Our Mushrooms

Our Mushrooms

Rainbo Mushroom Promises 

1. Cultivation

  • Nature needs mushrooms - so we like to keep them there. With the exception of Chaga, the mushrooms used to make our tinctures are grown in the laboratory. 
  • Chaga cannot be cultivated because this fungi would take too long to reach maturity, so we sustainably harvest from local Canadian forests in a way
    that is respectful and safe to both the fungus and host tree.
  • We upcycle. Our growing substrates are made up of 40-90% spent organic coffee grains, hardwood sawdust and other materials. These grounds contain carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc, gold and other trace minerals and nutritive elements that mushrooms love!

Our climate neutral agreement

 Canadian sourced.

  • We cultivate our mushrooms locally in Canada instead of sourcing overseas so that we can develop an intimate relationship with our growers.
mushroom cultivation lab

2. Harvest

 Real fruiting body mushrooms. 

  • We harvest our mushrooms at the fruiting body stage to make our tinctures. The fruiting body is the part of fungi with the highest concentration of active beneficial compounds.
  • The only mushroom that doesn't reach fruiting body when cultivated is agarikon. For our 11:11 tincture, we use agarikon mycelium which has also been shown to hold medicinal benefits.
  • We also include lion's mane mycelium in combination with fruiting body to create our lion's mane extracts because it has been demonstrated that lion's mane mycelium also has a high concentration of distinct bioactive compounds.

3. Extraction


  • Each mushroom individually goes through a dual extraction process. Both ethanol and hot water are used to extract out the most complete range of soluble compounds from the mushrooms. Without an extraction process, these compounds would not be bioavailable for absorption in the body.
  • The ethanol and water liquid extractions are combined and concentrated to the specific extract ratio of 1:5. This means that there is a 1g equivalent of dried mushroom extracted in every 5ml of tincture.
mushroom cultivation lab rainbo

 Full spectrum.

  • We do not standardize our final products because if we were to guarantee a
    certain concentration of one thing it means we are compromising another. In order to create a full spectrum natural product, we dually-extract whole mushrooms without manipulating the final concentrations.

4. Testing


  • All of our tinctures are third party lab tested to ensure purity and potency.

Proudly small-batch, women-led, intentionally crafted. <3

rainbo mushroom cultivation lab

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