of matcha, that when you drink that matcha, you feel that you just feel more beautiful, and maybe you have more energy to take on your day. And so you have more confidence, or you want to connect with someone or whatever. I mean, there's so many things that like our internal Can, can lead to the external but that incontinence like a little mini mg nutshell, I love it. I love that it's going on.


Tonya Papanikolov  58:28

I've always just watched you and your offerings. And I remember when I first I don't think we actually ever met at that bar. But remember first we did we did we did I remember seeing you there you would always come in and I was when I was working there. And you would come in in your leather jacket. And it's just so cool. Just be like, Oh my God, who is that? I'm pretty sure she's a holistic nutritionist, and I need to know her. Oh my gosh. But I mean, yeah, your offerings are always like, literally exactly what you just described, in terms of like really creating that shift internally. And I remember when we were in kundalini as well, you realize that your 11th body, your 10th or 11th body was the radiant body wasn't it? 1111 No, 10


Lisa O'Connor  59:22

I can't remember but it was connected to Yeah,


Tonya Papanikolov  59:25

I remember just being like, of course like them. That's for her. But that's the you know, I think we both share our actually I don't know if you share this but like one of my hardest relationships has been with coffee. And like the hardest ones to like, I've never felt like I've been addicted to anything other than that. And that was a big journey to switch over and now we're just like, I just love love my money, like


Lisa O'Connor  59:49

it's dressing better, so sustaining


Tonya Papanikolov  59:52

to my energy and nervous system


Lisa O'Connor  59:55

completely. And not even that but I think the like short properties like the chlorophyll that l theanine anti oxidants it really is. And I've heard like Dr. Andrew Weil talk about it, it is a superfood. It's like this powder from the gods, that it's just it's so beautiful. And it just happens to like, give us focus and energy and have caffeine and


Tonya Papanikolov  1:00:22

it is like a miracle substance. I love it so much. I'm so excited for you to share it and I can't wait to try it. Obviously.


Lisa O'Connor  1:00:31

I'll be sending it your way as soon as it launches.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:00:34

I can't wait to hear. So tell us a bit about Yeah, where are you at with Kundalini, your personal practice? I've been doing Sudarshan Chakra Kriya for like, well over 90 days now. 11 minutes, 11 minutes. But I'm feeling like it might be time for a shift. So we'd love to hear what do you i What are you practicing? I


Lisa O'Connor  1:00:55

shift I mean, Amanda Norgaard and I were doing we started in January we're doing silver Korea. And so we were doing silver Korea and then I always was like I normally have like one kind of specific meditation that's like the, I guess the anchor point and then daily like switch up like sometimes it's Catco and then Breath of Fire. Like I really when it comes to like my daily practice, I really tune in to how I'm feeling where am I at with my cycle, but there will always be kind of like a nucleus like thing that I grabbed into or a couple. And so whether I add on like three minutes of South Korea, or three minutes of hard depending on what the meditation is, it's kind of like okay, we're gonna get a little bit of prosperity we're gonna get you know, a little bit of flavor of like, moving like South Korea, it's just like, it's the one right it's just it's so juicy. Oh good, even if you just do three minutes. So coming off of super Korea.


Lisa O'Connor  1:02:01

And then I was really doing which is like a set in my beauty collection, which is like three sets based on like the skincare, regime, cleanse, tone and hydrate so is doing the set from hydrate, which is the radiance meditation, and Deon chakra, so it's really just kind of like honing in on those. And it just felt like no other way to put it. I think I told this to a client the other day, like a light bulb, I would finish that practice and I'd go out for a morning walk or go for a walk. And I would just feel like a light bulb. It just dogs would run up to me. I just felt illuminated. Like I just felt like I was glowing, but not like I was you know, just in my morning attire and like aktiver I didn't necessarily feel or like, look like a light bulb.


Lisa O'Connor  1:02:52

But it was just such a profound feeling. And just recently, and then I was like, Hey, do you want to do this prosperity? Meditation guru. Jagat has it on YouTube? I think I did it back in 2019 or 2020. Maybe? And it's how to how to go ben de like the placements are? Yeah, yeah, I know. You can't see. But it's like the kind of almost like the receiving mudra. So that's 11 minute. I don't even know if it has a name. Because on the YouTube, she just calls it like prosperity meditation.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:03:25

Yeah, I practice it all the time. I want to get in these little groups with you and Amanda. Oh, yeah. Oh, my gosh. I'm coming in. You're coming in and coming in for sure. I'm interviewing her on Friday. So I'm like, this is just the best week ever where I get to talk with Oh, my gosh, most amazing people?


