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Creating habits with mushrooms

One of the main takeaways from clinical studies investigating the benefits of medicinal mushrooms is that they should be taken consistently to really receive the best effects.

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It can be difficult to form a new health habit! Here are 7 tips on how to remember to consistently take your Rainbo medicinal mushroom tinctureIf you make it a habit, the change becomes real.

1.  Take with an activity you do at the same time every day.

The best way to remember to take your supplements is to link your intake with something you do at the same time every day. Washing your face, drinking your morning coffee/matcha/tea, breakfast, signing onto email, daily meditation/movement practice, getting ready for bed.

2.  Keep it visible

Put your mushroom tincture bottles in clear sight! Best practice is to keep them close to the activity you've linked intake to. Your kitchen counter, bathroom, computer desk, workout area, meditation spot, nightstand. 

3.  Set an alarm

If keeping your tincture bottles in clear sight and taking them at the same time every day isn't working consistently, then set a daily alarm reminder in your phone! Maybe even set one for 11:11 for good luck. 

4.  Start with small commitments

Sometimes integrating something new into your routine is easier if the task is broken into steps. Start small. Commit to taking your tincture only during the weeks and take weekends off (or vice versa). Start with taking 4ml of tincture in the mornings only. Once that habit is established, you can begin to work in another 4ml of tincture into your afternoons.

5.  Share it with a fungi friend

If you have a roommate, try making mushroom tonics everyday together! Encourage accountability and show your love for each other's wellbeing.

6.  Educate yourself on the Whys

Why are you taking mushroom tinctures? It's important to understand why we put the things we do into our body, instead of jumping on the bandwagon of a popular trend. Educating yourself on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms may be the #1 key to incorporating them into your health routine.  Remember when nutritional science learned that broccoli was a cancer fighter and then we all started eating our greens more regularly?

7.  Make it a ritual

Turning your new habit into a sacred moment for yourself is our absolute favourite way to take tinctures. Ultimately, taking mushroom supplements is about self-care and self-love. Next time you make yourself a mushroomy drink, make it a ritual.

  • Set your environment. Turn off your phones, your computer, your TV. Light a candle or incense for aromatic pleasure. Set your mood lighting. Perhaps listen in silence to the natural sounds around you.
  • Think about your intentions for the day. Feel appreciation for the drink in your hands.
  • Be in total presence with the moment. How does it taste? How does your body feel? Take stock of your mental state.
  • Close with gratitude. Rituals have a start and an end. Close your self-care ritual with gratitude as you shift into the rest of your day.