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Holistic Immune Tips

Flu season, don't know him.

As the days get shorter and colder in the Northern Hemisphere, our bodies start adjusting to the shift in the season. While many know this time as flu & cold season, it doesn't have to be! Our bodies are designed to adapt to the world we live in. We only get sick when essential nutrients, care and supports are lacking (and when stress is high!).

One of the reasons our immune system may be suppressed in the colder months is due to our reduced exposure to the sunlight. The Winter decrease in hours of sunlight and our tendency to stay indoors leads to reduced vitamin D levels in the body.

*Did you know that our bodies produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight. *

Research suggests that vitamin D plays an essential role in maintaining the immune system.

Supplementing with vitamin D and spending time outdoors may help boost our immune system during the colder months. Other ways to boost the immune system include:

  1. Eating lots of vegetables & fruits to give your body all the micro and macro nutrients it needs. A few immune superheros are: garlic, onions, ginger, turmeric and mushrooms. We love this recipe for Garlic Immuni-tea.

  2. Taking pre & probiotics to maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut. The gut barrier is our first line of defence against pathogenic microbes. (ps. garlic, onions, asparagus, bananas and chicory root are all prebiotic foods too!) 
    Learn more about fungi and gut health 

  3. Supporting the priming of your immune system and balancing inflammation levels in the body by taking medicinal mushrooms.
    Learn how medicinal mushrooms support immune function

  4. Non-negotiable sleep. 7-9 hours depending on the person and life-phase (mamas we see you and you are the real superheros).

  5. Staying hydrated. 2-3 L per day folks!

  6. If you feel rundown: our golden rule is to liquid fast (drink Garlic tea + high dose medicinal mushrooms and sleep it off!)

  7. Liposomal Vitamin D ~1000-5000 IU

  8. Liposomal Vitamin C ~1000 IU daily

  9. Manage stress: meditation, exercise, sex, therapy, time with friends, laughter. Be habitual with your stress management techniques.

  10. Mantra: I trust my body to heal now. I release my fears. I am resilient. We are resilient.

You've got this. We've got this. Trust your body, you are your best ally, you are resilient, we are resilient. We are in this together <3