Lisa O'Connor  1:03:44

Of course you are. And it's so funny because we have our own like, we have our personal pod where we voice memo each other. And I was telling her today that I was going to be on your pod without her knowing. I mean, we're just all connected and you do what 100% You're Yeah, you're gonna be in God. I'm so


Tonya Papanikolov  1:04:02

excited. There's such transformative practices. I was reading something on Instagram yesterday about what happens in the nervous system when we practice Kundalini and like the activation of like the brain actually being filled with light, based on a nervous system that is becoming more attuned and more regulated because like, the premise of Kundalini is a regulated nervous system and glandular system.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:04:27

But it's just such interesting technology, where you're really focused on the hypothalamus, these upper kind of glandular brain, organs and glands and the effects that that has through your body. It's like you feel like a light bulb because you actually are one like the whole system is Yeah, lit up. It's true by a different form of electricity and the nervous system that's part of the electricity everybody charge.


Lisa O'Connor  1:04:59

Yeah, and they make so much sense. And then to me, it makes sense that either being in nature or being kind of in relationship to say, for example, like a dog where they read energy, so acutely, and they're so connected, because that's part of their language, like an animal is just so it's like they've read energy they can read, or they can send an eye to me. I mean, I love animals. I love dogs, too. It's a clear obsession. And it's just so fascinating to see, I don't know any other word, but like result, it's like the proof is in the pudding, when you kind of are doing your practice.


Lisa O'Connor  1:05:43

And obviously, some days, it's like, okay, maybe it doesn't get done, you're kind of just like, not in it, but like you're doing the motions, and you're just going through it. But it's still all accumulating and creating this, you know, continual channel and charge that when you do go out into the world, or I know we've spoken about this, so many times, when you start to practice like that prosperity, medi and like, you see it work, it leaves me speechless. I don't even know if I can find words, because it's just so real. But then it's not like, it's very powerful, very powerful.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:06:21

What a practice,


Lisa O'Connor  1:06:22

what a practice, I think, will always be saying that and be astounded by it by practicing it, because I feel like the more you do it, and the more you build up, whether it's like the nervous system, or just the connection and relationship to the practice, It just transforms and is with you in every season. And I think that's so important that no matter what season you're in, if you're feeling more like in a winter season, or now that we're in spring, so maybe you're feeling a little bit more activated or summer, it's with you through all the seasons, and it might change and your practice changes, but you only grow and you continue to expand and to heal and to illuminate and to radiate and there's so much there. It's like richness to me, it's like that's a rich life, being able to have this experience and to play with it all and have fun.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:07:15

Yeah, I think that's so key. Even you know, when you get to the point to where you can just laugh off the hard stuff and find the humor it is like such medicine to just make light of ourselves in ways like not take it also seriously


Lisa O'Connor  1:07:31

completely. Yeah, life has its its has its challenges it has its like stuff. And I know for me too. It's like a can be more it's like Scorpio Sun Capricorn rising. It's like I can be more intense. I'm grounded. I'm intense. You saw me and like my leather jacket and I love. It's like, yeah, I remember someone like seeing this was like back when I first moved to Toronto, and someone first met me. And I was like wearing on my leather. And they told someone else that they were afraid to talk to me and to approach me because I'm like, Oh my God, no, that's like the complete opposite of what I am. But it's so interesting, because there is I do feel that there's intensity and there's passion, or it's like, there's so much going on.


Lisa O'Connor  1:08:19

But I think the best medicine for so many things in life. And I mean, this has been studied, there's research papers on humor as medicine and using laughter to heal the body. And I think when we can just not take ourselves so seriously, I learned that so much from my husband that you bring lightness to and it shifts, it doesn't mean it takes it away. But you can just shift it in that moment. And in that shift, it's like, yeah, that's where you can find that opening or that portal to something else.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:08:55

Yeah. As you were saying that I was like, Oh my gosh, I can so see Lisa's biker phase. I just love it.


Lisa O'Connor  1:09:05

You in full leather on a bike. Like I see that. Oh, yeah. Yeah, like part of me for sure. Yeah, there's that rebel there is and not that I'm I'm like a golden retriever. But it's like a gravel golden retriever that will push boundaries or just Yeah, and but that at the same time, it's like all wrapped in like a bubble of love


Tonya Papanikolov  1:09:26

of the day. I love it. Okay, we have just been chatting for a while. And I want to be respectful of your time. So a couple more questions that I want to kind of just I like to close off the podcast conversations about our both few things. Actually. Can you share a couple of books that are on your reading list currently? Yeah, so


Lisa O'Connor  1:09:47

talking about prosperity. I'm in a little bit of a prosperity, money bubble and just learning more, opening myself up to things that maybe I thought I knew or I was like tricking myself into knowing like when conversations were happening, that'd be like, yeah, yeah, I know that. But like internally, I'm Oh my god, I have no idea. And I think it's just a sense of really just getting honest with myself and seeping into just more maturity for myself and not having like shame and guilt for not knowing these things. And I think sometimes will in the past, it's like I would, but now I'm like, Okay, well, I learned my lesson, or I hit a rock bottom, or I kept my head in the sand. But let's not do that again. Or let's learn more.


