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Handmade Rainbo Spoon

Handmade Rainbo Spoon

Measures 4ml tincture

This handmade solid brass spoon is a keepsake and intended for ritual and intention in your morning routine. The spoonhead measures 4ml (one serving) of our mushroom tincture perfectly. Pour directly from our bottle.

  • Hand wash with mild soap and a damp soft cloth. Your initial wash can be with dish soap. 
  • Solid hand forged solid brass spoon heads, solid bronze stem, recycled hand cast solid bronze sculptural mushroom.
  • Approximately 4.5" (11.43 cm) long.
  • Spoon measures 4ml
  • Like all copper alloys, the spoons will darken over time.
  • Do not recommend using this type of spoon with acid juices (ie. lemon, lime, vinegar). However, they can be scrubbed with a bit of lemon or lime juice and a little salt to shine up again.
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B-Corp Certified
Climate Neutral
Fruiting Body Mushroom
Made in Canada
100% Traceable
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Our Process

Sourced at the fruiting body stage, our dual extract and non-psychoactive mushroom tinctures are brimming with benefits for a more supported body and mind. 

Our Promise

No grain. No fillers. No mycelium in our products. Just mushrooms with you and Mother Earth in mind.