What is it?

Known as "Himalayan gold" because traditionally Cordyceps were found high in the Himalayan plateaus and stumbling  upon this fungus was akin to finding gold. Used to treat fatigue, sickness, and low sex drive in ancient Chinese and Tibetan medicine - this fungus has become very valuable.

When found in nature, this “caterpillar fungus” grows parasitically on insects. Luckily, one variety of Cordyceps that shares the properties of wild Himalayan gold can be grown in a laboratory setting, harming no insects.

We have been cultivating, concentrating, and creating a Cordyceps tincture for those looking to support energy levels (and much more)...


Due to its rarity, Cordyceps were once reserved for the use of the emperor and royal family in ancient China who would be served duck stuffed with Cordyceps to preserve their health.

Today, Cordyceps is used in TCM to restore the yin and yang of the kidneys caused by excessive physical exertion. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys store the jing, the essential fluid of life essence Qi.  Cordyceps is thought to help control fluid metabolism and healthy sexual functioning.

In both Tibetan and Chinese medicine this fungus has been used to strengthen the kidneys and heart, recover from stress and over exhaustion as well as increase libido and fertility.

In 1993, two unranked Chinese athletes broke world records in swimming competitions. Also, Chinese women runners won 6 of 9 track meets at the world championships in Germany. In addition to their intensive training regimes, all of these athletes took Cordyceps, to which they attributed much of their success.

What does the science say? 

Today, scientific research is verifying what has been known for centuries; this bizarre fungus has the undeniable ability to stabilize our energy levels (as well as something to do with sex drive).

In fact, integrating Cordyceps extract into your diet may be enhancing energy at a cellular level by boosting the production of ATP in the body (our fuel molecule!).

Cordyceps is recognized for the production of a unique compound called Cordycepin (similar structure to ATP).


Cordycepin is a bioactive compound that is uniquely found in Cordyceps mushrooms, and has been shown to have very potent anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Structurally it is very similar to a compound called adenosine which is found abundantly in every cell in our body.

Adenosine plays an important role in cellular processes such as energy metabolism (found as the energy transfer molecule adenosine triphosphate or ATP), as well as the regulation of hormone production.

ATP is energy fuel for the cell!

What do we see in scientific studies?

 1. Energy & Athletic Performance

  • Cordyceps extracts support energy metabolism in the body, boosting athletic endurance and stamina,  and increasing oxygen uptake in cells
  • Cordyceps increases the ATP levels in the body, which is the molecule that powers our cells. 
  • Cordyceps may  support the adrenal stress response and help manage fatigue.

Learn more about adaptogens and the stress response here

2. Libido & Fertility

  • Cordyceps supports a healthy libido
  • It may also enhance fertility by increasing male sex hormones, as well as sperm quantity and quality.
  • Cordyceps may also increase female fertility by supporting estrogen production. 

3. Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory

  • It's anti-oxidative effects may support cognitive function
  • Cordycepin has been shown to play a role in the death of unwanted cells that have gone awry in the body
  • It's high anti-oxidant content is thought to explain the anti-aging potential of Cordyceps supplementation
  • Cordyceps has also been shown to fight inflammation

If you're looking to increase athletic stamina, or simply maintain sustained energy levels throughout the day, Cordyceps is your mushroom ally.

Our dual-extracted tincture is made from Canadian grown Cordyceps fruiting body for ultimate potency.

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