Lisa O'Connor  1:10:36

And I think because I'm on this precipice of like, shifting things business wise, and having like my first product, and really just having this new form of kind of like a business manifestation, I just want to learn and I want to learn more. So one of the books is Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach, like the Canadian version, I know there's a US version. So that's kind of on my shelf of next, but I'm reading right now it's like very fluffy, but it has points in it. And I think it's just good to surround myself with some of this language. It's called rich bitch, by Nicole Lacan. I'm still reading the creative act by Rick Rubin, which is unreal, I feel like it will always just be one. For me, that's kind of like Conversations with God Volume One, it's just like a mainstay, it's like you'll go back to and you'll refer to it or you'll go back to and like, read a few chapters.


Lisa O'Connor  1:11:34

And then prior to that, I had just finished thinking grow rich. So there's a theme, there's just, I think, something that when you're building something new, it's good to just lay a new foundation, because there's been right so many of these things that like I've learned, or I've practiced, or it's like, I've been in highs, or I've been in lows, or I've been in stagnancy, and there's been so many different iterations of business and life and work. And I think when you are building a new foundation to me, it's just good to like, gain more knowledge.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:12:06

I love that there's another really great book that I recommend in that line. Sacred economics. Okay, I write it down. So good. But I love that. I love that theme. It's so fun to look at that side of like, yeah, it's part of our sovereignty. It's part of like, you can dismantle ideas that we all have in our heads around like something as inherent as money. That's juicy. Those are such good recommendations. Thank you.


Lisa O'Connor  1:12:38

You're welcome.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:12:39

And if you could share one intention, wish prayer with our audience, what would you leave us with?


Lisa O'Connor  1:12:48

I think something that I always come back to for my own life and kind of extend through line or shared it on the podcast is to see the beauty. See the beauty in everything, you know, maybe you're coming out of like a really hard winter and not just environmentally or like with the weather. But maybe things were really sticky and you felt lost, or you don't feel like you have a vision or purpose. Or you're in like a high summer and it's like things are going amazing.


Lisa O'Connor  1:13:19

But you're kind of like, oh, you're like wrapped up, it's kind of like you're in a tornado that you can't really like latch on to things or life, it's like things are just moving so quickly. And my prayer, and my hope is that you see the beauty in every day, you see the beauty in the every day, whether that's on your walk, whether that's in your partner's eyes, whether that's in your daily matcha, whether it's in the meal that you can make or you can grocery shop or you play with your kids, it's, to me it's a beauty is the fuel and the medicine to just feel better and to make that moment that much richer and greater. And that then has like a ripple effect and continues. It's like when you see that beauty or you can seek it. Even if you can't find reasons, you know, to look for beauty it's going to propel you and that beauty can transform anything, anything.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:14:10

Thank you so beautiful. It's such a good lesson, when life is just feeling like it's zooming so fast to just, like, slow and appreciate and find that mindset to frame the world through. Thank you so so much for coming on and sharing so much so openly about your story and evolution. I just I love our chat so much. I could literally think it's been like over two hours.


Lisa O'Connor  1:14:42

Oh my goodness. Thank you.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:14:44

I'm so grateful for you and our friendship and I'm sure we will be doing this again soon.


Lisa O'Connor  1:14:50

Likewise, Tonya, I love you and I'm so grateful to not only have you like or bidding in so many different ways but to have you In my life, and yeah, thank you for having me today and to share with your audience and your community because I know that they're just so incredible. You have an amazing community that you felt.


Tonya Papanikolov  1:15:11

Thank you and I'll be sure to link out to your Instagram website and where people can find you. Wonderful. 


Tonya Papanikolov  1:15:19

Thank you with deep gratitude, thanks for tuning into this episode. If you liked it, hit subscribe and leave us a review that is always very appreciated. Mushrooms transformed my mind and body. And if you're interested in bringing medicinal mushrooms into your life and health journey, check out for our meticulously sourced Canadian fruiting body mushroom tinctures. Until next time, peace and peace out friends




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